Simple things

“For those who listen for Christ’s coming,
a knock sounds over and over again.
The things that come forth are not necessarily highly spiritual.
Sometimes they a very simple things…”

Christopher Friedrich Blumhardt

(a pomegranate spent on the bush / Julie Cook / 2016)

There are no spotlights.
No need for fanfare
Nor promotions
No celebrations or applause…

No need for advertisements
No billboards nor banners
There are no commercials
No ratings
No rewards
No honors…

Debates, campaigns, battles, elections, coronations…
do not impress…
nor does strength, or bravado, or self promotion, or might, or power…

it is in the simple, the quiet and the seemingly insignificant
to which the veil will lift…

For it is in the humble,
the steadfast,
the patient
and even the mundane
to which both Grace and Glory will be found….

The work for God goes on quite simply in this way;
one does not always have to wait for something out of the ordinary.
The all-important thing is to keep your eyes on what comes from God
and to make way for it to come into being here on the earth.
If you always try to be heavenly and spiritually minded,
you won’t understand the everyday work God had for you to do.

Christopher Friedrich Blumhardt

13 comments on “Simple things

  1. Angie says:

    Lovely sentiment, Julie.

  2. says:

    We need discernment in what we see and what we hear and what we believe. Charles R. Swindoll

  3. DeniseBalog says:

    Love the pomegranate Julia:) It was on the hem of the high priest garment along with the gold bells. I can just hear the tinkle of the bells as he walked the tent. The bells and the pomegranates, swishing back and forth together. Spirit and Life. Yep, I love the music and movement of the Word bringing life to this ol’ tent:) Blessings friend! Sing on!

  4. Lynda says:

    Beautiful reflection! God calls us to the everyday task of living and loving well where we are. Blessings on you, Julie, as you continue walking your journey.

  5. Like a thief in the night He will come as Scripture tells us! πŸ™‚ ❀

  6. SLIMJIM says:

    As I grow more in Christ I find its not the extraordinary as where we find God working but often in the ordinary

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