The horror of these times would be unendurable unless we kept being cheered and set
upright again by the promises that are spoken.
The angels of annunciation speaking their message of blessing into the midst of anguish,
scattering their seed of blessing that will one day spring up amid the night,
call us to hope.

Alfred Delp



Picture Linus and his blanket.

Or better yet…

Picture your computer, your phone, your car or even your home…
They are all the sorts of things in your life that are most likely well protected
with some sort of security system in place.

Even your very self…
you protect, or so you try, yourself from harm, crime or even accident.

Yet we are currently living in a time when security is at a constant risk.
Many individuals are feeling that even their very
security of self has been threatened…
as in it has or will be somehow taken, hacked or even stolen.
Much like identify theft, but not.

It’s not because our country has been invaded…
despite the cries of
“the Russians are coming,
the Russians are coming…”

It’s not because we have each been kidnapped or abducted by aliens.

It’s not because we have all lost or out grown our blankets or our teddy bears…

However it could be because those very things into which we have poured our feelings…
those places, things or persons into which we have assigned our sense of security…
has turned out not to be what we thought…

With many still foolishly reeling from post election trauma,
to those who are merely finding themselves lost in the midst of
“this time of year” overload,
the sense of safe, secure, content is anything but…

It is at such times when we find ourselves reaching for those things that provide us with
a sense of comfort, a sense of well being, that long sought sense of contentment…
most often with those hoped for things, places and people fading and fleeting
or simply falling flat.

Enter Advent.

The Jesuit priest Alfred Delp reminds us form his Nazi prison cell that…
For all its earnestness, Advent is a time of inner security,
because it has received a message.
Oh, if it ever happens that we forget the message and the promises;
if all we know is the four walls and the prison windows of our grey days;
if we can no longer hear the gentle step of the announcing angels;
if our soul no longer is at once shaken and exalted by
their whispered word—
then it will be all over with us.
We are living wasted time and are dead before they do us any harm.

So might this heightened sense of loss and fretfulness be rooted in something
greater and deeper than mere misplaced security?

Have we forgotten the message, as well as the promise, of long ago
as we languish in the emptiness of the grey days of our lives?

Have we forgotten that single announcement, proclamation, revelation?

That there is One, and only one, who was to come,
nay, has come,
to offer us everlasting security…
Security that will neither waiver nor fail…
as He offers the dearest thing He has…in order that we may finally
feel secure…


Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say of the Lord, β€œHe is my refuge and my fortress,
my God, in whom I trust.”

Psalm 91:1-2

11 comments on “security

  1. says:

    There have been so many angels in my life and especially at this time of year. Without the Advent of Jesus there would be no hope. Thanks for his reminder.

  2. Sheila says:

    Like Linus and his security blanket, may we never let go of our security in Christ. In holding on, we are held, safe and secure. Great post, Julie!

  3. SLIMJIM says:

    Jesus is our only security! I like the term you coined, “post election trauma.” LOL.

  4. Jesus saved my life again this very night! A car didn’s see me coming onthe freeway until the last minute before he pulled right over into me! He is and always has been my security and safety blanket! Thank you Jesus!!! πŸ™‚ ❀

    • Well praise God—I can’t stand the interstates…it’s like a taking your life into your own hands every time you get on one…the overly crowded autobahn with people who don’t know how to drive or don’t care how they drive as they endanger everyone around them!!!
      Thank the Lord for the Angels that travel with you!!!!

      • I rarely ever drive anywhere anymore and especially at night, but a friend of mine was having a little soiree last night and it was all ex-colleagues so he opted not to go. And I was almost home when this car got in the wrong lane ane didn’t want to exit there so he swerved to get back on the freeway and I was right there. Fortunately he saw me and managed to turn back a little until I passed. Otherwise it would have been a really, really bad collision. And yes the problem is that people drive way too fast and just weave in and out of traffic in a very unsafe manner. Again thank you Lord that an angel was traveling with me last night!!! πŸ™‚ ❀

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