Now is the time

“Whoever does not have the courage to make history,
becomes its poor object.
Let’s do it.”

Alfred Delp

(Fr. Alfred Delp defending himself in “The People’s Court…the Nazi monkey trial/
January 9, 1945)

“Therefore this year now ending leaves behind it a rich legacy of tasks
and we must seriously consider how to tackle them.
Above all else one thing is necessary…..

Religious minded people must become more devout;
their dedication must be extended and intensified.”

Alfred Delp
Prison Writing

9 comments on “Now is the time

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    I had to google him. What rare characters when the world is spinning out of control with evil.

    • His is an amazing tale…one of Truth during the raging storm!

    • Citizen Tom says:

      Same here. This is an aspect of that war that strangely garners little interest from academia or the news media.

      • That’s because retribution and grudges are more natural to man’s fallen nature–the concept and act of contrition, acceptance and forgiveness are each most often found in the salvation of man from both himself and from the world

      • Citizen Tom says:

        @Julie (aka Cookie)

        True. If we are wise, we make what is in God’s eyes good our agenda. We help our family, friends, and neighbors. If we are foolish, we seek to reshape the world so that it looks good in our own eyes.

        The notion that Christians resisted the Nazis — because God expected them to do so — does not appeal to Secularist in us. The notion that the values we cherish today have Christian origins does not appeal to the Secularist in us. We want to believe in man. So we tend to overlook what God has done.

      • Wise counsel Tom 🙂

      • It’s those souls such as Delp, Bonhoeffer, Kolb, Stein and countless others whose names history has forgotten, who still remind us of what true trust in a life redeemed in Christ Jesus is all about

  2. He sure nailed the situation then and now didn’t he?! 🙂 ❤

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