heed thy words

(the front window pane smashed)

The majority of the posts I write are written the day before they are posted.
Yesterday and the day before that were no exception.

Witnessing the surreal angst raging across this nation, Saint Velimirovich’s quote
seemed to best capture the correct Christian response…

“the world is a sick man whom sin has made sick…

as this pious cleric reminds us that…

“sin is the sickness and to scorn sinners is to scorn the sick.”

And therefore a healer is needed and we are to pray for the sinner…

Little did I realize how much those words were to resonate in
my own heart on a very personal level….

Saturday night we had been out to eat with friends…
It was just before midnight when we finally climbed into bed, ready to call it a day…
that the phone rang.

Calls in the night are never good.

It was the security monitoring system alerting us that the alarm at my husband’s store was going off.
Quickly dressing we raced to town hoping this was just some sort of false alarm.
Pulling into the shopping center we were met by the Georgia State Patrol and 4 Carrollton Police vehicles…it was no false alarm.

Glass littered the sidewalk like a million sparkling diamonds, scattering out into the parking lot…
this was the ominous welcome mat for what we would find inside.

(the front corner that was smashed and the Pandora case…I am not showing the rest of
the damage in the store…that of the the broken cases as the investigation is on going)

I can’t describe the sicking feeling that grips one’s gut when walking upon
and seeing an extended part of yourself shattered and violated…
A flock of shadows eerily wandered in the fractured light with flashlights in hand,
searching for any information as a carpet of broken glass crunched underfoot.
The police surmised it all took place within 20 seconds.
Twenty seconds and thousands of dollars later…..

My husband’s father had returned home after spending fours years in Europe fighting
in a world war.
With no training or connections and little money in hand,
he opened a small town jewelry store with a legacy now 70 years old.

My husband took up the torch 40 years ago.
His store, his business, is all he has ever known.
He’s poured his entire existence into this small-town business with a
sense of selflessness rarely seen in today’s business market.
His integrity, diligence and sheer honesty has been the greatest example of
living and working that he could ever offer to our son.

Seeing a portion of this self-effacing work ethic of the man I’ve been fortunate to
share the last 34 years with…
broken and scattered along the sidewalk and parking lot late on a stormy Saturday night,
left a part of my own heart shattered and mixed within the glass.

Over the past several weeks,
I’ve sat perplexed as I’ve watched a swarth of this country act disgracefully and unbecomingly.
I’ve seen protesters marching, burning, and smashing store fronts.
Women enjoying profane laced rants.
Young people with masked faces torching that which is not theirs.
Vandalism for the sake of vandalism.
while hate percolates up to the surface…
As a percentage of this country decides every time we have transition and change,
it is a rallying cry for destruction.

There has been a call to destroy.
To destroy that which belongs to someone else…
that which was sweated over to create,
that which was labored over to build
of that which has witnessed the loss of sleep and great sacrifice…
coupled with the tender nurturing while praying as it all ebbed, flowed and growed…
pouring out a life to and for…
While others now selfishly and hatefully decide,
in the blink of an eye,
that none of that matters.

I cannot abide by those who steal or blatantly vandalize.
I do not make excuses that such individuals are disenfranchised, impoverished,
or uneducated…
that such individual’s behavior is due to the fact that they have not
benefited as others have…
so therefore such behavior is not to be seen as wrong…
just merely misunderstood.

Such is the liberal mantra echoed by those who make excuses for those who knowingly
choose to do wrong.

There are no excuses for choosing to do wrong.

Rich or poor
Educated or illiterate
have or have not
black or white
brown or yellow
Believer or not…

Wrong is wrong…
and it matters not your position in life nor
of your opportunities or lack there of…

So now I am finding myself hearing the same words of St Velimirovich that I typed
and shared yesterday…
“Make your heart prayerful, together with your soul and your mind,…
feel pity and compassion for every creature…
Do not scorn sinners, but pray for them…”

And so now…
I pray…
I pray for sinners as I pray for myself…
Sinners who have decided to turn their sins of selfish choices which
have been pointed in my direction…
I am called to pray for sinners to turn their hearts and their ways just
as I am to pray for my own ability to be able to forgive…

Whoever is of God hears the words of God.
The reason why you do not hear them is that you are not of God.”

John 8:47

27 comments on “heed thy words

  1. Karen says:

    I’m so sorry that your business has now become one of the many being vandalized by lawless hooligans.

  2. Reblogged this on Talmidimblogging and commented:
    Praying for continued strength,courage wisdom!!

  3. phyllissnipes says:

    Julie, this is so eloquently and passionately shared…yours is a heart that is following God’s mandate, as hard as it is, in all of this. It takes hard work, really hard work, to pray for those who blatantly harm you and have no concern for what they’ve done. I salute you in this message!!

  4. atimetoshare.me says:

    It angers me to think that so many have little or no respect for others anymore. I’m so sorry and saddened by your mountain of troubles that seem to be growing like lava pouring from within. I know prayers are answered. I don’t understand why some suffer more than others, but I will pray for you. I’ll have a hard time praying for those who have done this to you.

    • thank you Kathy—I have a plaque by my back door…an Irish prayer—that God will turn the heart of my enemies and if He cannot turn their hearts, may He turn their ankles so I may know them by their limp…I’m off to the grocery store and will be on the look out for one or more, as there were three males, limping….
      thank you for your prayers—still looking upward!!!

  5. Lynda says:

    Julie, my heart aches for you and Gregory. So much needless pain and sadness on top of everything else! Today we buried the dear mother of a very close friend of mine and my heart is heavy and light at the same time. I was privileged to be at the hospital last Thursday morning when she passed into the arms of our Lord. Life is so full of paradoxical feelings and events. Prayers that there is a quick resolution to this violation in your life.

    • Thank you Lynda and I am so sorry for your current state of grieving — life and living and dying are indeed full of the paradoxical– but we shore ourselves up with the knowledge that there is One and only one who can make sense of it all!

  6. Julie, Thank you for your witness of the work of God in us. But by His grace we would be the criminals. Blessings as you see how He will work through all of this for you and your family. ~ Fran

  7. You are simply amazing and your words as always a powerful and speak profound truth. I’m so very sorry this has happened to you! Like you I’m just disgusted and stunned by all the recklessness that being done, condoned, and glorified in the media. Kudos to you for the courage you mustered to put this together and for your ability to forgive thosze who have egregiously wrong you and your husband. I have just now posted this on my sight too as people need to read this and realize that this hate-mongering and criminality must stop. Love and hugs, Natalie πŸ™‚ ❀

  8. SLIMJIM says:

    This is so sad! This makes me quite angry to think someone can do this and I’m so sorry! I hope those criminals responsible could be caught. Praying for you and your husband.

  9. So so sorry to read this

  10. I have seen with my own eyes that the police have more power to enforce the rights of dogs to poop than to protect the rights of citizens who work themselves to the bone everyday.

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