Of kings and thrones

“When kings the sword of justice first lay down,
They are no kings, though they possess the crown.
Titles are shadows, crowns are empty things,
The good of subjects is the end of kings.”

― Daniel Defoe

“Christ is on the throne.
We are not.”

David Robertson and the Wee Flea

(Woodcut image of King Clovis I (466-511), ruler who untied all the Franks, was the first
King of France who in turn declared Pairs the capital, as well as being one of the first
pagan rulers to convert to Christianity /
image from the Nuremberg Chronicles 1493)

“Where men are forbidden to honour a king they honour
millionaires, athletes, or film-stars instead:
even famous prostitutes or gangsters.
For spiritual nature,
like bodily nature, will be served;
deny it food and it will gobble poison.”

― C.S. Lewis