Lightning, thunder and tornados–Oh My!

Well I told you the weather was to be bad…and true to form, it was…
Lightning hit the yard early, knocking out the phones and the Internet.
I called AT&T on my cellphone—
speaking with two different reps in India who were named Daniel and Anna…

When your reps are not in the US, because you sub out your services, you give the reps American names to help the feelings of the Americnas who call as it helps to offset the fact that the Americans have a difficult time understanding the heavily accented broken English.

Daniel was a bit dry.
He asked for the details of the problem.
I explained that lightning had fried my phones and Internet.
“You need to unplug your modem for 10 seconds”
“I did that already”
“Well I must run some tests”

This little plug, unplug, test went on for an hour until the call was dropped.
When I called back I got Anna in India.
Anna was more pleasant.

Anna tried one little trouble shooting test and then explained she’d have a tech come out late afternoon.

The Tech came out around 4PM
The sirens were blaring.
The sky was ominous…
Yet the Tech worked in, out and around the house until 7.
He was unable to fix things…
so a new Tech will come tomorrow…

It’s is now 10:30 PM and it is still storming.
I think they’re saying 8 inches of rain fell
That’s why the yard looks like a river.
And now they’re reporting there was an earthquake.

On that note— I’m jumping under the covers as I’m now
waiting for the frogs and locust to fall from the sky—
Plus posting from a phone is none too easy…..

Until I can get back to my computer…
Stay dry, safe and watch for the falling frogs…

36 comments on “Lightning, thunder and tornados–Oh My!

  1. David says:

    Oh dear Julie. That Indian call centre thing never seems to work. They read from scripts and seem unable to deviate from the scripts or use initiative! Hope it all gets fixed soon and that the storms are soon over. Beautiful sunshine here in the UK!

    • It’s almost comical David — had I not been so storm weary I would have laughed — but now I’m sitting in the Atlanta courthouse trying to begin the process of probating dad’s will– I got here at noon– I signed in– they close for lunch from 1-2- so now I’m waiting for the office to open back up– I may be seen today and I may not — there is a post here waiting to be written on the beauty of bureaucracy — sigh

      • David says:

        We haven’t had to go through this process since Marilyn’s Mum died in 2003. I’m not sure I’d even know where to start now.

  2. Thankful you are safe…hope you are up and at it soon!

  3. says:

    Hello, this is Peggy – remember that commercial? At least your responders fit their gender. I’m praying that the flies don’t invade next. Hang tight my friend.

  4. Remember the days of using the telephone line for your computer… Glad you’re doing okay Julie…praying or you and yours…

  5. I have to confess, this almost deserves a HaHa. Luv UR writing style and the sarcasm just drips one India call centers. Great job. Be safe.

  6. Wally Fry says:

    Glad you were safe Julie. We were ok up this way also

  7. Lynda says:

    Glad you’re safe! Sorry you had to go to Atlanta though. Up here we’re told to expect some snow tonight! Some regions of Canada received about six feet of snow early in the week. Crazy weather indeed.

  8. ColorStorm says:

    Is it ok for me to laugh J?

  9. Citizen Tom says:

    Think we got that storm up here in Virginia today. Wet, but no earthquakes. Be glad you only got a small one.

    When I was a boy, I lived in Japan for four years (military brat). We experienced a few small quakes. I was about eight when I experienced my first one. I was upstairs, and the house started shaking. With the speed I made it downstairs screaming for Mama, I probably could have qualified for the 100 yd dash in the Olympics.

    A year or so later I was walking home by myself. It was late and quiet, but the ground started shaking. Another quake? Yep! “No big deal!” Just shrugged and kept walking.

    Kids learn real fast.

  10. Oh my, I pray that you are safe and that you can get your power back up soon. I think it’s just awful and ridiculous that we have to deal with people who don’t even live in our counrty much less our immediate area. Do stay safe and we’l all be awaiting your return. Love and hugs, Natalie : ❤

  11. SLIMJIM says:

    Looks like the internet has been fixed? Hope the weather clears up!

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