Prayers for Aunt Martha

My cousin called this morning to tell me that Martha had been rushed to the ER, there in West Palm Beach, in full cardiac arrest.

The cancer treatment has taken a total toll on Martha’s body and spirit.

They will be removing the ventilator shortly and my cousin told me she’d keep me posted.

I figured this blogging family of mine has been so gracious with their prayers– it wouldn’t hurt to ask for a few more for aunt maaathaa..,,

14 comments on “Prayers for Aunt Martha

  1. SwittersB says:

    Prayers for sure for you & yours!

  2. says:

    God’s will be done for Aunt Martha and may he provide you with comfort and strength to get through another difficult time . Love you, Julie. Prayers and hugs ❤️

  3. Elihu says:

    Praying for you, your Aunt Martha, and your family.

  4. phyllissnipes says:

    Oh, Julie!! Prayers for dear Aunt Martha, and you!!!

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