Mind, body and soul

“C. I. Scofield, in his reference Bible, explains that…
the spirit gives God consciousness,
the soul gives the self consciousness,
the body gives the world consciousness.”

Watchman Nee excerpt The Latent Power of the Soul

(the rocky shore of Lake Huron / Mackinac Island, MI / Julie Cook / 2017)

“In the history of man’s creation we read,
‘The Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground’
thus was his body made–
‘and breathed into his nostrils the breath
or spirit ‘of life’:
thus his spirit came from God;
‘and man became a living soul.’

The spirit quickening the body made man a living soul,
a living person with the consciousness of himself.

The soul was the meeting-place, the point of union between body and spirit.

Through the body, man the living soul, stood related to the external world
of sense;
[he] could influence it, or be influenced by it.

Through the spirit he stood related to the spiritual world and the Spirit
of God, when he had his origin;
[therefore he] could be the recipient and the minister of its life and power.

Standing thus midway between two worlds, belonging to both,
the soul had the power of determining itself,
[therefore] choosing or refusing the objects by which it was surrounded,
and to which it stood related.”

Andrew Murray

(brackets are mine)

8 comments on “Mind, body and soul

  1. Did you find any Petoskey Stones while you were on the Island?

    • Well Don, I’m so glad you asked πŸ™‚
      fFom someone whose uncle was a geologist and instilled in me, very early on, a love of rocks—I didn’t know about Petoskey stones till arriving at the tiny little Michigan airport in Pellston and saw a picture of the stones. Intrigued I tucked that image away for further investigation.
      During our trek around the northern ends of the state and into Canada, I’d see from time to time more images or references to the stones.
      Finally when on Mackinac I saw some large polished “stones” sitting in storefront windows with whopping price tags attached. I wandered into one little store selling odds and ends and found a book on the stones as well as a small partially polished stone for 12 bucks. I got both.
      Then when Gregory and I were wandering around the shoreline, as he indulged me on my quest to find my own stone, we did find one that looks promising, but I can’t tell for certain. It has a few of the distinct coral patches but who knows…it did journey home with us πŸ™‚
      So after that I was bound to go over to Petoskey proper—the city for which the stones are named–or vice a versa….
      and we did, but only had time to wander around the town and grab a bite of lunch before heading back to the tiny airport for our flight home…
      So there is now reason to return to the area as a quest to find my own Petoskey stone looms large πŸ™‚

  2. Julie, thank you for sharing two of my favorite authors. Was Andrew Murray’s quote from Waiting on God?

  3. Interesting post! πŸ™‚ ❀

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