mirror mirror, review part II

“One day millions of men will leave the southern hemisphere on this planet
to burst into the northern one.
But not as friends.
Because they will burst into conquer,
and they will conquer by populating it with their children.
Victory will come to us from the wombs of our women.”

Algerian President Houari Boumedienne in 1974 speaking to the Gen assembly
of the United Nations
Excerpt from David Murray’s book
The Strange Death of Europe
(Page 310).

(Longshanks, King Edward I, the Hammer of the Scots played by Patrick McGhooan)

If you saw the 1995 movie Braveheart you may remember the early startling
scene where King Edward “Longshanks,” also known as the hammer of the Scots,
proclaims his right and the right of his noble knights of jus primae noctis.
It is a a Latin phrase translating to “right of the first night.”
It was a custom where a nobleman or king had the right to have sex with any
lesser woman or peasant on her wedding day…
beating the groom to the punch as it were.

It was often done with intent of being the first to take the girl’s virginity,
but more importantly it was a custom for impregnating the girl with a higher breed
of gene and a way of lessing the undesirable population.

Longshanks stated that if “they could not bend the will of the Scots,
then they would simply breed it out of them.”

It was a scene that left me sickened as I had never imagined such a thought.
Perhaps back then at 34 I was simply naive to the wicked ways of mankind…
at 57 I now fear I’ve seen a bit too much.

Now whether or not there is any historical accuracy or truth behind Edward’s
proclamation, that will be left to the historians to decide,
but the actual practice does indeed date back thousands of years and has been
documented as used in various cultures.

A sort of population control as it were, ensuring the propagation of a particular
lineage at all costs.
And it harkens back to Hitler’s same desire to breed pure Germans.

There is debate as to wherever he actually put this notion into practice
with the youthful female members of the Hitler Youth.
Sending the young girls to “camp” where they were mentally indoctrinated
as well as physically…as the Nazis hoped to breed a new race of
“perfect” Germans.

It is a rather sick and twisted way to do battle against an opponent…
simply breed them out of existence.

And even here in today’s quote we have a rather alarming modern nod to the
same thought when in 1974 the Algerian President,
Houari Boumedienne, told the United Nation’s General assembly very much
the same thing.

I read that quote on the good Scottish Pastor David Robertson’s latest posting on
his second installment of his review of
Douglas Murray’s book The Strange Death of Europe

The Strange Death of Europe – Part 2 – Immigration

It was actually the quote David Robertson closed his post with and the one I’ve
opted to open with as it showcases a mindset that is not so far removed from our
view as we of the oh so post modern era might imagine.

Below are the running thoughts and quotes pulled from this most recent post
with excerpts from the book along with David Robertson’s piggyback candid

I just can’t help but feel this is not merely an EU or UK problem.

We sit here in America rather smugly watching the tit for tat taking place
across the pond… what with Brexit and the EU’s response coupled by the on going
terror attacks in France, the UK, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Sweden…
as well as the massive influx of migrants…
predominantly a Muslim migrant population flooding into a non majority Muslim

Thinking that the proverbial pond exempts those of us here from the
troubles over there.
But what we fail to realize is that their problems are indeed our problems…
as we are also wrestling with an extreme identity crisis…

In August 2015 Angela Merkel announced that Europe was open to refugees and she declared, “We can do this”.
Much of the media, like the Economist,
backed her and said that her move was brave, decisive and right.
And yet in 2010 in Potsdam she had made a speech in which she admitted
that “the approach to build a multicultural society and to live
side-by-side and to enjoy each other has failed, utterly failed”.
(Page 96)

“In 2015 after Merkel’s announcement, 400,000 migrants moved through Hungary.
They didn’t stay—or at least only 20 of them did.
They don’t want to go to the poorer EU countries–
they want to come to Germany and the UK especially.”
(David Robertson)

“The six Gulf cooperation countries comprising Kuwait, Iran, Qatar,
United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Oman had granted asylum to a grand
total of zero Syrian refugees by 2016.”
(Robertson and Murray)

“Not only has Saudi Arabia not made one Syrian into a Saudi citizen,
it has also refused to allow the use of 100,000 air-conditioned tents
there which are erected for only five days a year by pilgrims and the Hajj.
At the height of the 2015 crisis the single offer the Saudis did make
as to build 200 new mosques in Germany for the benefit of the country’s
new arrivals”

(page 316)

“When the 2015 crisis was at its height many individuals in Britain
from the leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party to the Labour Party
Shadow Home Secretary, with numerous actors and rock stars in between,
had said they would take in a refugee family.
More than a year later not one of these people had actually done so.
As with the generosity and benevolence throughout the crisis,
it was easy to expect others to be benevolent on your own behalf once you
had signaled that you are on the side of the Earth’s poor and oppressed.
The consequences of your benevolence could be left to others.”

(Page 285)

“The big problem that Murray identifies is that the assumption that millions
of people would just assimilate and accept ‘European’ values is proving
to be demonstrably false.
We are ending up with a clash of cultures and our liberal elites just haven’t
a clue what to do with that.
As a result they are creating a vacuum which is most likely to be filled by
populists of right and left.
It is astonishing that in Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany and France,
the far right are making great progress.
In Austria an extreme right-winger was almost elected President.
And yet lemming like the liberal elites still think that they are so
right that ‘everything will just be ok’.
After all they have the media, Bruce Springsteen, Mick Jagger, Richard Branson,
George Soros and Lady GaGa to reassure them that of course they are right!”
David Robertson

“What is the effect of people coming into Europe in very large numbers
who have not inherited the doubts and intuitions of Europeans?
Nobody knows now, and nobody ever did.
All we can be certain of is that it will have an effect.
Putting tens of millions of people with their own sets of ideas and
contradictions into a continent with its own set of ideas and contradictions
is bound to have consequences.
The presumption of those who believed in integration is that in time
everybody who arrives will become like Europeans,
a presumption made less likely by the fact that so many Europeans are unsure
whether they want to be Europeans.
A culture of self-doubt and self-distrust is uniquely unlikely to persuade
others to adopt its stance.”

(page 225)

“Whilst our political leaders talk of European or British or indeed
Scottish values–they don’t seem to be able to identify what those are.”
(David Robertson)

Meanwhile there is a crisis of confidence in much of Europe about what it
actually means to be European–
is it more than Ode to Joy, Italian lattes and Belgian beer?
The EU leadership has already decided that it has nothing to do with
Christianity (refusing to recognize Europe’s Christian roots),
but still can’t tell us what it does have to do with.
The one thing they do seem to have accepted as facts are the doctrines of
cultural Marxism – aka Gramsci.
This involves deconstructing the previous values on which European culture
was built and indeed trashing that culture.
(David Robertson)

Long before the politicians notice,
the public already knew that a continent which imports the world’s people
also import the world’s problems

(page 302)

To pile on the agony Murray then indicates how he considers Europe is
committing suicide –
(David Robertson)

“Moreover, Europe remains the world leader in not only allowing people to stay
but in assisting them to fight the state even when they are there illegally.

(page 204)

I don’t want to leave it there.
I think Murray’s analysis is correct–
but as we will see in a future part of this series–
he does not really grasp what Christianity is.
So just before I finish let me offer an alternative vision.
I think the EU is fundamentally corrupt and undemocratic and that,
because it is geared for the corporate elites and posited entirely on the
gods of free market capitalism and the ideology of cultural Marxism,
it cannot and will not deal with the coming crisis.
Indeed it is far more likely that an economic collapse will further fuel the disillusionment with mainstream parties and drive many people to the
political extremes.
A Weimar style collapse may well lead to a Nazi type solution.
(David Robertson)

Perhaps also we should recognize our debt to the Christians of the Middle East–
we bombed their countries and as a result they have been increasingly persecuted…)
(David Robertson)

We must remember that Mr. Murray is an avowed atheist yet seems to wrestle with ‘the notion of Europe glibly tossing away her very Christian foundation…
I look forward to the good pastor’s next review installment as I also await the
arrival of Mr. Murray’s book…

until tomorrow….

And I saw a beast rising out of the sea, with ten horns and seven heads,
with ten diadems on its horns and blasphemous names on its heads.
And the beast that I saw was like a leopard; its feet were like a bear’s,
and its mouth was like a lion’s mouth. And to it the dragon gave his
power and his throne and great authority.
One of its heads seemed to have a mortal wound,
but its mortal wound was healed, and the whole earth marveled as they
followed the beast.
And they worshiped the dragon, for he had given his authority to the beast,
and they worshiped the beast, saying,
“Who is like the beast, and who can fight against it?”
And the beast was given a mouth uttering haughty and blasphemous words,
and it was allowed to exercise authority for forty-two months. …

Revelation 13:1-18

21 comments on “mirror mirror, review part II

  1. atimetoshare.me says:

    You never cease to amaze me, my sweet Yoda. What a masterful review and such profound thoughts. I too was shocked by the ugliness of the right of the first night in Braveheart. History is full of disgusting, sick behavior as a result of original sin,which remains until death. How wonderful to know those who have gone before us no longer experience the results of it.

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  3. Sarah says:

    This is a huge topic which I could talk about for ages but there are plenty of people saying it better, like you and your pastor friend. I will just relate a curious experience I had while in the UK recently. My mum lives in Blackburn which has a large Muslim population. I walk past a mosque on the way from the station to my mum’s house. My mum worked with Muslims for Muslims before she retired. For the first time in all my visits I became afraid because of the religious divide between myself and those around me. It was when a Muslim taxi driver arrived to drive me to Mass. I wondered – “Is this akin to a Christian baker being asked to bake a cake for a gay wedding?” There was an awkward moment at the end of the drive when he asked me if I was going to the church for a service but the awkwardness was all on my side. It turned out that the driver regularly drives people to Mass there. It seemed to me that rather than holding it against me he actually approved that I was a woman of faith rather than an atheist. There is a definite divide between moderate and radical Muslims.

    • Agreed Sarah.
      I taught several Muslim kids–many at first who were moving into our more “rural” community were non practicing—then we received more devout families with the women and girls all wearing the hijab and full length coverings.
      This was indeed interesting given our small community but none of us skipped a beat. And yes, this was pre 9/11 and later post 9/11.
      I was close to the kids of one particular family as I taught all 4 of the kids—the two girls were older and very traditional but typical as in they loved to read, Anne of Green Gables, shop, etc…the boys on the other hand when they came along, being younger, had more time to “westernize” and truly embraced western culture—fast cars, girls etc….
      I can remember when the oldest girl who was a senior and was soon to graduate, asked to speak to me alone. Being ‘mama cookie’ to all my kids it was not usual for any of my kids, boy or girl, to come into the office, close the door and seek advice or to offer some sort of teenage confession.
      She proceeded to tell me that upon graduation, it was customary for her to now be married. An arranged marriage with a man she did not know.
      Naturally I was dumbfounded.
      She was an extremely bright girl who wanted to eventually go to medical school.
      The family was Pakistani and she would travel back to Pakistan for the wedding.
      I never felt so frustrated…but she was adamant that this was the custom and this was her future.
      The same scenario then also happened with the second girl. Again going to Pakistan for a wedding to an older man she did not know.
      The boys however were none too keen for the tradition and had done their best to avoid it, to my knowledge, when I retired 5 years ago. They had been too Americanized and were not happy to be married off to a girl they did not know, let alone perhaps had never seen before.

      And just recently when my husband and I traveled to West Palm Beach for my aunt’s funeral, we had requested a taxi at the hotel to take us to various restaurants as I was not keen on driving and trying to find my way—the fellow that came actually owned his own driving service and worked for several of the hotels.
      He was exceedingly nice and kind.
      He actually was the same fellow we used on all 3 occasions taking us to our dinner destinations only to then pick us back up later, returning us to the hotel.
      I’m never shy with such folks so we immediately struck up a conversation.
      We talked about families.
      He was Jordanian and I told him how much I had admired King Hussain and Queen Knoor.
      We told him why we were in town but that it was also my husband’s birthday.
      The evening he took us to the restaurant for the birthday dinner, we were seated at the table when the hostess came to the table carrying a gift. It was a gift from our driver to my husband…a bottle of wine and a cake.
      Our driver’s birthday was the following day so we tucked in some extra cash in our tip that night.
      So no, I have no problem with a world of folks who try to do the right things—care for their families, work, contribute…but I believe if we choose to live elsewhere from our own home country, for whatever the reason…we must expect to contribute to the greater good. We must learn the language, the customs and do our fair share for the greater good of our new home—working and contributing, not being a burden on a welfare system already burdened to capacity.
      We can’t go elsewhere looking to be totally dependent.
      And we also must be wary of those who’s wishes are not so altruistic or benign. For many come who only come full of hate and resentment.

      • Sarah says:

        I agree but I don’t think most, if any, of the refugees are looking to be totally dependent. Many of them are highly skilled but aren’t given the opportunity to use their skills. As far as I know, the host countries are very hostile these days and make it very hard for them to even attempt to integrate. They are caught between a rock and a hard place. We should be very careful to distinguish between the genuine asylum seeker and the radicals who seek to kill infidels.

      • and herein lies the rub—we’ve not done a very good job with any of this—

      • Sarah says:

        Indeed. 😦

      • I blame our leadership—clueless as to the reality of it all…..

      • Sarah says:

        Well, maybe not entirely clueless. They may just have a different agenda to us. Plenty of people are getting rich and powerful on the back of the world’s problems.

      • You’re right Sarah! This is a post unto itself!

  4. Citizen Tom says:

    What bothers me about the immigration debate is that the pretense of folks driving the immigration debate. What the wealthy want is cheap labor. What the Democrats (the party of the the rich) want are more gullible people who will vote for them for the sake of handouts.

    So you are right. We and Europe have the same issue. The only difference is that the dark skinned people invading Europe are Muslims and the ones invading us are mostly Christian.

    The practical issue is assimilation. It is insane to flood our nation with millions of people who don’t even understand our language, much less how a constitutional republic is supposed to work.

    How do we assimilate new immigrants? We begin by making certain they can communicate in English. We educate their children, but Democrats will have none of that. So we have to educate hordes of people who cannot speak English. It is absurd to think our Socialist education system is equipped to deal with problems like that.

    If anything traps people, it is a bad education. In the United States, incompetent, power mad politicians trap the poor in awful schools to keep them dependent. Over ninety percent of the blacks in this country vote Democrat. What do the Democrats do that is so wonderful for blacks? They keep them in rotten schools. They keep their neighborhoods crime-ridden and make their unborned babies the primary prey of abortionists, but they also make welfare available.

    Of course, because of the abortionists, Democrats have to import more colored people from our south to replace the blacks, but these people also come from lands with “great” schools. So that’s no problem.

    My guess is that Europe has essentially the same headaches plus Islam. Nevertheless, I would not count upon the poor folks coming from our south to behave all that much better than radical Muslims. What is there to like about the gangs like MS13 that are terrorizing some people?

    • I knew this was up your alley Tom!
      I couldn’t say it any better than what you’ve laid out.
      My whole thing has been the assimilation piece.
      Why would we not expect such???!!!
      If I wanted to move to Italy—do you think the Italians would begin creating English only restaurants, schools, shopping venues (other than what they do for tourism) or silencing their church bells because they bothered my religious place and or worship????
      Of course not!!!
      I would have to deal with learning the language, the customs and learn to live with a historically Catholic way of worship.
      If I wanted to move to Ireland or Canada I have to prove that I can “afford” to do so—and then I have to apply to be approved.
      I can’t just show up and expect to stay and be cared for by these Governmental systems.
      And what of Saudi Arabia—I can’t expect to just up and move there—they won’t have it.
      So why then are we suppose to capitulate to the extent we have???
      Fine, send me the tired and the poor but let the want to become what it means to be American. Embrace American culture and customs and language.

      We can’t have the best of both worlds and not expect something to be stretched beyond reason!
      You want to move some place? Then expect to be a contributing member of that society and not a burden on an already burdened society.

      I just have never understood our overt tolerance—Dearborn, Michigan is a small microcosm of all of this—an American city more Muslim than American….
      We can’t expect to go to another country and change it into a mini me of own home country— we either embrace where we’re going, or we don’t go!

  5. Tricia says:

    Very, timely and insightful post Julie, not to mention more than a bit alarming at the stark truths it lays out. The liberal leadership shouting loudest about the so called virtues of unrestrained immigration, do so completely out of need to preen their enlightened morals to us cave dwellers who have grave concerns about letting in people from countries that share none of our beliefs on human dignity, freedom and democracy.

    One example is that rape in areas like Cologne, Germany and Sweden have sky rocketed yet we are not supposed to point these things out in “polite” society. Read this for a good fright, http://www.nationalreview.com/article/449526/afghan-refugees-rape-jihad-europe

    Note, these leaders (which more than a few on the right are in simpatico with) never have to live with the results of such insane practices, as the armed bodyguards and security perimeters that block them from the common people ensure their safety, while the rest of us are left to fend for ourselves.

    What’s happening in Europe will come to out shores eventually, it already has in some areas as Tom points out. I pray we have the leadership in place and will as a people to combat it.

    On a side note, I saw a touching street memorial while in London to William Wallace with flowers and notes still to this day being left in tribute the man. Would the William Wallace of our time please stand up? You are desperately needed!

  6. oneta hayes says:

    A hard subject. It was courageous of you to tackle it, knowing you are taking some unpopular stands. But you are standing for truth. Comments are interesting and knowledgeable. We are still largely being blessed by the stand our forefathers took for God, but the number coming against that is growing significantly. Even many of the younger set from our churches and Christian homes are being deceived. I was aghast recently by a young Christian woman who was promoting abortion as a woman’s right to decide about her own body. I do not say there is never a reason for abortion but never should it be legal just because a woman has a right to choose what happens to her body. Keep educating me.

  7. SLIMJIM says:

    Didn’t get to read this post but wanted to drop a line and say I hope you are doing well before the internet fail where I’m at

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