foolish wisdom

“I remind myself very often that God does His best work with those whom
the world thinks as fools…”

Fr. Benedict Groeschel

“Hell itself is but the filling of wretched creatures with the fruit
of their own devices.”

John Owen

(ripening muscadines on the vine / Julie Cook / 2017)

Let no man deceive himself.
If any man among you seemeth to be wise in this world,
let him become a fool, that he may be wise.

For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God.
For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness.

And again,
The Lord knoweth the thoughts of the wise,
that they are vain.

Therefore let no man glory in men.
For all things are your’s;

1 Corinthians 3:18-21

11 comments on “foolish wisdom

  1. Reblogged this on Talmidimblogging and commented:
    Amen Julie!! 🙂

  2. Wally Fry says:

    Good morning and happy Labor Day Julie

    • Hi Wally—I’m a little late with this—I saw it Monday and reminded myself when things slowed down, I’d send you a happy day as well—sooooo..happy day now on Wednesday 🙂
      A day late and a dollar short my mother would always say!

      • Wally Fry says:

        LOL. It’s okay because I have done the same thing. In fact, you have an unanswered comment out there somewhere. I remember not getting to it, but now have no idea where is is!

      • well not to worry cause I have no idea what it was 🙂
        On the day’s Gregory is off, like Monday–it’s like he’s a mad man trying to make the most of that sacred “free” time—so our feet hit the ground running on those days—much to my dismay as I prefer to ease into things…
        So he has me busy on such days—such is life when your life is married to retail—if there is any time off. He works 6 days a week, 12 hour days—and I do marvel that at 68 he presses on as he does.
        He is a big time sportsman and I’m usually the lucky one volunteered to help get the hunting land ready each year. Bushogging, clomping trees to make the paths clears—gives new meaning to beast of burden 🙂
        So that’s what we did all day Monday—and he’s hoping to slip off early this afternoon to go and “gas” a yellow jacket mound that I had warned him about, but he didn’t listen to me—not until they found him!
        So yes, my time, on his days off, is not my time but his— 🙂

      • Wally Fry says:

        Oh No! I hope he is ok

      • Oh he is—and I wasn’t too sympathetic as I had warned him—you see last year as he rumbled by this particular rock out cropping on the tractor and I was following behind on the 4 wheeler, they found me instead of him—I call it yellow jacket rock and believe you me, I keep a wide berth as I ride past it! This year a giant tree has fallen across the road just the other side of the rock so he was trying to find a way through the woods around it—right on the other side of yellow jacket rock.
        Well when I said to be careful he figured those bees were long gone since last year—yet in my wisdom, I knew better.
        Sure enough the sound of a chain saw set them in motion—two got his hand before he opted to retreat, agreeing that perhaps I did knew what I was talking about. 🙂
        Today the gas can is ready!

      • Wally Fry says:

        Well, in THAT case, be careful with the gas can!

      • I will continue keeping a wide berth while I watch the latest spectacle!

  3. Well said! Happy Labor Day!

    I enjoyed reading this. I often speak of the need for some intellectual humility. Thinking we know it all, always makes us so dumb. “Believing themselves wise, they became fools” Often if we can humble ourselves, God will actually give us the wisdom we need for the most impossible situations,the most challenging things.

    • Thank you IB—I’m just a little behind this week—so thank you for your warm thoughts Monday—as I’m returning good thoughts your way now on Wednesday—take some pictures of that red moon, I would like to see that—as I pray for both our extremes…fire and water—such a paradox!!!!

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