giving way at the seams

“It is normal to give away a little of one’s life in order
not to lose it all.”

Albert Camus

(a persimmon caught in the middle of the woods in a rather messy web / Julie Cook / 2017)

Just when I thought life had become nutty enough,
what with our latest troubles over petty things like a war of words between a sitting president of the United States and our nation’s professional athletes,
I am resoundingly reassured that we are not alone.

For I am comforted in knowing that there are other nations out there battling
their own levels of crazy.

They say misery loves company…
I say bring an extra bag of chips as we get the party started….

Yesterday’s post had not been what I had intended to write.
Yet I felt deeply compelled to share the role model example, as well as the bravery,
of Steeler’s player Alejandro Villanueva.

I say bravery because Villanueva made a conscious decision to honor the flag and anthem while his coach, Mike Tomlin with input from his players, had decided
that his team would forgo the National Anthem in hopes of just missing the whole crazy divisive issue.

Yet I would imagine Villanueva, a former Army Captain, West Point Grad and
Afghanistan war veteran, and his coach had had a discussion prior to
the game and the anthem.
With that whole discussion most likely revolving around how Villanueva felt a bound duty
to both honor and salute a flag and a Nation that he has served in active duty and now serves as a role model the playing field.

Villanueva is a man who completely understands commands and orders…so I imagine there
was discussion over Villanueva’s need and desire to break ranks as it were with
his beloved Coach and team.

As we now read that Villanueva had not intended to be as noticeable as a “standout”
Sunday as he was…fearing he may have inadvertently thrown his teammates under
life’s proverbial bus.

(Miami Herald)

Men and women have died defending our Flag…as her ensuing anthem is a reflection
not of inequality or bias but rather of blood shed for democratic triumph…
A notion now a couple of centuries old…

Soldiers understand that probably better than most of us.
I doubt any of The Steelers feel as if they were thrown under any bus by a man who
chose to put his own life on the line for his fellow Americans.

I was tremendously touched by the comments offered on my post Monday regarding that
brave act by that brave man.

It seems I am not alone in feeling that US Capt. Villanueva
made the greatest one-man showing on Sunday despite that not being his desire
nor mission–yet selfless patriotism has a way of always coming to the surface.

So just when I thought our lives couldn’t become any more surreal than they
already are, I watched Monday morning the latest edition of Anglican Unscripted
featuring the Anglican cleric, The Reverend Gavin Ashenden.

And then, if that weren’t enough, I followed that up with the solid reading from the
latest offerings by the Scottish Pastor David Robertson on his Wee Flea Blog.

Firstly I will share a brief bit of what Reverend Ashenden has had to share regarding
some recent happenings on his side of the pond.

It seems that the Church of England has either totally lost its mind or has
totally gone the way of the ‘All Ensuing Cultural War Express’….

Recently a fashion show featuring the symbols, dress and attitude of all things Satanic
was permited to take place in of all places an Anglican Church located in London.

Just when I was pretty well convinced the we had totally lost our minds on this side
of the pond, it seems as if our cousins abroad have totally lost theirs.

When on earth does a catwalk featuring those decorated and dressed in Satan inspired garb,
complete with a Christian altar as a backdrop, make any sort of sense at all?

You might need to read that again….

When on earth does a catwalk featuring those decorated and dressed in Satan inspired garb,
complete with a Christian altar as a backdrop, make any sort of sense at all?

It doesn’t!

(St Andrew’s Anglican Church allowing a Satanic inspired fashion show to take place in the sanctuary)

Rev. Ashenden pointedly reminds his listeners that if there be
any Christian among us who has the Holy Spirit residing in his or her soul…
of which would be a good many of the faithful, he or she would assuredly have felt a tremendous amount of consternation over having seen such a spectacle….

I know I did when I watched a few snippets of the “show.”

Rev. Ashenden proceeds to explain that there is a battle on this earth that
is a a battle of both Good and Evil and it is very much alive and very much real.
And if any of us foolishly think otherwise, then we are in store for a very frightful awakening.

Imagine Satan’s glee—his very own fashion show, featuring some of his best inspired
fashion, taking place in a House of God…

Oh the irony found in that one notion alone…

The good Vicar goes on to note that the Church of England has now obviously
succumb to its struggles with the secular culture as it is now very much
“coming apart at the seams”

Anglican Unscripted – Satanic & Masonic fashion in the C of E.

Next our dear friend the Scottish Pastor David Robertson shares his own observations
from the same side of the pond…

He takes a look at a variety of ills plaguing both the EU and the UK even venturing to
the land down under.

(am I the only one who sees a problem with this image from an Australian college campus?? Last I checked, no one was recommending burning homosexuals but apparently it’s ok
to burn a church)

Australia is now locked in a death roll regarding same sex marriages.

The good pastor notes “Well, they did warn us it would happen.
They said they did not want a referendum on same sex marriage because of
the hatred it would allow to be displayed.
They were right.
The Australian referendum debate has turned really nasty – not as some feared
with people taking the opportunity to express their homophobic hatred,
but rather because of those who are all into ‘love and tolerance’
being full of hatred and intolerance towards any who would dare to
disagree with them.

Pastor Robertson lastly offered a small step back in time.
He offered a “story of the week”

(Nixon and Kissinger in the Oval Office)

Story of the week –
I loved this story about Nixon.
Kissinger’s account from Woodward and Bernstein The Final Days.

“The president was drinking.
He said he was resigning.
It would be better for everyone.
They talk quietly – history, resignation decision,
foreign affairs.
Then Nixon said he wasn’t sure he would be able to resign.
Could he be the first president to quit office?
Kissinger responded by listing the president’s contributions,
especially in diplomacy.

‘Will history treat me more kindly than my contemporaries?’

“Certainly, definitely,” Kissinger said. “When this was all over,
the president would be remembered for the peace he had achieved.”
The president broke down and sobbed…How had a simple burglary,
a breaking and entering, done all this?

“Kissinger kept trying to turn the conversation back to all the good things.
Nixon wouldn’t hear of it. He was hysterical.
‘Henry, ‘he said, ‘you are not a very orthodox Jew,
and I am not an orthodox Quaker, but we need to pray.’

Nixon got down on his knees.
Kissinger felt he had no alternative but to kneel down too..
The president prayed out loud, asking for help, rest, peace and love.
How could a president and a country be torn apart by such small things?
Kissinger thought he had finished but the president did not rise.
He was weeping…
‘What have I done?
What has happened?
‘Kissinger touched the president, and then…
tried to bring rest and peace to the man who was curled on the carpet
like a child.
Kissinger again tried to reassure him…
Finally the president struggled to his feet.
He sat back in his chair.
The storm had passed.
He had another drink”

I for one did find forgiveness for President Nixon as I have opted to remember
the good works that Nixon actually did accomplish while in office….and there were many
such works.

LED 10 – Far Right in Germany – The EU – World Running out of Sand – Transgender Study banned – Australian SSM Intolerance – Catalonia and Kurdistan – Reality is a Social Constuct – Britons on the Toilet – A Tale of Nixon and Kissinger

And so I will leave us today with these current events now swirling in our heads as
we continue stepping ever so gingerly through the minefield of this world we
call our own…

May God have mercy upon our souls….

“Even now,” declares the Lord,
“return to me with all your heart,
with fasting and weeping and mourning.”
Rend your heart
and not your garments.
Return to the Lord your God,
for he is gracious and compassionate,
slow to anger and abounding in love,
and he relents from sending calamity.
Who knows? He may turn and relent
and leave behind a blessing—
grain offerings and drink offerings
for the Lord your God.

Joel 2:12-14

22 comments on “giving way at the seams

  1. Lynda says:

    It was ever thus that human beings seek power and allow wrong to occur in order to achieve this power and recognition. The only answer is in the Scripture that you have quoted Julie – to turn back to the Lord. God must be the centre of our lives and yet it is so easy for us to get off-track. It is essential that we turn to Jesus and the Holy Spirit for guidance.

  2. says:

    Lord, have mercy on all of us sinners.

  3. Citizen Tom says:

    Never heard that story about Nixon. I cannot imagine the pressure he was under, but it rings true.

    • And maybe we see in this small tale the anguish a man felt from the conviction of his sins or of the knowledge of his culpability found in the sins of others– that he did in the end see a need for God–

  4. Although I read your post yesterday, I chose not to comment as most of the other comments reflected my thoughts. I know you aren’t on Facebook, but this is what my wife posted today on her account.:

    “Enough! Yes. NFL macho overpaid thugs have First Amendment rights, as we all do. But they should not use a venue that young people can see and be impressed by. Many young future football players emulate these characters. Do we want our young people refusing to stand OUT OF RESPECT for our country’s Flag and Anthem? Do we? Is that really what we want? Isn’t it enough that the majority of schools refuse to recite the Pledge of Allegiance? Isn’t it enough that statues and memorials that relate to our country’s history are being torn down or desecrated? What’s next? I am waiting for somebody to suggest tearing down the White House because it was built by slaves!! This country is not nor has it ever been perfect. There have been many mistakes made; but, what needs to be done is to move forward and not return to the past. The mantra that we hear now, “Make America Great Again” should be changed to, ” Save America Now!” However, there are some that are attempting to make changes that affect our history…past and present. Please excuse my biased rhetoric…I was asserting my First Amendment right to free speech.”

    I totally agree with her sentiment. Only God Himself can make America Great Again!

    • Your wife Don is a woman after my own heart– and a courageous woman steeped in Truth– thank you for sharing her wisdom!

    • Wyldkat says:

      I agree 100%.

      My own comments were to let them have their little protests, but stop showing them, stop talking about them, stop paying them any attention. Focus on whomever is performing the national anthem. Then, show *only* the games. If one of them, or a clod hopper in the stands, tries to put on a show, cut the feed to that camera.

      • You’re making too much sense—you should know making sense is not the way of the media!!! Yet I agree whole heartedly with you—as I think most people of sense would…it just seems as if the senseless are running the show! sigh!

  5. Wyldkat says:

    I am struck by the difference between how Mr. Nixon handled his scandal and how Hilliary handed hers. Both were caught doing (probably) what others have done before. [meh, they’re politicians, by their very nature, they are not to be trusted.]

    Yet, only one was “man enough” to own up to his mistakes.

    But then our modern crop of politicians cannot seem to grasp the concept of owning up. So, why should she be any different?

    ((Should be no surprise that I’ve always had a degree of respect for Tricky Dick – even if he was a politician.))

    • Agreed!
      That was exactly my response to Tom’s comment—that here we see a glimpse into the nature of a man who has been convicted of his sinful behavior and or the culpability of the knowledge of others around him—his first reaction is that he needs God—I somehow doubt Hillary was in a fetal position on the floor in remorse for her sinful nature but rather balled up on the floor wailing over how could she have actually lost….
      I too have had respect for President Nixon.
      I wrote to him following the David Frost interview. He had told Frost one of his biggest regrets was that he felt as if he had let down the youth of America….
      Here was a man who was now grieving over what he may have done to a younger generation…I felt compelled to write, as one of those younger ones, who wanted him to know that I did not feel let down or betrayed—and I think that was in part because because I saw the contrition of the heart—there’s a lot to be said for acknowledging ones errors and wrong and owning up to them, with a head hung rather low—I’ve not see too many low hung heads in Washington since…..

  6. oneta hayes says:

    Thanks for the Nixon story. He would never believe what Hillary does with approval of half the country. Sorry the young man caved to the pressure of his team. Apologies to the team for standing for his country. Sad. (Ram to lamb. :D) Glad he didn’t give up in the midst of the battles he persevered in. All this stuff makes me more and more grateful to our men of like age who are in the armed forces and daily face the challenges of keeping our country safe.

  7. Wally Fry says:

    That stuff with the Church of England and that fashion show was nuts!

    • I know! The good vicar tells that when the Church was questioned about the decision to allow such a show in the sanctuary that they in typical form backtracked to the ignorance card—they were not fully understanding of the nature of the show…well, I don’t know how you miss the point that the fashion is Satanic in design and you are a Church, House of Godly worship, and you somehow miss the fine print…??!!!
      The good father points out that the Church of England has slid down the slippery slope of no return—he minces no words as far as the Archbishop of Canterbury is concerned or the Church as a whole. Today’s showing of the Anglican Unscripted looked at the whole madness over transgenderism and how a 6year old who was one sex and is now another has the Church once again on the wrong side of God…

      • Wally Fry says:

        Well a good case could be made that a sanctuary is not a suitable place for any type of fashion show….ever. Sanctuaries are special places reserved for worship.But, hey that’s just me. We used to do stupid silly plays and shows for fun, but never there…only in the fellowship hall.

      • I totally agree Wally!! Hence why I am former Episcopalian / Anglican

  8. SLIMJIM says:

    What a crazy world…

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