On my honor…

On my honor, I will try:
To do my duty to God and my country,
To help other people at all times,
To obey the Girl Scout Laws.

Girl Scout Oath from 1912-1972

(yes, I once could fit into this little dress at the age of 6 )

Growing up, once upon a time, I was a member of the Brownies.
I was in the first grade, around the age of 6, when I first joined up.
I would continue as a member of the various levels of Girl Scouts, ending my time as a Cadet, by the time I entered high school.

The Brownies are an international organization for little girls who eventually hope
to follow the path to being a Girl Scout.
Being a member of the Brownies is a precursor of sorts for little girls hoping to
move up in the ranks so to speak.

The Brownie Organization was started in 1914 following the founding,
in Savannah, Georgia, of the Girl Scouts in 1912.

Here we see that there was a well organized international group for young girls
flourishing 8 years before women even got the right to vote in the US!
A group obviously well ahead of it’s time…or so it seems.

The Brownies sprung forth from the Girl Scouts which in turn sprung forth from
a desire of young girls wanting to keep up with the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts…
with the US Boy Scouts being founded in 1910.

And so just when I thought we as a society had sunk about as low as we could go…
just when I thought I’d heard it all from our moralistically terminally ill society…
leave it to the Boy Scouts to pave the way for a fresh new descent into cultural appeasement….

Have we not, within the past year, witnessed disputes brewing over openly
gay scoutmasters, openly gay scouts, openly transgenders scouts….???
As the list grows daily with the ever morphing confusion of self identity of the
youngest of the young???

Today I read in the news that the Boy Scouts have announced that they will now open
their membership to girls.


I thought girls had the Brownies and the Girl Scouts…?
Why do they need or even want to be a Boy Scout??

And not only will they open membership up for girls, they will have a variety of troops
of choice…more like the flavor of the day.

There will be troops for heterosexual boys only;
larger troops consisting of a mix of straight boys, gay boys and transgender boys;
(don’t get me started on young boys, or girls, who now think they are gay or transgender and exactly whose fault such thinking should be attributed to….)
as well as troops now with both boys and girls….
as in a mixed bag of nuts…

I’m 58 years old, and this is leaving even me confused—

I wonder how the kids will figure it all out…

Oh wait, they don’t have to figure it out because all they have to do is
eeny, meeny, miny, moe as to how they’re feeling on any particular day….

Don’t ask if things can get worse or more confusing…because they can.

Therefore, if anyone cleanses himself from what is dishonorable, he will be a vessel for honorable use, set apart as holy, useful to the master of the house, ready for every good work.
2 Timothy 2:21

33 comments on “On my honor…

  1. atimetoshare.me says:

    Good grief. When will this insanity stop?

    • Citizen Tom says:

      That’s easy. At the Second Coming.

      It does not do much good to worry. It is in His Hands. We are just supposed to let Him use us. Personally, I have enough trouble with that. I have no trouble at understanding the reluctance and confusion of people like Peter, Gideon, Moses, and Elijah.

      Perhaps you ladies need better role models. Deborah, Ruth, and the various Mary’s did not seem to need as much persuasion. They just hopped to it and got busy.

      Two of my brothers who were boy scouts. I was in the Cub Scouts, and decided they did not do anything. So I never joined the Boy Scouts. Probably just as well. During my teen years, my family moved an awful lot. Went to four different high schools. Trying to be a Boy Scout would have been difficult. Trying to become an Eagle Scout…. I suppose anything is possible, but I expect just getting the paperwork together would have been a mess.

      Half the country has been indoctrinated to believe some very rotten notions. Many old and respected organizations, even Christian organizations, have been corrupted because too many in our nation lost their focus on the Bible. There is little we can do except pray, spread the Gospel and help to build anew what has been lost.

      • atimetoshare.me says:

        I think the world could use better feminine role models – not the likes of Hillary, Pelosi, Miley Cyrus, Beyoncé, etc. We need some real women with a plan to return to God. We need to teach our daughters how to be good leaders as well as followers. The man of the house has been ostracized along with the feminist movement and no longer knows what his role is in the family. They have no better role model than Jesus himself. Maybe they need to take a stand again.

        I agree that the devil has made his way into the very core of our lives. He will continue to corrupt anything good until the second coming. In the meantime, we must remain watchful. He does his best work under cover.

      • Like I just told Tom—you both have this—true words!!!
        Yes role models—I’ve watched that recent commercial with both Julia Roberts and Ellen Degeneres opening the spot about passing the ball to girl / woman athlete role models—an openly gay woman, passing the ball, a soccer ball, where we recently witnessed the very public sad drunken altercation of a female soccer star having to be physically removed from Disney of all places for her less than stellar or role model behavior—-
        With folks like Oprah who think they are the model for women yet she sits upon a lofty throne of indecision and confusion as she lives with a man she’s never married as she waffles between the latest feel good region to come down the pike—

        I don’t know—where are they????

      • I do pray—but I also will raise that battle standard when necessary—and you and Kathy got this!!!!

  2. So, do I now disavow my participation in the Boy Scouts when I was a young man? This new direction is appalling.

  3. Wyldkat says:

    I was in GSA in the 1970’s. I wore the same kind of uniform that you have pictured in Brownies and my first year in Juniors. I don’t think I got the jumper until my 3rd year, but I could be wrong. (to quote my grandmother, I’ve slept since then.) I dropped out when we moved and I could not find a Cadet troop in our area.

    I stopped being proud of being a girl scout over a decade ago, when I saw girls from a local troop doing flag ceremonies out of uniform and saw photos of girl scouts at a flag raising not saluting.

    I’ve been watching BSA descend for the past several years and have been very sad. Russ was a Life Scout. Like me, he dropped out when we moved due to being unable to find a troop that fit him. He was just short of his Eagle. 😦

    I am one who does not like this latest move. Oh, I would have been very happy to have gone into Cubs as a child. I didn’t want the sewing and housekeeping badges, I wanted the camping and hiking badges. But today I understand why the groups need to be separate. Young boy and young girls have different needs; needs that will be hard to meet in mixed groups. Today I understand that Scouts was about more than just camping. It is, or was, about helping young boys and girls grow to become responsible members of society … to help other people at all times.

    Take a look at Campfire. When I was a child in California, Campfire Girls (and the younger Bluebirds) was a recognized counter part to the GSA. In the 70’s they made the move to go co-ed become just Campfire. Today I only hear about them when I take the time to look them up.

    • As a city girl, the idea of getting to go camping and out to the woods was beyond wonderful—but I also loved the craft projects, the jamborees, and the cooking units—never keen however on the sewing end of things…
      Plus I just loved the camaraderie…

      I dropped out when I went into the 8th grade having been a Cadet for just one year.

      My brother was an Indian Guide—similar to cub /boy scouts but for whatever reason they had him in that vs the other…I don’t know if there wasn’t a scout troop at the time for the boys in our area.

      My son was a cub scout and boy scout until he finished jr high when his enthusiasm waned and trying his hands at sports seemed more appealing.

      I think all those organizations for kids are each so vastly important. And as an educator I’m here to tell you—at the middle school and jr high age it is imperative that boys have places for their own identities while girls have places for theirs….this great big melting pot notion is absurd.

      But that is the push in our culture is it not–a homogeneous melding of all the sexes–into just one big hermaphrodite society with anything out there to float ones boat because God forbid we label anyone or put them in some sort of box….
      Gees louise give me a break!!

  4. Wally Fry says:

    Huh? What? Quick, somebody bring me a clue. I no longer have one

  5. oneta hayes says:

    Kindergarten Teacher: “Come on in baby, Are you registering as a boy or a girl?”
    Child: “I don’t know. I like my doll but it is a girl; I played with a truck yesterday. My best friend is a girl. My mama is a … what are you, mommy?” In tears by now, the little one has already flunked her/his/its first question.

  6. riverlifepsalms1 says:

    Help us Lord!

  7. Tricia says:

    I couldn’t believe it either when I read that about the Boy Scouts. One woman I had been discussing this with said she was not about forcing girls to be allowed but that the GSA didn’t offer the same type of out door programs and Eagle Scout paths that the Boy Scout’s did. I told her if that’s true than why not reform the Girl Scouts to better reflect the adventurous and athletic spirit of girls today? It’s just another progressive power grab at destroying another bedrock institution.

    On a side note I was a Brownie for a grand total of one day. I was such a tom boy back then and I didn’t take kindly to the girly uniform and rebelled the entire night until my mom out of sheer exasperation let me quit.

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