The Royal Navy is not a humorous institution, sir,
and insubordination is no laughing matter.

Vice Admiral William Bligh

(1814 painting of Vice Admiral William Bligh)

Time hasn’t been much my own as of late so I’m a bit behind in wanting to address,
add to, or simply acknowledge the most recent offering in the way of my
favorite former Church of England prelate.

And with the recent addition of a black eye patch, Bishop Ashenden is looking quite
the part of a rebel…
but in the case of the good Bishop, he is a rebel with great cause.

The other day I referenced Bishop Ashenden having had emergency surgery to reattach
a torn retina—hence the patch.
My understanding is that he will make a full recovery,
which is a tremendous blessing.

The latest video uplink of Anglican Unscripted covers a couple of issues
that I have previously touched upon as noted by the Scottish Pastor David Robertson.
One being the the church school that kicked out a Christian organization
from presenting a program in the school…an organization that was considered to
be “too Christian” for some of the more secular leaning parents.

If you’re going to enroll your child in a Christian Church school,
I think it would be a safe bet to assume that Christian organizations would,
at some point, come calling.

I liken such thought to the notion of whether or not there is salt in sea water??

The real concern of the matter however is over the headmaster who capitulated to
these complaints and demands of these put-upon parents.
The headmaster acknowledged that Cross Teach, the Christian organization that has been operating now for 16 years, does a wonderful job with the kids but he cowardly
“uninvited” them and let it be known that they are not welcome to come back.

This is not only a shame and a pity, but this is really actually a travesty.

A Church School feeling compelled to dismiss a very respected and noteworthy Christian organization from visiting the school and working with its students,
students who by the way greatly enjoy and greatly benefit from the interaction
with the Cross Teach team, all due to a few parents not wanting a “Christian”
influence on their children…in a Christian School of all places

Again…let it sink in… concern over Christian influence within a Christian church school… all within a Church of England school.

What about any of that makes any sort of sense!!??

Yet the greater area of concern and or worry is with the Church of England’s response.
The Church is in full agreement with its headmaster….who if the truth be told
is not wanting to ignite the ire within the hierarchy of the Church.

Bishop Ashenden notes that there is a new spiritual discourse taking place that
is changing Christian anthropology…and that there is actually a spiritual
disease now affecting the Church.

Whereas the Church will “offically” state that the Love of Christ is a truism,
in turn they are hard at work making a new culture within the church—
and this new culture is a Christian crisis…
as it runs counter to the Word of God and the Gospel as we have known it.

The good Bishop notes that there is a tragedy of ethics taking place as we see
leading clergy within the same diocese at odds on church teaching…
much like talking out of both sides of one’s head really….
Be it same sex marriage, women in the priesthood, transgenderism or any other cultural issue to come down the pike…the clergy, let alone the Church,
are not on the same page.

So how will the sheep of the fold know which shepherd to follow….

It is such a crisis that we now have leadership in a global Church
reinterpreting of Scripture in order to appease popular cultural progressivism…
and this will indeed be the Church’s undoing.

Bishop Ashenden notes that there is a great deal of pride in the Church and within
her leadership as it and they feel a sense of superiority for embracing cultural norms. There is that sense of being cutting edge,
as in leading the oh so progressive way…and in that pride lies her sin and her
eventual undoing.

Perhaps it would behoove us to put the hierarchy of the Church of England, and her cousins
running the Episcopal Church of America, adrift at sea…as perhaps a bit of mutiny
might be in order Mr. Christian…

Anglican Unscripted- The Diocese of Hereford goes heterodox & ‘Crossteach’ is excommunicated by a C of E school.

Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you.
Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.

Hebrews 13:7

17 comments on “Mutiny….

  1. @vapor_sage says:

    I can only think and say that this was foreseen and written about. A reason to be sad and at the same time comforted that His truth reigns

    • and there in lies our comfort–that as man sails off into the sunset in pursuit of worldly thought and foolish folly, God’s Word will never falter—Jesus will remain the same today and tomorrow just as He has since the dawn of time as He sits at the right hand of God the Father….

  2. says:

    You’ll be walking the plank soon if ye continue to spew the truth from yer lips. Praise God for his consistency.

  3. Love the mutiny! Iam all about the pirates and practicing one act of defiance a day,in a good way of course. A bit of subversiveness for the Lord.

    What pushes my buttons is the realization that some within the church don’t have our back, the way the are choosing to side with secularism, with the culture, with the offended party. It makes Christians feel very unsafe. Will the church back me up when people come against me? Perhaps not.

    I suppose I’m a bit of a loyalist. I should like to live in a world where we stand with one another.

    • ColorStorm says:

      Some have the backs of the likes of Julie, ib22, and other fine women everywhere, (and men too) as the need arises. πŸ˜‰

    • always like to be that rebel with the good cause πŸ˜‰
      and your words ring so true—some in the Church, and in my case with both the Episcopal and Church of England…that would be most of the clergy—who now embrace a progressive cultural acceptance.
      It is the argument that is is all done under the umbrella of love and inclusiveness as we are not about being setting aside—even if that setting aside is sinfulness.
      And again, in my case, neither of these church institutes will “back me up” as I do not embrace their move toward condoning same sex marriage or viewing homosexuality as sinful or that abortion is a choice as well as woman’s right….

      So as a more orthodox, dare I say, conservative member of the fold, yes…to feel unsafe is probably a good summation…as I am the one deemed to be off que….

  4. Wally Fry says:

    Ah. Christian School. You can’t come here you are “too Christian.” Got it. Keep up the good work, Julie

  5. Karen says:

    It seems as if the whole world is way too worried about being politically correct. I wonder what they will eliminate next.

  6. SLIMJIM says:

    I remember you sharing that story of the Christian school being well, intolerant of Christian activities. How the church today of all denominational affiliations need to be faithful to God again.

  7. David says:

    Four of ours attended a Church of England secondary school Julie. It is not what it used to be that’s for sure. The local Catholic school is where folk are sending their kids these days.

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