fall from Grace…

“Freedom has been elevated to a total eclipse of a person’s obligations,
to a freedom from any obligation.

Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn

“After the Western ideal of unlimited freedom….
here is the true Christian definition of freedom.
Freedom is self-restriction!
Restriction of the self for the sake of others!”

Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn

In his book A Pope and A President, Paul Kengor recalls the admonishment of a young senator from Massachusetts to a college audience….

“In 1955…Senator Kennedy told Assumption College that the Communists had a ‘fear’
of Christianity and allowed ‘no room for God.’

In a passage that could have been spoken by President Ronald Reagan thirty years later,
Kennedy said that Communists sought ‘to make the worship of the State the ultimate objective of life’ and could not ‘permit a higher loyalty, a faith in God,
a belief in a religion that elevates the individual, acknowledges his true value,
and teaches him devotion and responsibility to something beyond the here and now.

As president, Kennedy candidly warned America of its “atheistic foe,” the
fanaticism and fury” of communions, and the “communist conspiracy” that
“represents a final enslavement.”
“The enemy is the communist system itself—implacable, insatiable, unceasing
in its drive for world domination,” Declared Kennedy.
“This [is] a struggle for supremacy between two conflicting ideologies”
freedom under God versus ruthless, goddess tyranny.”

“Years later President Reagan went to the home of Senator Ted Kennedy…
where he spoke at an endowment fundraiser for the John F. Kennedy Presidential
Library. On hand were Jackie and her two grown children.
Reagan commended JFK for his shrewdness in recognizing the enemy:
“He understood the tension between good and evil in the history of man;
understood, indeed,
that much of the history of man can be seen in the constant working out
of that tension.”

Reagan noted that Kennedy knew that the United States had adversaries,
real adversaries,and they weren’t about to be put off by soft reason and
good intentions.
He tried always to be strong with them and shrewd.”

It’s hard for me, in this very surreal 21st century of ours, to imagine that there
were once two presidents serving roughly 20 years apart—
men from two very different parties,
who each understood who the nation’s collective enemy was.

These two very different men who, despite being decades apart in their service to
their nation as well as being nearly 30 years apart in age…men who were each of
different ideologies could actually collectively agree then on what today has
become a more satirical farce than serious consideration.

And not only did these two very different presidents understand who the
collective enemy was…they also deeply understood the connection between a nation
who rested under God’s dominion verses a nation resting under the dominion of man.

Imagine today the party of Kennedy speaking about an “atheistic foe”…
Or referring to an adversarial nation as having “no room for God”
as well as those who have a fear of a Christian nation—
Imagine that a leader of the party of Kennedy would actually claim the United States
to be a “God fearing, Christian nation”
That there would be those who would speak of godlessness when referring to
oppressive regimes.

Imagine the party of Reagan, in turn, speaking words of agreement…

Oh how far we have fallen from who we once were.

When did it happen?

When did we think it necessary to scorn and scoff the notion of being
collectively under the yoke of an Omnipotent Creator?
When did we decide that we were free of any obligations other than to our own
selfish individual whims?

When did we decide there was no real good nor evil…
rather just the altar of individual humanism?

And what is the irony that the words of a one time Soviet dissident
would remind us, those of us who have lived in and with “freedom” most of our
lives, that our’s is a precious gift…one that we have been entrusted with
to cherish and maintain…as blood has been spilled and lives have been lost
all in the name of this very “freedom.”

So on this Veterans day, it would behoove us as individuals as well as a Nation to
recall, as well as honor, the selfless sacrifices made by those men and women who,
since those early days when we were but a collection of bedraggled colonies,
who down through the decades understood exactly who the enemy always was and
that we as human beings have been called to a greater good…
These very men and these women who have often offered the utter sacrifice–
of both lives and limbs, for a Nation that now is at war with itself…
having lost her way.

May their service never have been in vain.

“…it would have seemed quite impossible, in America,
that an individual be granted boundless freedom with no purpose,
simply for the satisfaction of his whims.
Subsequently, however, all such limitations were eroded everywhere in in the west;
a total emancipation occurred from the moral heritage of Christian
centuries with the great reserve of mercy and sacrifice.”

Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn

23 comments on “fall from Grace…

  1. atimetoshare.me says:

    WOW! Well said🇺🇸. May God continue to bless America and may we continue to honor Him.

    • I was really amazed reading both president’s words—Reagan’s I was more familiar with as I was a staunch Reagan gal—I was young when Kennedy was in office and assassinated—-far from concerned with “enemies” or politics—-but I did know the Soviets were the bad guys as we had to practice those stupid duck and cover drills as if covering our heads under our desks would save us from being nuked……
      Yet the fact that both men continued to evoke God and our position as created rather than that of our own “masterhood” is telling of just how far the Dems have strayed and how lost the Republicans have become….

      • atimetoshare.me says:

        Again well said. The Obama administration really eliminated God from the mix with all their political correctness and tolerance for all types of behavior. I was a young woman preparing for my marriage when Kennedy was in office. He was a staunch Catholic though he was wise enough to separate church and state. Both he and Reagan weren’t afraid to talk about God as they governed. I think Trump is trying to bring us back to that, but I don’t have a real clue on where he stands religiously. Our only hope for this nation is to return to God. We have become a nation that follows trends and salacious behavior. We as Christians must stand firm in our beliefs and pray for a return to Judaeo Christian values. SO THERE!

      • well, we know from JFK’s behavior that he may not have always practiced his religious convictions—but at least He knew there was a God and that this God was bigger than all of us and more important than any of us!

      • atimetoshare.me says:


  2. hatrack4 says:

    My wife and I are both veterans. I don’t think that you can serve in the military, in peace or in conflict, without it changing you. Thank you for this post. My dream, that I wrote about in “Old Soldiers” recently was about facing the great evil of the world. It is not politically correct in the church to sing ‘Onward Christian Soldiers”, but we must all don our battle gear and go to war each day.

  3. Karen says:

    Excellently written.

  4. This is an incredibly powerful post, Julie! Thank you for writing it! I’m so glad you are speaking out and I pray that many read your words here today. ❤

  5. SLIMJIM says:

    As I was reading your post, I thought about how the speech by Kennedy and Reagan today would result in mass hysteria from the Left…

  6. Wally Fry says:

    May their service never have been in vain

    Amen, and that is all I will say on this topic.

  7. Tricia says:

    Excellent post as always Julie. Really quite bizarre to read those passages from Kennedy and Reagan and their words seem so foreign to today’s world. How sad is that? And how dangerous have things become for us? Quite a bit I think.

    Excellent touch with the Solzhenitsyn quotes. Such a profound intellect he was.

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