tis the season…to be giving

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”
Charles Dickens

Tis the season of gifts…
buying, wrapping, giving…
Yet most of us know that not all gifts are those which can be bought nor wrapped.

By now I suppose most of the country, if not the world, is well aware of the major
power outage that afflicted the Atlanta airport this past Sunday—
an outage that caused a global and near catastrophic ripple effect.

There were hundreds of flights canceled in and out of Atlanta,
the airport touted as the world’s busiest, while other flights simply
had to be rerouted making final destinations more than complicated.
This lone power outage caused severe inconveniences for worldwide holiday and simply
regular travelers.

There were passengers stuck in planes on tarmacs as airport officials scrambled
what to do—deplane folks and shuttle them to the dark airport or what.

Thousands of folks were stuck in that dark and rather scary airport while others
braved walking miles along streets in an unfamiliar area in search of food, shelter or
a rent-a-car…of which there was nary a room to be had at any inn and no
transportation to be found.

The News did pan their camera over to a very busy Waffle House.

The individual stories were and are endless as now hundreds of pieces of luggage are
seen to be sitting in the Atlanta Airport hoping to find their way either
home or to the necessary point of destination…
all much to the chagrin and angst of their owners.

The news reporters were all on scene that night, in the dark, interviewing those
most inconvenienced passangers…with each person, each family,
having an individual tale….yet most of those interviewed seemed to be taking it all
in stride….thank goodness the snow storm had been the previous week.

Some reported that they had witnessed folks trying to “break into” vending machines
and food kiosks within the dark airport as it seems many folks were hungry….
I won’t even speculate about bathrooms.

There were the tales of exit doors being sealed due to no power.
There was a sense of being trapped or simply lost while thousands wrestled with
whether to stay put in the dark and wait, or venture boldly out,
if they could even get out, with or without luggage in tow,
in order to find some sort of plan B.

This is not to mention the thousands across the globe now finding themselves stuck
in airports or cities as their flights were being canceled or rescheduled by the droves.

Schedules and plans were now disastrous around the planet—
all because of a single power outage at a single airport, in a single city,
in a single state, on a single night…..
amazing how there is such a far reaching effect in such a single event…..

There are a lot of different directions a post could be written when something
like this happens…
notions that ‘we don’t need terrorists when we simply have ourselves….’
or perhaps a post about ‘how the tough get going when an inconvenience strikes
while the weaker among us crumble’

or maybe there are just the tales about human resiliency and resolve….

Yet despite the endless possibilities to write about,
I wanted to focus on the simple notion of giving….
wanting to keep our senses within the season of just that…giving.

I’m certain that there were a myriad of tales about the generosity of others during
this “crisis”….from the kind and gracious hotel and motel staffs,
to airport employees offering comfort to the panicked, to the average local citizen who drove toward to airport to see who they could help…..

But one tale in particular caught my eye.

Rather late on this particular Sunday night got, I received a local Atlanta news update
on my phone, alerting everyone that locally founded and headquartered Chick-fil-A was coming to the rescue by trucking in thousands of sandwiches, fries and drinks to those thousands of stranded passengers.

You might not think that such an alert was a big deal until you understand
that there is not a single Chick-fil-A store open nationwide on Sundays.

For you see, the late Truitt Cahty, the founder of Chick-fil-A who first began this
chicken sandwich business in Hapeville, Ga, right near this very airport
way back in 1946, was a very religious man.

Mr Cathy was often asked about his success and he always attributed it to God’s grace.
His go to manual of operation, he would explain, was simple his Bible.

He took God at His word.

If God said to rest and worship, keeping the Sabbath holy, then by gosh that was what
Mr. Cathy was going to do.

I myself am a firm believer that if you honor God,
God will in turn honor and bless you.
Mr. Cahty’s business success is testament to that very fact.

Chick-fil-A has taken a lot of flack in recent months, in part because of the
heavy Christian influence it holds as being a key part of its daily operations.
It has been picketed and protested because it does not condone same sex marriage.

Never mind that they will gladly and happily serve anyone, anytime despite a customer’s
beliefs or sexual orientation, it’s just that as a whole, the organization simply
does not condone the lifestyle choice…and that’s ok but….since we have become a
society that will not allow anyone to hold a view counter
to the madness of culture, places that choose to honor God and keep His word are
often maligned, sued and scorned into submission—but not Chick-fil-A—
it will honor God as it will continue to serve everyone and anyone,
albeit 6 days a week.

So when I read the update that Chick-fil-A would be providing food on this late
Sunday night—
meaning that folks would have to scramble to open restraunts, get employees on site,
fire up fryers and grills in order to quickly transport hot meals out to thousands of hungry and unhappy folks, I for one found tears of gratitude in my eyes.

Truly, it tis the time to be giving…

For the full story—click the attached link….


27 comments on “tis the season…to be giving

  1. GP Cox says:

    From Pacific Paratrohttps://pacificparatrooper.files.wordpress.com/2017/12/paratrooper-santa_thumb.gifoper

  2. Jeff Rab says:

    They are a great organization!!

  3. Lynda says:

    When I read this, I thought of Jesus allowing the disciples to pluck grain on the Sabbath and then healing on the Sabbath. People were more important to Jesus than rules: ‘I desire mercy and not sacrifice’…For the Son of Man is lord of the sabbath.” (Matthew 18:7,8) Or as Mark expresses it: “The sabbath was made for humankind, and not humankind for the sabbath; so the Son of Man is lord even of the sabbath.” (Mark 2:27-28)
    The flexibility that Chick-fil-A demonstrated indicates that they were following the teachings of Jesus. Thanks for sharing this story.

  4. atimetoshare.me says:

    They are indeed following Christ’s example of love and charity. We need much more of that kind of behavior in this crazy world!

  5. My daughter got caught up in that mess on her way to Las Vegas to visit her son who ships out next month to his new duty station in Italy. Fortunately, she had called her airport to check on the status of her flight and was told to stay home.

    What a wonderful story about Chick-fil-A. My favorite fast food place. Unfortunately, the closest one to us is over 50 miles away.

  6. Dearest Julie… You KNOW I love this post! 😉 Thank you for this uplifting story of doing God’s work on the Sabbath… Jesus would definitely approve 😉 Love you much! ❤ ❤

  7. riverlifepsalms1 says:


  8. oneta hayes says:

    Thanks for recognizing this good deed as well as laying the groundwork for it. I was not much aware the “earth was in a tailspin.” I’m sure there were many good Samaritans; we are a softhearted lot when folks are really in need. But it would have been easy to say, “We can’t do it because we are closed on Sunday.”

  9. This is such a touching story. I love Chick Fi-l-a. Just shows that Christ is alive and well. Love, N 🙂 ❤

  10. Salvageable says:

    I am proud of the fact that nearly all of my children have worked or currently work at a Chick-fil-A. Those working there this week are coming home frazzled, but most of the time they like their jobs, and the company trains its workers in service skills such as courtesy and kindness. J.

    • when our son was in high school he tried getting a job with our local store but they were all full—and stay that way…as it is a great place—hectic yes but such is fast food and good fast food—and it is the kindness that I, as a customer, so greatly appreciate

  11. Citizen Tom says:

    Great company! Great food! Another reason to frequent Chick-fil-A.

  12. Citizen Tom says:

    Reblogged this on Citizen Tom and commented:
    We constantly hear that companies don’t care about people. Well, some don’t. However, as this reblog shows some do.

    Caring about people is actually good for business. Why? Well, who do you want to business with? Do you really want to eat food prepared by people who don’t care about you? Would you like to drive a car made by people who don’t care about your family’s safety?

    The real issue, however, is not whether companies care. If we don’t think the people at a company care about their customers, if we have a choice we don’t have to do business with them. We can go elsewhere. Therefore, the real issue is whether we have a choice. Has the government restricted competition?

    In a competitive market place, we have a choice, and that is the primary virtue of Capitalism. In a state where Crony Capitalism or Socialism prevails, we don’t have a choice, and the is the primary problem with both Crony Capitalism and Socialism.

    So the next time someone tells you just how wonderful Socialism is (No one likes Crony Capitalism.), consider just how unlikely that is. If the Socialists care about us, then why are they so determined to force us to do business with them whether we want to do so or not.

  13. SLIMJIM says:

    What an amazing testimony Chic Fil A was able to live out!

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