what are you willing to die for

“You cannot turn me from my holy Faith by threats, nor with promises of riches and pleasures.
I will obey your orders willingly, if you will leave me free to follow my religion.
I would rather surrender my head to you than to change my faith.
I was born a Christian, and I shall die a Christian.”

+ St. John the Russian

(lingering pomergarnite / Rosemary Beach, Fl / Julie Cook / 2018)

The definition of the word martyr, according to Merriam Webster is: a person who voluntarily
suffers death as the penalty of witnessing to and refusing to renounce a religion.

When we think of individuals who fit that description…we think of those individuals
who reach out to us from various Biblical tales.
We recall the stories of individuals who were tried and sentenced to death
for their faith in God, people like Daniel in the lion’s den—
or of Mesach, Shadrach, and Abednego along with King Nebuchadnezzar who decreed
having them thrown into the furnace…
We think of the stories of those individuals who refused to recant their belief in
the Omnipotent God.

Stories that are both far away and long ago.

And so in turn, we know from our Biblical history teachings that St Stephen was the first
recorded Christian martyr—
a man who refused to renounce his Christian faith, that of his belief in Jesus Christ…
with the near obvious result being his death…
and in Stephen’s case, it was by stoning.

The New Testament is laced with such stories—the stories of those who
suffered and died for refusing to denounce Jesus Christ as the Risen Son of God.

Yet today when we hear the word martyr or martyrdom, our 21st-century minds focuses in
on radical extremists…radical Islamic suicide bombers who offer themselves,
their lives, in order to kill as many other people as possible.
Not like the Christian who simply stands firm in his or her faith.

Christian martyrs are still being killed worldwide…
They die more or less quietly as their deaths are not publicized or are of common knowledge—
in part because they die in places where news of such is very hidden and or controlled.
Their deaths do not make the papers or the evening news.
Their deaths are not the headline gripping stories of deaths carried out by those who
prefer to kill mass numbers of people due to a skewed faith…

Many in the West, members of the Christian faith along with nonbelievers,
erroneously assume that Christian martyrdom ended with the fall of Rome…
due in part because the deaths of martyred Christians
does not make the nightly news or is not sprawled across the headlines.

The tales of imprisonment, tortures, and deaths of today’s Christians are not on the level
of breaking news as are those of the martyred Islamists because of the flip-flopped
extremist’s view of martyrdom.
Whereas the radical kills hundreds in one act—the countless numbers of tortured and
martyred Christians go virtually unnoticed.

However what we do know is that an Islamic Martyr sacrifices self in order to kill
while the Christian martyr is killed because he or she will not recant their faith…
and often is killed because of an attempt to protect others…
certainly not to harm others.

A vast difference.

Today most Westerners, and again that would be both Believers and non Believers,
does not feel a life or death threat or link to or for any martyred Christians
simply because the notion of a martyred Christians is not currently taking place.
Or at least that’s what we assume.

We aren’t still stoning or curcifying a person because they claim to be a Christian,
are we???

But what many in our society do not realize is that just because we live in an oh so
very modern society, there are indeed places still around the globe where Christians
are being stoned to death and even crucified for their faith despite our thinking
such barbarism disappeared eons ago.

Yet we read of IS and of the persecution of Middle Eastern Christians and
we occasionally hear a word of those who are killed for their faith in places
like North Korea, China, Myramar…but not here we will gloat, not where life
is civilized…right?

Yet what we fail to both see and understand is that the persecution of the Christian
in our Western Society is very much real…. however it is more hidden,
more insidious and quietly more subtle than those types of murders and deaths of those
Christians from either our history books or of those in far-flung regions of the world.

It would behoove us to realize that just because we consider ourselves “civilized” and
above the torture and or persecution of individuals for their Christian belief,
we should stop and take notice that there is one who is very much aware of the fact that
there is indeed such persecution taking place…
as such acts are carried out in a much more hidden and sinister type of execution…
And this individual is much more keenly aware of such…much more so than any human being.
And He couldn’t be more excited…

Abba [St] Athanasios, bishop of Alexandria, said:
“One of you often says: ‘Where is the persecution so I can be martyred?’
Suffer martyrdom in your conscience; die to sin;
‘Mortify your members which are upon the earth’ [cf. Col 3:5]
and you will have become a martyr by intention.

Those [former martyrs] fought with emperors and rulers;
you have the devil, the emperor of sin, for adversary and demons for rulers.
For at that time a shrine and an altar stood before them and an abomination
of idolatry, an execrable idol.

Take careful thought;
even today there is an altar and a sanctuary and a virtual execrable idol in the soul.
An altar, that is luxurious gluttony; a sanctuary, the longing for delights;
an idol, the spirit of covetousness.

16 comments on “what are you willing to die for

  1. Your post is truly profound, Julie! Persecution takes a variety of forms… and the most insidious is often the most effective at driving a wedge between a believer and God. The more direct is easy to spot, and only succeeds in sending a child of God into the arms of his/her heavenly Father. Excellent thoughts here…as always. You are a masterful writer and thinker! Hugs! ❤

    • Thanks Lynn-some of these things flow, some do not. This one did not flow- for whatever reason— It started as one thing and ended as something else. We’d gone over to Atlanta in yesterday’s downpour to see Brenton and Abby, taking them to an early supper. Once home, I tried writing— I had the start as I’d saved the quotes but wasn’t sure where I was going- gregory is all croopy and not in the greatest humor which I turn puts me in not the greatest humor so I went to bed still uncertain what I wanted to say— as I’ve said it before a thousand different ways— so I worked on it this morning, then said to heck with it—so whether it conveys what I intended, I’m not certain—- I’m just glad the sun is shining despite the cold gusting winds— spring is coming right??

  2. atimetoshare.me says:

    Great post, Julie. I know what you’re saying. Sometimes words just flow – but you always seem to have a great message in your words. This morning I woke up with nothing, but the sun shining brightly in my eyes. Spring is coming – I hope!

  3. dbp49 says:

    Still no sign of Spring here, but hopefully it’s just taking a few more days of it’s annual vacation down your way, and you will see it just before I do. A wonderful post, as always, and remember, we are always our own worst critics.

  4. Citizen Tom says:

    Reblogged this on Citizen Tom and commented:
    Martyrdom is not something most American Christians worry much about. Nevertheless, Christians are the most persecuted group in the World. That is a little known fact in this nation, but it is nevertheless true.

    Check out some of these reports.






    Here are a couple of Christian organizations that serve persecuted Christians.



    What can we do for persecuted Christians? We can urge our leaders to take up their cause. We can demand that our government make the effort to expose the crimes of those who persecute our fellow human beings. At the very least we should strive to discover and expose those who commit genocide of any sort.

    As you read Julie (aka Cookie)’s post, keep in mind that the first act of martyrdom is to die to sin. The second is to be willing to die before denying Jesus Christ, our Savior. Before we can die for Jesus Christ, we must have already given our life to Him. We exhibit that commitment by dying to sin.

    • thank you, Tom, for sharing—especially the links. I have written often about this notion of Christian persecution—that it is indeed not something only to be found in history books, but is indeed a current concern—as there, in certain countries, it is as much as it always has been…brutal and inhumane…and then in our more “modern” societies, it is there, but rather is more hidden, but very much every bit of persecution—-and it always zeros in on the Christian communities…

  5. SLIMJIM says:

    Its a question we should ask ourselves regularly…are we willing to die for Jesus

  6. Tricia says:

    Great post Julie. It’s more than a bit humbling to think about the violent persecution some Christians in other nations go through and compare it to our comfy, cozy lives here in America. Comfy and cozy in too strong a dose though is not always a good thing, as the heart can be easily led to desire this above all else, even God and all know where that road eventually leads to.

  7. FaithLife says:

    Reblogged this on THE BREATH OF LIFE.

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