I’m not looking for trouble, honest…

“In her voyage across the ocean of this world,
the Church is like a great ship being pounded by the waves of life’s
different stresses.
Our duty is not to abandon ship but to keep her on her course.”

St. Boniface

(I wonder if any of these birds know anything about the missing owl decoy’s head? / Julie Cook / 2018)

I think I’ve gotten to the age where I really don’t go looking for trouble…rather,
trouble merely seems to come looking for me.

Now that’s not to say that I’d back down or run from trouble…
I’ve learned that it’s often best to simply brace oneself while stepping into the wind…
the wind of trouble that is.
Marching forward and dealing with it head on…that is, when it comes marching my way.

I say all this because I had four things yesterday that I found troubling all within about
the span of a blink of the eye—
I didn’t find them, they found me.

Like I say, I don’t go perusing for these sorts of things and I do my darndest to keep such
off my radar…but…

Usually, every time when I go in to fetch my email, a “news” feed page comes up first…
AT&T’s home page.
It runs a scrolling snippet of the day’s headlines…

Now the idea of what I’ve always thought of as a headline versus what our “society”
now considers a headline, separated and parted ways eons ago.

So before I could even click the ‘take me to my mail page’ icon,
I saw that John Kerry was making fun of President Trump’s girth,
Tom Brady stopped an interview over a reporter’s snide remark regarding his daughter,
that the Grammy’s were a huge “I am woman hear me roar” moment and that—
with that last one actually being a twofer—
it was a night of who’s who in Grammyville loving one another while hating the rest of
everyone else…as the women untied and wanted to bash the heads of those who
countered their endearing and de-masculating moment of unification…

Then in my email, I read that our friend the Wee Flea reviewed a movie that will probably be up
for best picture–a typical movie plot over racism in small town USA, a movie that he actually
hated—and left him sad and hopeless that we as a society have sunk to calling such a film
“entertainment” and actually a bravo moment…

Then before I could run and hide, a movie ad pops up for a totally different movie that I
actually looked into regarding the plot line as it too was claiming to be a best picture.
It’s that movie about the Shape of Water business and having read the storyline–
about a mute woman falling in love and actually having sex on screen with a mutant sea creature,
while they then swim off happily together into the sunset, left me shaking my head…

As in shaking to see if something was lose inside my brain cause I just don’t get any of this.

A, I’ve never heard of either movie until first, I saw the Wee Flea’s post and then secondly
when the pop-up ad for the other movie actually popped up…and I confess,
I fell for its ad and looked further. So they accomplished their desire of fishing for curiosity.
But that was enough because I was resolutely reminded once again as to why I really don’t
ever go to see a movie.

They are either ridiculous, full of hidden agendas, laced with unnecessary awful violence and sex
or just flat out stupid.

Then we have the notion of news…that which makes news news…
and whatever that actually is—and that I don’t care for any of it.

I miss Huntly and Brinkley…I’ve written about them before…and I’m still missing them.

I could care less about award shows such as the Grammy’s, the Oscars, the Tony’s,
the you name its.
Why do I want to see an elitist crowd who is so far out of touch with reality, patting one another
on the back, while they use their public platform to tell the little people why it
is they are so little and why they the elitists, are so indeed so elite…


Today’s quote is by St Boniface—an English Benedictine monk (675-754 AD) who was tasked with
spreading the Gospel into the pagan Germanic tribes while also working to bring reform
to what Christian Churches had previously been established in the land of the barbarian Franks.

Neither task was easy and keeping one’s life was not a guarantee.
As Boniface was eventually massacred as he was preparing to baptize a group of converts.

He was committed to his faith in Jesus Christ.
He knew the significance of leading others to Christ and to sharing the Gospel with those
who had not yet heard or seen or whose hearts had once known but were now hardened.

Boniface bore out the Christian rule: To follow Christ is to follow the way of the cross.
For Boniface, it was not only physical suffering or death, but the painful,
thankless, bewildering task of Church reform.
Missionary glory is often thought of in terms of bringing new persons to Christ.
It seems—but is not—less glorious to heal the household of the faith.

(Franciscan Media)

I imagine that today’s current society is not much different than that of the time of Boniface
in that he was tasked with healing an ailing household of faith during a time of grave
personal peril. The Germanic Chruch, what there was of it, had fallen back into Paganism
along with having fallen into corruption.
Much like the day of St Francis when he was told by Christ on the Cross to “rebuild my house”
And again, not much unlike today.

Seems that not only are Believers meant to share, live and spread the Gospel,
they are also tasked with keeping house…
and when that house falls into ill repair, they are tasked with the repair and
even the rebuilding.

So I actually take heart when I read and see most vividly the wantonness of our day…
everything from the anger, the hatred, the belligerent chatter of the tit for tat and the
global persecution of the faithful…
because from all of this, be it the current “news” feeds or the latest ailments within the Chruch,
all of which is certainly enough to make me feel almost hopeless, and yet I take heart
in the words of St Boniface–
words which resonate with both my heart and soul.

We must not abandon the ship…
but rather we must work diligently to make certain
that we keep her on course…as well as make any needed repairs…

Fight the good fight of faith; take hold of the eternal life to which you were called,
and you made the good confession in the presence of many witnesses.

1 Timothy 6:12

21 comments on “I’m not looking for trouble, honest…

  1. Karen says:

    I so agree with your words, Julie. The movies, what the news wants us to think is important, TV, no I can’t relate to it or those that promote it.

  2. atimetoshare.me says:

    I could go on for hours on all you’ve stated here, but one thing especially struck a chord with me this morning. Trying to lead or captain a sinking ship isn’t easy when you have more than one captain. Without going into detail, we are dealing with this right now. Pray that we can depend on our Master Guide for direction.

    • I had to dash out this morning before really getting a good reread before posting—so I’ve finally gone back in and rewritten the end part…but the jist remains—and so I assume you are being tasked with some “household” maintaince—some of which can indeed be painful and difficult—just remember the course, and all shall be well!!!

      • atimetoshare.me says:

        Being a leader in our little church isn’t as easy as it would seem. It has been run without any kind of real administration for so long that people ha e forgotten what their jobs are. Paul is a fixer and it’s hard to mend a sock with a huge hole in it.

      • Agreed-but as it seems our saintly friend says to stay the course— and y’all know the course- now whether the smaller boat you’re on, which is a part of a larger vessel, might need to be scuttled is a an entirely different matter— what’s the expression- damn the torpedoes

      • atimetoshare.me says:

        Sink or swim I think!

      • Yeah- that too— but look for the life jacket fist before jumping!

      • atimetoshare.me says:


  3. hatrack4 says:

    Good night, David. Good night, Chet.

  4. Fight the good fight faith, give witness. Thank you for doing so… but it seems so many Christians are giving witness to the enemy, the world, and self when our witness is to be of Jesus and the cross. ☹

  5. oneta hayes says:

    Yes, we sometimes have to shake our heads. Line the marbles up right after reading the “news” and other “entertainment.” Love your quote. We are purposed with keeping the ship on course and that has to begin with us (me). The problem is that I want to see a harvest – a harvest that I have to accept by faith that the Captain does oversee his ship. So I’ll major on “me” and help my shipmates as I can. And sometimes we can recover a floundering soul at sea. – I’m at the library reading a bit today. Saw the doc, doing great.) 😀 I love the scripture at the end of your post. So appropriate.

    • thanks Oneta—you’re at the libraray and I just got home and went back in to the post and rewrote part of the ending as I didn’t have the time this morning to proof it thouroughly before dashing out the door—-so after rereading it just now—I had to fix the awkward areas—maybe it makes better sense now….
      or not 🙂

  6. dbp49 says:

    In the face of all that you mention above, I remind myself to take solace in the fact that each and every trouble we see around us everyday, in the news, or on-line, around us on our streets, is but another place where God will one day glorify Himself, in His perfect time. In the meantime, like Oneta pretty much already said, we just have to do the best we can to keep everything moving as smoothly as possible in the power of the Spirit. But I did find a wonderful new tranquility in my life when I quit following that which they (seriously?) call the nightly news.

  7. Amen! Time to step up and be “salt” and “light.” Ready. Set. Go… 😉 Love you, dear Julie! ❤

  8. SLIMJIM says:

    A reminder that trouble has been in the culture surrounding Christians for a long time in history…

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