lest we never forget….

“Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”
Edmund Burke (or George Santayana depending on what sources you read)

(image courtesory the Buffalo News)

I’m pretty much a creature of habit—and I suppose I’ve turned my husband into one as well…
That being for either good or bad…well…the jury is still out on that.

Yet for the majority of our marriage,
we have been pretty much ritualistic in our daily routines.

When I was teaching, I almost always beat my husband home from work.
That was if I wasn’t having to taxi our son someplace following school or stay at meetings
longer than expected.

Once home, hot tea steeping, I’d usually start supper shortly upon arrival home
and we’d eat not long after my husband got home around 7PM or so…

And this was always just in time for the national news.

We’d flip on the news in the den as we’d be having supper in the kitchen—
If something big had happened in the world, we’d then usually balance plates on our laps
as we’d eat while watching the latest world crisis unfold.

I’m not a huge ‘television in every room’ sort of person but growing up,
my dad, on the other hand, was an all-out electronic junkie…
something about being an engineer I suppose.
So growing up, when smaller televisions hit the market, my dad bought one for our kitchen…
along with one in the den and one for everyone’s bedroom…he was overzealous.

So every night while I was growing up, Huntley and Brinkley joined our evening supper table.

This was during the time of the war in Vietnam, so there was always news of the war and the
ensuing protests here at home…and of course,
there were those other stories of life in Washington and news on the president…

News was always current, crucial and informative…delivered by near emotionless professional
individuals who would occasionally smoke on air, as in everyone smoked back then…
including my mom…but that’s another tale for another day.

This was how we learned all about what was going on in the world,
all from the nightly news—as there were no other news outlets other than the newspapers…
None of this current day 24/7 madness.
No breaking alerts emanating from cell phones or computers because there
weren’t any cell phones or home computers…thank the Lord.

And so I offer this little walk down memory lane because my husband and I have happily
given up watching any sort of network national news.
Something about falsehoods and bias….but I digress.

And so the other evening when my husband got in from work,
while I was still putting the finishing touches to supper,
he flipped on the television and there was some sort of war documentary currently airing…
of which was dealing with the war in the Pacific and how we obviously eventually won that fight.
I suppose this was the last channel that the television had been on the night prior.

We opted to keep it on this channel—that being AHC—American Hero Channel—which I
had assumed was just some sort of history type of channel…
that was until I looked up the full name.
Following the show about the War in the Pacific, there was a series of hour-long segments
regarding the war in Europe–with a focus on Stalin and the relationship he had with Churchill,
FDR and later Truman.

The show featured declassified information that wasn’t known, let alone made public,
until after the fall of Communism.
And might I just say, as I’ve said it before, it’s a wonder any of us are even here…
let alone speaking either German or even Russian.

I spent three hours after having finished the dishes watching 3 back to back segments.
Because I was hooked as it was an excellent and thorough history lesson.

I learned more than what I had already known…and I do consider myself well read
when it comes to World War II.

I say all of this because I am once again keenly reminded of the history of what once
was in this fractious world of ours, and where we, as a global community, were back then
once upon a time, and as to where we currently are now and just how hard it was for us
to actually get from there to here…
and I just don’t think this current world of ours, this postmodern, post-Christian
world…gets it.

History, especially that of our Western Civilization history,
is a subject most students will roll their eyes over.
It is also a history that is frighteningly being altered and neutered due to
the current society’s obsession with triggers, homosexual and transgender frenzies,
a fanatically growing feminism, and its distaste for a Nation’s past growing pains
along with the struggles the Nation faces while attempting to find pride in the knowledge
of who that Nation once was.

I worry that our youth will soon forget or cease caring about what was, concentrating instead
on what is or what will be as they have deemed what was as  simply being bad…

And so in reading the story of Edith Fox, I am reminded that I am not alone in wanting
the story of what was, to never be forgotten.

Yet Edith’s story is a horrific story…a story one might imagine anyone who experienced it
would want to forget…
Yet Edith knows that as horrible as her story was, remaining silent and forgetting it would be
even worse…

Edith’s tattooed number on her now 90-year-old arm has long faded, but the memory of her life
spent in Auschwitz is still as startlingly clear as it was when she was taken prisoner
as a young teen.

Please click on the link for her story, as she does not want either you or me to ever forget.


For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction,
that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.

Romans 15:4

27 comments on “lest we never forget….

  1. My family watched Huntley and Brinkley as well as Cronkite during Vietnam… as we ate dinner. We discussed it. My parents were interested in what my brother and I had to say about the news. How amazing that you were raised in much the same fashion! So many commonalities! By the way, I wish I had seen the series that you write about in this post. Sound phenomenal! Excellent post as always, dear Julie! ❤

  2. hatrack4 says:

    We also are losing touch with the Bible as history. It is not just America, but all of Europe also who are forgetting God and going their own way. My wife still watches the news, but I quit. Bill Bright, the founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, now Cru, once wrote that we become out of balance when we view the media more than the Bible. It causes us to be depressed.

    Yet, regarding history, when I grew up the War between the States was fought over states rights, and a long list of them. The Revolutionary War was fought over religious freedom. Both of those are gone. When you bring them up, you are considered ill-informed or insane. The liberal agenda is slowly rewriting history.

    • That is my fear Mark— all that once was will be undone or altered so much so that it becomes unrecognizable and thus the repetition of what once was, begins again yet seemingly new and foreign— but what those who are attempting to erase and rewrite cannot hide or pretend things away- the truth always has a way of working its way to the surface.

  3. atimetoshare.me says:

    Ugh, I had a whole huge comment to respond to your post and it somehow disappeared. I’ll try to restate what I said before. I recently saw a program on TV talking about the horrific experiments done by Dr. Mengele on twins and others who had unusual hereditary backgrounds. What happened during that period of the history of the world is hard to comprehend, even in today’s society. This woman survived as well and as she told her story, you could hear the fear in her voice even though this happened so long ago. She said at the end, that she wanted to tell about this now so that the world wouldn’t forget that the Holocaust was indeed a reality.

    It’s so disheartening that our schools today have whitewashed history or simply deleted the ugliness from the history books so as not to offend anyone or make it seem less ugly. We must remember. Hiding the past is really a detriment to our future. By doing so, we’re doing a disservice to the survivors, those who fought against the evil and those who gave their lives because of it. How can we possibly change who we are, if we don’t know who we were as a culture?

    History, with all its blemishes and inhumanity, must be remembered in order for us to move forward without making the same mistakes of the past. Somehow that seems to be too uncomfortable for people to accept, so they simply eliminate it.

    We have discovered the American Heroes Channel as well and find more history there than on the History Channel. Thanks for another great history lesson!

    • I almost said that about this channel offering more in the way of history than the history channel— I like oak island and the pickers but don’t see much relevance in the teaching of history, but I digress 🙃
      What Joseph mengle and others did to human beings goes beyond the stuff of horror stories—atrocities that must not be swept aside!!!

  4. Julie, I do so enjoy your writing in both content and presentation. You have a gift that leaves the reader satisfied for having had the privilege of hearing the rare truth that flows from lip and heart. The foreign nature of life itself causes those greater days of simplicity and wonder to know while not desiring such knowledge that the world is changing again, never to the contented association of past memories, but to greater horrors and confusion. May God be with us.
    My new location on WordPress is still in the work stage, but is far enough along to accept visitors. With your permission I will retweet not only to my followers but to a public that could benefit from your wisdom.

  5. Wyldkat says:

    I ran across this today.: https://www.facebook.com/BBCStories/videos/10155834959450659/

    Eva survived the horror of not just one but two concentration camps in Nazi Germany.

    She’s sharing her story for Holocaust Memorial Day, and it’s one we should never forget.

  6. Citizen Tom says:

    I want a limited government. I want to live among a people who understand how the Nazis and the Communists established police states. This isn’t because I fear the insane. The insane have my sympathy, empathy, and pity. Who is entirely sane?

    The Nazis and the Communists were not insane. I don’t fear them because what they did was insane. What I fear is what people will do and then call others insane, weak, evil, or unfit when those others refuse to participate.

    What about the TV news of yesteryear. To some extent I suppose it was objective news. For the most part I think those people were subtly controlled. For an extended period of time the FCC licensed any radio or TV station that used the “public” airwaves. That licensing power provided politicians the ability to make life very difficult for any radio or TV stations that refused to play ball with the ruling party. That is why I think NBC, CBS, and ABC all sounded very much the same.

  7. SLIMJIM says:

    Glad she told her story as not many survivors are with us after so many decades…

  8. Salvageable says:

    Excellent post. One tiny quibble… your opening quote comes from George Santayana, not from Edmund Burke. J.

  9. Accuracy certainly has a place in knowledge but isn’t the purpose of this article the accuracy of information? Something so important to know and remember needs many who can spread the information regardless of who spoke the lines originally. Besides, to repeat a well liked statement is known as the epitome of paying compliment.

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