I’m so over it….

We are citizens of our country, and our duty to society is to witness to the moral law,
which is the prerequisite for peace in our life together.

Raymond Cardinal Burke

Also Pope St John Paul II’s Redemptor Hominis is a sort of profession of faith,
calling to mind again that the Church is the Body of Christ,
the Church belongs to Christ and that we are all obedient in his service.

Raymond Cardinal Burke

(Raymond Cardinal Burke / Getty image)

I confess— I’m about so over all of the news…
the real, the fake, the angry, the salacious…
All the Trump this, Trump that…
Clinton, Obama, Comey, Putin, walls, immigration, lawyers, Twitter, swamps…


I briefly caught one of yesterday’s headlines…
‘Comey says Trump not moral enough to be president….’


I don’t care if you like the guy or not…and by the way, my jury is still out on his reign,
but saying Trump is not moral enough made me laugh out loud…
This when I recalled the infamous “I did not have sexual relations with that woman…”

Was that morality????!!!!

Thanks to every news outlet during those heady days in the Oval office…every kid out there
got a quick lesson on infamous dresses and DNA evidence…

Morality and Washington go together…well, like oil and water…

No emulsion…no cohesion, not even a simple mixing there…plainly bipolar opposites…

So when I recently read a few quotes by Missouri’s Cardinal Burke, I had to delve a bit further
into who this prelate actually was.

And I must say that I conquer with much of what the good Cardinal has to say.

Moral Law—it’s what we in Western Civilization have always worked hard to separate from
our legal laws—
It’s like trying to separate eggs—they ooze and hold together as if they are one in the same…
Of which they are…

Very rarely do they want to separate cleanly.
And if the truth be told, our legal laws were built upon our moral laws.
Think Judeo / Christian Ten Commandments—
Very much one in the same.

Moral law is indeed a prerequisite for lasting peace and it is our duty as Christians to
do our darndest to live it.

Is it easy?


Do we falter?


And when we do, boy do we know it…because everyone and their brother reminds us of
our shortcomings…because everyone gets a pass but the Christians.
Not that getting a free pass is what we should ever receive.
It’s not.

The key, rather, is that we of the Christian fold know that we have a Redeemer who lives.

And we know that when we fall, we are offered a hand up…
It’s that whole notion of go and sin no more…

Not to go out and fall right back into our old habits—but rather it is that the old man
has now been defeated and the new man emerges…

And as the good Cardinal reminds us— it is our task to extend, as well as offer,
that same hand up which is steeped in a moral coded standard of compassion and forgiveness,
offered freely, with no stipulation, to the fallen as we stand as the moral compass
pointing the correct direction in this very troubling world.

With the arrival of abortion, society has experienced an increase in violence.
The murder of the smallest and most defenseless human beings is the root of social violence.
Now, some people say that people with serious illnesses or the elderly are useless.
That is truly horrible. You can see the profoundly selfish,
individualistic logic that is behind this view of a human being and his dignity.

Raymond Cardinal Burke

17 comments on “I’m so over it….

  1. This is so very true. “With the arrival of abortion, society has experienced an increase in violence.
    The murder of the smallest and most defenseless human beings is the root of social violence.”

    Thanks for standing for life. That is most moral issue we face.

    Be blessed. God is with you.

    • Thank you Michael —as the product of adoption, I have a rather keen animosity aganist abortion—as it is indeed the taking of a life and is not a convenient means of “birth control” nor culling the imperfect…

  2. Elihu says:

    It’s a mess to be sure. I had to stop reading the news. More often than not, I am infuriated by the bias of the self-proclaimed unbiased. A trained eye can recognize even the most concealed bias lately. I just pray and ask for the Lord’s mercy.

  3. Sarah says:

    Cardinal Burke is a hero of mine. He is one of the few higher-ups trying to sort out the mess the Church is in. And he’s suffering for it. Here’s a recent article where he’s asked about the possibility of being excommunicated for his defence of the faith:https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/cardinal-burke-discusses-possibility-of-excommunication-by-pope-francis
    I was lucky enough to be able to attend one of his pontifical Masses and missed meeting him by inches.

    • “Suffering with Christian patience means that one remains faithful to Christ in His holy Catholic Church, even if one suffers at the hands of certain leaders in the Church,” explained Cardinal Burke. That Sarah is the mess in a nutshell!
      And it is a mess.
      I too am finding how much I admire the good Cardinal—my kind of prelate—by the word of God…and His word only!! Amen!!!
      thank you for sharing this article—I look forward to investigating more of his words and opnions…

  4. atimetoshare.me says:

    You go girl❤️. Haven’t heard a rant from you in a while. I don’t watch the news anymore unless it’s important- like you will be buried in a foot of snow for a week until more comes. Everything you say is true. I wish there was as an easy fix and only God can dance that.

    • Granted I haven’t had much time to spend “studying” the latest happenings but when I heard that crack about Trump not being moral enough, I thought to myself who in the heck is moral enough in DC… or in any other political spectrum???? That was really rich!!
      as well as insulting—they’re all crackpot idiots! The whole political lot!!!

  5. atimetoshare.me says:

    God can do that too😜

  6. Well said, Julie…

  7. I’m right there with you, dearest Julie! So crazy for the pot to call the kettle black as is so often the case in politics and the media. Sigh. Soooo tired of it all. Love you much! ❤

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