alligators and the capitulation of the church

“We need more public Christians, even though being a Christian in public is
getting tougher, says David Robertson, a Presbyterian pastor from Scotland –
a nation that has “secularised quicker than any other nation in history”

Excerpt from an interview with Eternity Magazine in Sydney, Australia

(Gulf coast alligator courtesy the Gaurdian)

The last time I visited the state of Louisiana was in 1982 for the Sugar Bowl.
My Dawgs were playing Pitt…we won’t talk about the outcome…it was such a long
time ago, I think I’ve forgotten.

However, Sugar Bowls or not, for some reason or another,
I’ve always been partial to Louisiana.
At one point I thought I wanted to attend for LSU for college…but then I wouldn’t have
been at the 1982 Sugar Bowl watching my Bulldogs play those Pitt Panthers.

But we’re still not ready to talk about that game so let’s just move on.

I’ve got cousins who call Monroe as well as Lake Charles home.
My dad took us on a visit when I was in the 7th grade.

Maybe it’s her history.
Maybe it’s her food.
Maybe it’s her beauty…
but I’ve just always been partial to Louisiana.

So maybe that’s why I’ve been known to tune into the History Channel’s Swamp People
show from time to time.
That quasi-reality show about those who make their living hunting alligators.

I mean who sits around at a boardroom table in either New York or LA and ruminate over
creating a show around the livelihood of folks whose families have hunted,
for generations mind you, alligators???

But there is just something about these people that I like.

They are real.

Well— relatively real.

If they were really real, I doubt they’d be doing television…but then you’ve
got to consider that a TV supplement is a nice added bonus to a diminishing payout for
alligator hides and meat.
I’m just saying.

These folks are not what most other folks would call refined, well to do, polished,
overly educated or even poised.

Some would call them backward, backwoods or dare we say, white trash.

And that’s why I like them.

They are what they are… a what you see is what you get sort of individual.
Some have had run-ins with the Law, the IRS, the History Channel…
even run-ins with one another…but in the end, they are what they are…
nothing more and nothing less.

Many of them are of Cajun descent.
There is a heavy French Louisiana accent that often prompts the television folks
to provide subtitles.
Really History Channel???
Maybe because I’m from the South, but I don’t need subtitles…

And so it was on a recent episode that one particular fellow was out hunting for wild hogs
(barefoot of course) when he came upon a couple of lost puppies out in the middle of the
nowhere woods.
Lost in the woods in Louisiana is not for the faint of heart.
There are poisonous snakes, wild hogs, coyotes, and yes alligators…
a place I would not be keen to get lost.

The short of this long tale boiled down to this fellow telling the cameraman that
“that’s why God made puppies, they’re just so cute you’ve got to want to take care of them.”

A gem of wisdom found in the backwoods of Louisiana.

A simple faith from a rather rough-hewn individual.

And so his words made me think.

I thought how great that our God was so loving and so thoughtful that He saw fit
to prewire in us an inward drive to take care of those who are smaller,
younger and more vulnerable.

A role I often think of when I think of the Chruch.
For the Chruch, the collective body of Fatih is there to take care of the fold—
which is us. The Believing faithful.
And as we are akin to sheep in many respects, we tend to be sheep-like,
so we certainly need an earthly shepherd.

Enter the Chruch…our ministers, our pastors, our deacons, our priests…
our Spiritual guiding servants of Christ

They are to lead and guide the fold.
They are to offer God’s word to the lost, the wandering and to the hard of hearing.
They are to teach us, inform us and instruct us in the ways of the Master.

They are to set the standard, the bar, the benchmarks for living a “Godly” life.

And yet it is that very body, The Chruch, which is actually letting us down.

The Church is not standing up for God’s word but rather she is capitulating to the
strong-arm tactics of an ever-changing culture…
a culture who is holding her arm behind her back,
having her to bend down before the gods of all things of culture.
Acceptance of one and all regardless of God’s admonition.

“We were known as ‘the land of the people of the book’, the book being the Bible,”
he says about Scotland. “Even as late as the 1950s, you’d have 1.4 million out of
4.5 million people being members of the Church of Scotland,
as well as Catholics and other groups.”

Today the Church of Scotland’s membership is below 300,000.
Scotland is on a rapid slide downhill, both in church attendance numbers and in
“the quality of churches and the impact on society.
We are throwing overboard our Christian heritage right,
left and center and that will come back to bite us.”

Robertson does not blame secularists as the main cause for the decline in
Christianity in Scotland.
The church itself is “the primary reason” for the decline –
and he’s not just talking about liberal Christians, which, as a conservative,
he might have been expected to target.

He says denominations (church groups) such as his own Free Church of Scotland,
a small Presbyterian denomination, became afraid and inward looking with
a tendency towards legalism.
The Church of Scotland, a liberal denomination is also in freefall,
with fewer than 100,000 worshippers out of a population of 5.5 million.

Click the link to continue reading David’s interview…and then pray for our guiding force,
the bride of Christ, the Chruch…

“Don’t be like us” says a true Scotsman – Interview with Eternity magazine

11 comments on “alligators and the capitulation of the church

  1. hatrack4 says:

    Okay, I do not think you have forgotten who won the game. I was living in North Augusta, SC at the time, so don’t think ill of me living in the Pitt area now.

    One of the Swamp People was T-Roy Broussard (2013-2015). He was a few years behind my wife in school, but she went to the same school and her younger siblings knew him a lot better. From western Port Arthur, TX, but that’s still close to Louisiana.

    I don’t think that I have told you, but my niece went on a mission trip to Scotland (meeting the man that she married), and her host while there was David Robertson. Small world.

    Have I missed something regarding your granddaughter? Last I heard, y’all were awaiting test results before treatment could begin in earnest.

    • The update was lathe last week but they’ve told us just oral meds as the cultures have remained quiet which is a blessing/- I’m going to give a more thorough update tomorrow— she is so much better but still not 100%— and yes it is a very small world— isn’t that the Texan gator hunter they call big foot?? And I don’t know what you mean — forgot what about what game!???? 🤪

  2. Salvageable says:

    When I was in school, “alligators” were the name given those church members who seem determined to spoil the work and even the life of the pastor serving them. I thought you were going that direction when I read your title.
    As for the Church giving in to the world, I recall that Jesus said that his Church is built on a rock and that the gates of hell will not prevail against it. In my lifetime, as European Christianity has dwindled and American Christianity seems to be following the same path, the Church has grown in a spectacular way in Africa. Many parts of Asia that are associated with other religions (Hindu, Buddhist, etc.) are also seeing increased Christian presence.
    What can we do where we are to keep the Church from surrendering to the world? Trust God’s promises. Pray for the Church. Teach our children and grandchildren. Set a good example in their presence. Be faithful sheep and not alligators. J.

    • Amen my friend—-and you are so right about the Church in Africa— and they are a no holds barred group of Believers— none of this monkey business we’ve got going on

      • Salvageable says:

        There are several different brands of monkey business: the liberals who want to edit everything out of the Bible that does not meet with their approval, the schemers using Christianity to enrich themselves, those using the church for politics, those turning the church into entertainment centers… The list goes on. However, there are still solid preachers and solid congregations, places where the Word of God is being taught correctly and where God’s gifts to the Church are being received and celebrated in the right way. If you have not found one in your neck of the woods, I pray that the Lord leads you to one soon. J.

      • Oh I know there are—and I know some excellent servants of God— I’m just sounding a clarion call 😇

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