can you read between the lines or do I need to loan you my glasses?

Others have commented that it was such a powerful message and it should
get people to reading the bible.
Still others that even if it wasn’t spot on we should take the Philippians 1:18
attitude “But what does it matter?
The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true,
Christ is preached.” –
But that is the key question – was Christ preached?
Was the love of Christ preached?

It wasn’t.
David Robertson

(what will be/ Julie Cook/ 2018)

I suppose I should clarify a few things.

I do not describe myself as an evangelical, a charismatic, a reformist, a progressive,
a liberal, a right winger, a holy roller, a Calvinist, a Wesleyan, a Lutheran,
or even a Henry the VIII follower for that matter…although I was raised in his brand of
the church…

Rather simply put, I claim that of being orthodox—-
Meaning that which is “sound or correct in opinion or doctrine,
especially theological or religious doctrine.
Conforming to the Christian faith as represented in the creeds of the early church.”

As in God said it…therefore it is.

It’s quite simple really as there are no mincing of words.
As the mincing of words, God’s word to be exact, is a practice that so many Believers,
as well as nonbelievers alike, deeply enjoy engaging in these days.

It’s a cut and paste sort of mindset.

Meaning we cut out that which we don’t like while pasting in the parts we do like.

We embrace words such as love, inclusive, wide, happy, feel-good, acceptance, united,
renewal and even embrace itself…
all the while rejecting words such as truth, covenant, tenant, consequence, choose,
narrow, difficult, hard, fact…

My orthodoxy is a very far cry from today’s post-Christian, post-modern, anything goes,
feel good ideology that’s currently spreading like wildfire throughout Western Civilization.

And you should know that I’ve tried it my way, the world’s way, other’s way, no way…
but the only way, of which I’ve always learned the hard way, is that in the end,…
it can only be God’s way.

And so when I hear, see and read so much heightened excitement over a sermon delivered
during a wedding that has been passed off as some sort of faith grounded Christian
new age theology, I am perplexed.

In oh so many weeks I have uttered the same words over and over again…words steeped all
within the same and similar vein…
that of false prophets, false doctrine, cultural shifts, culture gods…
as I remind all of us that the Devil’s minions can recite Scripture with the most
sound theologian.

I have long stated that we are at war…

A deep and divisive Spiritual war.

I know that the battles will rage on but the actual war has already been long won…
I know this good news.
This while many of us are left here to continue the good fight.
As well as left to sound the clarion call into battle.

The sheep and goats are being separated.
There is no getting around that fact.

And that is not a gloom and doom prophesy but sound Scriptural fact.
One of those facts our post-Christian society hates to acknowledge.

So when an animated prelate delivers cut and paste words of which our culture
longs to hear is it a wonder we embrace them??
We say “see, he get’s it…”
He uses the right words…words of love, inclusiveness, union, Jesus, acceptance…

But what our itchy ears fail to hear is that the words don’t fit in sequence with one another.

Chunks of mandates are left out.
Entire tenants are ignored.
A whitewashing has taken place of the original facts.
All being passed off as an old Gospel that is actually quite new.

I could hear all of that in his sermon.
Why do so many others not hear?

Gavin Ashenden heard what I heard.
David Robertson heard what I heard.

“I don’t believe that 2 billion people heard the Gospel in this sermon.
The only people who heard the Gospel in it were Christians who already know Gospel.
Instead of rejoicing in the crumbs we get from heretics,
we should be seeking to learn more of Christ ourselves and get out there and tell the world
about the real Jesus – one person at a time!

Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”
David Robertson.

David has offered a reflection for Christian Today, here is a link to his thoughts with only
more to follow…

Bishop Michael Curry’s Sermon – A Distorted Gospel Divides the Church

12 comments on “can you read between the lines or do I need to loan you my glasses?

  1. Reblogged this on Talmidimblogging and commented:
    Excellent post SC!! 🙂

  2. Wally Fry says:

    But he was so very ENGAGING! He mentioned Jesus. I simply don’t see the issue. I mean, he made up his own Jesus seemingly, but that just means he fits with the rest of the ear ticklers right?

    I mean, seriously, where is the love.

    Of course, all of the above was sarcasm in case somebody didn’t get that.

  3. Yes, amen Julie! There’s nothing wrong with the good stuff, but so often we leave off the parts that make us think, that challenge us, that feel uncomfortable.

    I was just speaking to some people of something similar, we’re not happy unless we can leave church crying, happy tears, sad tears, but emotionally impacted in some way. We call it “ravished, ruined, and redeemed,” because it sounds like a romance novel. If He isn’t rocking our whole world, then all we are doing is consuming empty calories.

    So the sermon was like, “the whole world loved it” and yet, the whole world is not going to change one bit,because there is no emotional investment required in “just loving it.”

  4. Tricia says:

    Good post Julie. I didn’t watch the wedding or read up the sermon given. What you’ve described here sounds so predictably typical of our Western culture and the mass hysteria it’s fallen under with being ” Spiritual but not religious.” Funny how that always ends up meaning creating a God whose way of thinking aligns exactly with our selfish desires.

  5. SarahC says:

    of course perhaps at least one person might read and find the truth no matter what they heard, that is always a possibility, i was half asleep when i watched it and not going to re-hear it but i Do get your points here 🙂

  6. Citizen Tom says:

    Since I was curious about the fuss, I went and read Bishop Michael Curry’s Royal Wedding Sermon. It is a speech about the power of love that never defines Christian love. Sort of curious oversight.

    • Tom, probably not tomorrow but Wednesday I’ll have a post including words and observations from both the Wee Flea, Pastor David Roberston as well as Bishop Gavin Ashenden as each has had a few days to refelct…I watched the latest on Anglican Unscripted today and gleaned a great deal from the good bishop’s perspective—there was the glaring lack of need for repentence…the notion of all you need is love and you’re good, is a far cry from what Jesus came to die for…
      a more indepth reflection will follow soon…

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