The push for victory

“Do not be anxious:
go straight on, forgetful of self, letting the spirit of God act instead of your own.”

St. Julie Billiart

(vintage WWII rally flag / Julie Cook / 2018)

This year, back in May for Mother’s day, my daughter-n-law, son,
and new little granddaughter all gave me a most unique and oh so fitting gift.

Those of you who know me, know that such a gift, for me, could be none better.

My daughter-n-law scoured places and sites in search of something that she knew
I’d truly appreciate.
She pondered, compared and searched high and low.

Whereas my poor husband gave up years ago under the weight of the knowing how difficult
I am to buy a gift for, my daughter-law-remains true to the challenge.

This little fact alone is gift enough.

The simple act of exerting the time, thought and study all on my behalf…
the fact that to give a cursory expected gift, that proverbial tie for dad mentality
was and is not to be had—
her efforts have not been lost on my deep sense of appreciation.

But this gift…this gift was special and unexpected.

Anyone who knows me knows of my affinity over, for and with
Sir Winston Spencer Churchill.

I won’t reiterate all of that here as I’ve written a myriad of posts previously
on the man.

Vision, tenacity, and valor, coupled with a hardy dose of vanity and ego,
all aided in what we in Western Civilization enjoy today…
the bashing and abusing of our various democracies.

Had it not been for Churchill, my life and yours would most likely be very
different today.

But enough history for today, back to the gift.

My daughter-n-law found a vintage WWII rally flag located somewhere in the UK
that someone was selling.
It is very obvious that it was homemade as the single stitched black thread silhouette of
Churchill is plainly sown on a piece of now mildewed muslin cloth.
In addition, there is a small sewn sleeve opening on one side for the addition of the
long lost stick.
The flag is out of square and finished quite simply…
It’s not a fancy piece of highly polished embroidery but rather something made in a bit
of haste.

V is for Victory is stitched below the silhouette.

This is the type of flag someone would have used during a morale-boosting parade,
something to wave on the streets had the Prime minister come to inspect damage after a bombing
or even waved following the celebration for Victory in Europe Day on May 8, 1945.

It was a perfect gift.

And now this tiny piece of history proudly graces the wall in my den…
a wall that is more what some might call a shrine.

All in tribute to one man who made a difference for our freedom.

And so with all of this talk of Churchill, I’m reminded that we must always be
prepared to fight the good fight no matter what the cost to self.

And we also must know what it is that is truly worthy and lasting in which to fight for.

And so it is, in his latest offering, that our friend the Wee Flea reminds us of
this same very mindset and of the importance of maintaining a steadfast and focused
clarity in what we are fighting for.

In an observation, that at first glance seems mundane, something that would be
a mere blip on the news, of which the good Pastor actually acknowledges…
this latest puff of smoke rising on the horizon is something that David actually
sees as far more troubling than what most folks would imagine.

I am reminded of the years that Churchill rang the clarion bell to the rising concern
of what was taking place in Germany in the early 1930’s yet no one wanted to hear
or acknowledge what he had to say.
Instead, they ignored him or simply thought him daft…
he had been out of public service for nearly 10 years and here he was still trying to
make waves.

There is a small story happening in the Scottish region of Dumfries and Galloway
which tells us a great deal about what is happening in the UK today

At first glance it just appears like a minor spat that is hardly newsworthy at all.
But the story and how it is reported is revealing of the current state of the culture
and the church in the UK.

The basic facts are that Gideon Bibles were due to be placed in every room in
the new state of the art Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary.
But one person complained that this was giving Christianity preferential treatment
and therefore should be stopped.
The NHS board agreed and so the Bibles will not be placed –
although patients are free to request them if they wish.

So what does this tell us?

Atheist secularists are able to impose their views on the whole of society because those
who are the decision makers in our culture lack both reason and courage.

In what possible world can it do any harm merely to have a bible placed in a room?

It is not reasonable to claim that it gives one religion an advantage.
The vast majority in that area of Scotland profess some kind of Christianity or
are non-religious.
It is offensive to other religions to imply that they would be offended at bibles
being made available.

When I am in a Muslim country I am not offended at the Koran being available.
When I fly Malaysian airways I don’t get upset when the TV unit tells me where Mecca is
so that I can face the right direction when I pray.

It’s called tolerance.

The trouble is that our militant secularists have no concept of tolerance and cannot
conceive of a world in which their every diktak is not followed.
They use the excuse of multi-faith to ban any expression of faith
(and especially Christian faith) in the public sphere

And ‘civic society’ permits this pettiness.

The article continues and you may read the full article by clicking on the link
I provide below, but David closes out the article leaving us, his reader,
with more of a warning than a closing…

“The hospital bible ban demonstrates that we are well on our way to becoming
a Godless culture,
policed by militant secularists and opposed by a gutless Christianity.
It’s sad that those lying in hospital sick and fearful,
won’t be able to read about the great healer,
the one who calls all to come to him and receive rest.
The words of Christ as he wept over Jerusalem are surely apposite for the UK today.
We share in his tears.

And in a final aside at the end of the article,
David notes that this blog posting was actually an article he had written for
Christian Today…a publication in which he’s been writing twice-weekly article for
now going on over a year…yet suddenly the magazine had informed him that due to
financial restraints, they are no longer going to be able to continue needing his
services nor will be publishing his column…

An odd happening that…

“As he approached Jerusalem and saw the city, he wept over it and said,
“If you, even you, had only known on this day what would bring you peace—
but now it is hidden from your eyes.”

(Luke 19:41-42)

Banning the Bible in the NHS

19 comments on “The push for victory

  1. hatrack4 says:

    In talking to atheists, they feel that if they can silence Christians, they can eradicate Christianity. They fear and hate what they ‘do not believe in’. I mentioned to one that we live in a post-Christian society. He said that I was wrong, because I still lived. Yet, he doesn’t think that he hates me.

    • I know— the logic in the thinking is so utterly skewed

    • Arkenaten says:

      I would be careful that you don’t lose focus, over this supposed post Christian society you are going on about, playing the hard done by persecution card, because most reasonable atheists are, in the main, quite all right that you believe what you want to believe. I really don’t care at all, just don’t expect privilege – and don’t indoctrinate children.

      Your real concern, is not atheists or secular humanists eroding your cultural values but those would wish to establish a theocratic state.
      Do you need for someone to draw you a picture …. in crayon?

      Think Sharia Law.
      So far you have probably not experienced anything of this nature, but if this becomes a serious issue then believe me , the atheist will be one of your best buddies!

      And for the record, the bibles that were delivered are still available at the hospital and if you happen to be at therel being treated just ask nicely and they’ll bring you a damn bible!

  2. says:

    Your daughter in law knows you well.

  3. Wally Fry says:

    Mark nailed it, for sure.

  4. Arkenaten says:

    The bible was NOT banned. They are simply not placed by every bedside.
    Neither is any other religious book, be it the Koran, the Vedas or even the Catholic bible for that matter.
    The hospital ordered several hundred Gideon bibles and they are available on request.

    The parts of the post relating to the bible issue and the highlighted link are somewhat misleading,
    I would have thought you were above this sort of thing, Julie.

  5. David says:

    What a marvellous gift. Sounds as if you have a very special daughter-in-law there Julie. I read about the Gideon Bibles. Sad. The Gideons still give out New Testaments in schools in our area. I wonder how long that will survive. Somewhere I have the one I received when I started secondary school back in 1968!

    • She has been a marvelous gift to us and addition to our family David. Have you ever run across those flags?
      I’m back in Atlanta helping out. Abby had a workshop for the new school she’ll be teaching at in the fall so I’m here —I’ll be back next week a day or two as well — A few of the private schools here give bibles upon graduation but something like that has been long since banned in our public schools.

      • David says:

        I have never seen one of those flags before Julie. More grandma days! Marilyn is still spending a day a week in Cardiff. We’re off to Guernsey later this month. Can’t wait!

      • Didn’t know if you may have seen one in an antique shop…
        we’re taking them to the beach at the end of July but now don’t know if brenton will be able to come due to work nor do we think they’ll let hum on the Sunday if Autumn’s christening

      • David says:

        That would be a shame for Brenton.

      • He’s asked 3 times— since he’s the new guy, it’s been a no each time— I’m praying for an intervention. His hours in this current position and division are awful— but we know it’s not to be permanent

      • David says:

        I think hours are awful everywhere these days, as is the way that employees are treated. Still, as long as those at the top get their massive salaries and bonuses …. One day they may wake up and realise that their people truly are their greatest resource.

      • Agreed and I won’t speak of the reverse discrimination that now not allowed to be expressed by that opposing side

  6. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift!! Love it! ❤ ❤

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