the common sense of the obvious

“A moderately bad man knows he is not very good:
a thoroughly bad man thinks he is alright.
This is common sense really.
You understand sleep when you are awake, not well you are sleeping.”

C.S. Lewis

(Percy assumes the throne is his…it is not / Julie Cook / 2018)

No, Percy’s name is not Autumn and no that is not Percy’s chair,
it is Autumn’s chair.

Yet Percy thinks that what is Autumn’s is actually and naturally his…
because he was the first baby here in this house and therefore anything that is
for a baby is his by proxy.

In Percy’s brain, that all makes sense.

So the stroller is his…

That’s him underneath.
He prefers to be up top but at the time it was unfortunately occupied.

Autumn’s finnbin is his.
(That Scandinavian baby box I ordered so Autumn can snooze comfortably after her
workout on her play mat…of which is also Percy’s…as in his playmat.

When I’m busy folding clothes on the bed and Autumn is busy snoozing, Percy snoozes too.

So I really don’t understand why Gregory got so upset the other day when one of his very
expensive hearing aids disappeared and he naturally assumed Percy took it.

Years ago, poor Gregory was involved in a hunting accident and is now totally deaf in one
ear with considerable hearing loss in the other ear.

He gave into hearing aids about 8 years ago and has fussed and cussed them ever since.

They don’t work, despite costing a small fortune.

He’s lost one in the ocean.
He’s lost one someplace else that we can’t remember, otherwise it might not be lost.

Replacing them is a pain and another small fortune.

And so obviously, if Percy sees them say sitting on, say the counter, or by Gregory’s chair or
on the shelf by the shower when Gregory forgot that they were still in his ear when he got
in the shower and had to quickly get them to a dry spot…
Percy just assumes that Gregory has laid them out for him to happily take.

If you are not familiar with hearing aids…they are these tiny, yet expensive little
contraptions you shove into your ears.
They have tiny little batteries and tiny volume controls and they work by amplifying sound.

Unfortunately, Gregory claims they amplify the wrong sounds.

If you’re in a crowded restaurant, they amplify the noisy background chatter rather
than the true target, that being the person sitting across from or next to you…
as in me with whom he’s trying to communicate.

The waiter asks “Sir, how would you like your steak cooked?”

“I’ll have blue cheese thank you.”

With me then having to interject
“he’d like it medium and the blue cheese goes on the salad…”
this as he looks at me as though something happened but he’s just not sure what.

And whereas it can be quite comical and funny…
In actuality, it is very frustrating and equally maddening.

And can, more times than not, make his life just darn miserable.

Anyone who wears hearing aids will certainly testify to such frustration.

As can anyone living with said folks who suffer from hearing loss…
There is simply an awful lot of repeating, yelling, screaming, exasperation
and hands simply being thrown up in the air.





It’s a vicious cycle

So I think the real reason as to why Gregory gets so upset when the hearing aids go missing
is not so much because they work, but rather because they cost a small fortune.

And here is where our real story continues…

The other evening Gregory went to take a shower and took out the hearing aids,
placing them on the counter in the bathroom.

One of them mysteriously disappeared.

I say mysteriously because two were there, and then two were not.

It wasn’t until after his shower that he’d come back to the den to watch TV that
he remembered he needed to go back to get his hearing aids.

If he doesn’t put them in while watching TV, the television is turned up so loudly,
I have to leave the room.

Suddenly I heard my name being called in a not so pleasant manner.

I race to the back making certain everything was okay.

“Julie, I can’t find but one of the hearing aids.”
“Percy got it.”

“How do you know Percy got it?”

“Who else would have gotten it?”

“Maybe you didn’t have both of them with you when you took a shower and the other
one is by your chair or still in your pant’s pocket.”

“I already checked the pants and I remember plain as day putting them here on the counter…
plus I remember seeing “him” in here.”

I did not like the way he had said “him” and I wasn’t too keen on how this was going.

I will admit that there have been a few occasions that Percy may have actually taken one
of the hearing aids, thinking of it as some small squeaking creature. And he may have
actually played with it as he would, say, a small creature…
Batting it wildly across the floor and tossing it up in the air as if it was a poor living
creature to be toyed with before a slow torturous death.

I know this because I must confess, I’ve caught him doing such.
My fear being he’d somehow get the battery out and swallow it.

So imagine my then having to fuss when Gregory obviously and carelessly forgets to
securely put away the hearing aids when he takes them out. This in turn potentially allows
for Percy to potentially get a hold of the hearing aids which potentially lead to his swallowing
a battery and potentially having to have some sort of emergency surgery.

Talk about a small fortune.

Plus as his mother, I have to defend this baby.

And so I spent about an hour that night scouring the house looking for said hearing aid.
All the while Gregory kept looking angerly at Percy,
demanding Percy tell him what he had done with the hearing aid.
All the while poor Percy was simply looking innocent as a lamb.

I crawled on the floor, looking eye level across the rugs, peering underneath the couch,
the chairs, the tables.

I didn’t remember the house looking, so, well, dusty and dirty…hummmmmm.

Finally, I gave up for the night because I knew tomorrow was another day.

So…for four long hours the following morning, I looked high and low.

I vacuumed the entire house, I dusted, I swiffered and I carefully looked, while on all fours,
investigating every inch of the house.

I opened closet doors.
I looked under cushions.
I flipped over every pair of shoes.
I debated calling the vets telling them I needed to x-ray Percy’s stomach…
and I even considered the unthinkable…sifting through the litter box.

I called Gregory who was at work, only halfway hearing.

“Gregory, I can’t find it anywhere…”

There were a few choice words I can’t repeat.

So I did what I always do in a crisis.
I prayed.

I prayed earnestly to God…explaining that I knew He knew how expensive the stupid
little things were and that I really needed to find it.

I decided to check under the couch in the living room one more time,
despite having already looked, dusted and vacuumed there twice this
particular day and once the night before.

With flashlight in hand, I got back down on my hands and knees, bent way down
almost on my head, lifted up the kick pleat and shined the flashlight into the far recesses
when low and behold…there it was.
Despite my having already looked three times total under that couch.

Ecstatic, I called Gregory and explained my answered prayer.

His reply was “Good, and when I get home, Percy will be tried in a court of law, my court.
He will be tried to the full extent of the law, my law.
He will be tried and found naturally guilty and punished…better yet, banished.”

Donning my best defense attorney hat, I proceeded to explain that since no one had actually
seen Percy take the hearing aid…let alone seen him take it to his favorite hiding spot
under the couch…the same hiding spot he goes to when, say a “stranger” comes in the house,
and he is afraid…or the same hiding place that his favorite toys often rest.
There is simply no clear-cut obvious explanation…only mere conjecture.

It is therefore only presumption that he is guilty as there was really just no way
to prove that Percy took it as there were no witnesses.
Peaches, the other cat…did not count.

I even threw in the fact that had
Gregory taken better care, putting the hearing aids in their case, it never would have
disappeared in the first place.

I was beginning to walk on thin ice.

But in the end, it’s all really pretty darn obvious is it not?

Who else would have, could have, taken it??
Especially given Percy’s proclivity and track record demonstrating his lack of restraint with
hearing aids, there is a pattern to his madness.

Yet I was simply running with it…to the far reaches of the absurd.

And thus my far out over-reaching is no more absurd then what you and I are hit with on a
daily basis flowing from our progressively insane society.
A society that is happily playing fast and loose with all things truth, common sense and
downright obvious.

I was running with it just like our own politicians, our legal eagle justice system
and even now our entertainers are running off with the obvious as they thrive to live to
shuffle and distort, to rile and defile.

They twist and turn the obvious and the truth around in such a way that they first convince
themselves while wielding their charms to twist the obvious into the oblivious for
everyone else.

And should you or I dare to question or think otherwise…questioning their form of the
“truth” …then you will be punished or even better yet, exiled…
much like Gregory decided to do with Percy…banished.

And I for one have grown weary of it all.

So this little tale about a cat and his hearing aid fetish serves not merely to
entertain us but rather to remind us…reminding us of the absurdity of that which
is currently circulating around us.

It reminds us of the lack of common sense and the twisting of the blatantly obvious
as the culture gods have taken the ultimate Truth and created the absurd.

Because remember, there’s no better way to ellude the average citizen than to
confuse him or her…so that way, no one really cares as to what is really what.

Now how did that stuffed mouse get in my shoe…?

The sins of some are obvious, reaching the place of judgment ahead of them;
the sins of others trail behind them.
In the same way, good deeds are obvious,
and even those that are not obvious cannot remain hidden forever.

1 Timothy 5:24-24

25 comments on “the common sense of the obvious

  1. David says:

    Now that tale made me chuckle Julie. We don’t have a cat but our eldest son used to hide things in shoes, and our dog when he was alive used to move shoes but not chew them. Like Gregory Marilyn has hearing aids, although hers are provided free through our National Health Service. Conversations can be difficult last thing at night and first thing in the morning (pre-shower) so I sympathise! But Percy does sound guilty as charged.

    • again David…mere presumption 🙂
      HA…but how could you look into those eyes and see nothing but innocence 🙂
      And be glad they are provided—the last pair was either 6 or 8 grand…and they are not covered under the healthcare medicare…

      • David says:

        That is expensive hearing! Another reason for us to be grateful for our NHS here in the UK. I’ve had to visit the doctor twice in the last week, for which there is no charge – 3 prescriptions all free (for under 18s and over 60s).

      • That’s one major reason it would be nice to move— but then there is all the other messes which probably outweigh a move— when he reached 65 he had to automatically enroll in Medicare —,it’s called Medicaid for those who can’t afford to pay for the other—under that some things are greatly reduced vs what I still have to pay— but it is picky choosy—there is a medication I’ve taken for years— it’s an older drug and was only $15 a month— well because it is older the drug company does not want to do what they’re suppose to do to renew its patent so they’ve simply upped the cost to now $130 a month— its a no win with this medical system of ours —as a teacher we always had pretty good insurance so I always said I didn’t work for a paycheck as teachers aren’t paid like other professions but rather I worked for my insurance— well sadly— that is no longer the case

      • David says:

        I struggle to understand the US system Julie. We do pay for ours via our taxes and national insurance but at least we don’t have to worry about treatment (waiting lists for operations perhaps) but the NHS has never let our family down yet.

      • You are lucky David— and don’t feel badly— we don’t understand it either- as you’d think our taxes would do more than pay for stupid things- pork barrel projects— more of the absurd and lack of common sense of which I elude 😑

  2. says:

    Your story made me LOL this morning. Little Autumn will soon kick Percy off the throne and take over. I just hope she doesn’t get caught with one of Gregory’s hearing aids. As you know, this is one of my thorns in the ear. I too can’t communicate well anymore because of not being able to hear. So I’m thinking it might be a good idea to just cut myself off from all the noise of the world.

    When I do happen to hear one of the news stories that touches my female side – like the separating families – it really upsets me – and obviously many other Americans. However, the story about illegal immigrants being separated from their children while they are being detained, has been turned into a mockery of our legal system.

    Our president is following a law which was written several years ago. This is nothing new contrived by our sitting president. The way to change it is simple, but we have a political system that would rather use a touchy situation like this to emasculate our Commander in Chief. For one thing, those entering our country without going through the channels, are criminals. It makes me wonder why their parents would put their lives in jeopardy in this way. It also makes me wonder why we would allow criminals into our country. It seems to me that this is just another ploy to get the people up in arms about Mr. Trump.

    I believe Mr. Trump is acting as a president should. He is following the law. We have to stop turning these issues into political fodder for all those who want him out of office.

    • I thought you’d get a kick out of that tale! 😂
      And yes this family business is a mess— but illegal is just that and when you defy laws, there are consequences— I hate the heartache but parents have taken tremendous gambles and risks for themselves and their families and in all of that lies potential consequences— that sounds callous and harsh but when we make the conscious decision to do something risky, we live with the risk— and yes Trump is merely carrying out laws that Obama had in place— no one bothered to “fix” this and now Trump, who is simply doing his job, is if course the bad guy — where was the outrage with Obama? Or even Bush? None of this is new but rather it happens to be coming to a head because a president is following the law.

      • says:

        They’re intent on ruining this guy. I pray for God to work through Mr Trump to get our country back on track again. He seems to be following through on all his promises.

      • I totally agree— he’s doing what he said which is a far cry from his predecessors

  3. oneta hayes says:

    ‘Twould be nice if our citizenry would scour for truth. Maybe it would be found. “If you seek me with all your heart…” I guess it just hasn’t cost enough yet. More’s the pity. – Pictures of Percy and Autumn are adorable.

  4. Lynda says:

    I had a cat named Percy once! Gotta love cats and their independent attitude. My daughter’s cat would guard the baby when I would go over. He would follow me whenever I picked her up and took her upstairs to change her and wouldn’t take his eyes off of me. The Yellow Lab, on the other hand, would just lie around. They would always make me chuckle.

  5. Tricia says:

    Percy is too cute and SO very catish in taking over the baby spots. 🙂

  6. RobbyeFaye says:

    I am struggling with a husband that lost some hearing while in the military. He refused to have his ears checked when he got out (he didn’t believe me when I said he couldn’t hear as well as before). So, fast forward a few years, and it is now at the critical stage, and he still insists he hears fine! UGH.

    Great post!

    I’m sure Percy appreciates your protection more than you’ll ever know (him, too!).

    Autumn is growing! She’s so cute!!


    • All I can say is good luck— I’m in Atlanta helping out— autumn’s dedication is Sunday and they’re having a reception at the house so I’m here and Gregory is home— with the cats— he called me this morning telling me he can’t one of the hearing aids … again—- he’s on his own with this one! 😗

  7. Oh, my… well, I’m allergic to cats, and so I would have probably concluded with Gregory that it was Percy’s fault. Sorry 😦 If it is any comfort, though, I think you would have made a dynamo lawyer! 🙂 ❤ ❤

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