when berries ferment, the squirrels, along with everything else, get brazen…

In this world of ours, every believer must be a spark of light,
a center of love, a vivifying ferment for the mass;
and it will be that all the more as, in the depths of his being,
he lives in communion with God.

Pope John XXIII

(Julie Cook / 2018)

This is what happens when both time and berry picking get out of hand…
One of the two starts to ferment…and everything seems to simply…
well, go to hell in a handbasket from there…

And it’s all because the alcohol starts flowing…

Frist the squirrels become brazen…

They stealthily emerge from the security of the woods and boldly skirt across the
large, very open, expanse of yard.

“Hawks be damned” is their day’s battle cry…as they raise their tiny glasses…
all because the bubbly is starting to flow…

Yet the mockingbird, king bird of the yard, is none too keen to share
his private stash of hooch…

Notice very carefully in the lower left of the bush and you’ll see the hidden usurper.
The culprit in which the mockingbird is loudly raising havoc over.

Too bad I didn’t video this melee allowing you to both hear and see the ruckus and the clamoring
taking place between the squawking bird and the barking squirrel…
one protecting while the other usurping…

Now throw in both cats who are merely, and might I add intensely curious, bystanders…
wondering why they have been excluded from this soiree.

But wait…
Is that a rabbit now making tracks across the wide open and dangerous field??
And is his tiny glass empty as well…

Too much of a good thing is really never a good thing…

21 comments on “when berries ferment, the squirrels, along with everything else, get brazen…

  1. atimetoshare.me says:

    I love this. I can imagine all of them bellying up to the bar for their fair share. When you get something for nothing, you usually wind up paying for it in the long run. Great way to start my Saturday!

  2. Lynda Clayton says:

    Lovely post! You have the great privilege of seeing many of God’s creatures where you live. I had a raccoon behind my BBQ the other day but he frightened the life out of me when he jumped out. Once in a while the bunnies visit as well. Perhaps I had better serve some hooch!

  3. ColorStorm says:

    You know what J? When I see a rabbit, I am confident that he is a rabbit, and confident that he/she will never be a turtle or a mockingbird. A kind of finality, which allows us to appreciate all the differences, as they are.

    Love them little rabbits. What a Creator!

  4. hatrack4 says:

    I love your drunken animal stories.

    As for brazen squirrels, my mother’s mother, MawMaw, lived for about 20 years after her husband passed away. They had an old house in town with a huge 200+ year old oak in the backyard and a pecan tree on the side of the house. The pecan produced a lot of nuts. In her 70s, she could not bend over to pick up the pecans, so she bought the odd picking devices. You may have one – a stick with a tiny bucket that has wires at the bottom. You press the wires over a pecan and it plops up into the bucket. When the tiny bucket would get full, she’d dump it into a large wash bucket. She had picked two large wash buckets full and she was taking the pecans back to the house, passing under the huge oak along the way. Suddenly, a squirrel bounced off her shoulder, hit the side of the bucket and fell on the ground. The squirrel had jumped from a height of at least 50 feet. It lay on the ground, stunned. MawMaw said, “If you want pecans that bad, take the whole bucket!” MawMaw then proceeded to pour an entire bucket of pecans onto the squirrel’s head.

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  6. SarahC says:

    wow, just wow, poor things with all that intoxicating goodness, I love picking berries but my friend lives too far away now ………….blueberry farm

  7. Citizen Tom says:

    So Cookie, you are bragging about contributing to the delinquency of multiple animals? You better be careful. Someone will be calling the SPCA.

    • After yesterday, that’s all I need 😜

    • and a small PS…I’ve gotten several new tit’s for tat’s today from the buddist, addressed to you–I sent them to trash.
      If you’d like them I can put them back…but it’s a going nowhere fast sort of babble.

      • Citizen Tom says:

        Thank you for the offer, but it is your blog. You set the rules. If you think the Buddist’s content is appropriate for your blog, you should post it. Otherwise, please don’t.

        To let commenters know my policy up front, I posted this => https://citizentom.com./blogging-code-of-conduct/. Since I mix politics and religion, and I talk little about myself personally, I am prepared let commenters say what they think for the most part. I try to promote intelligent debate, but people do not always think before they write.

        I doubt you are trying to promote debate to the extent I am. Since you are more inclined to discuss your personal life, I also doubt you are willing to put up with commenters who insult you personally. Generally, I don’t see quite the same kind of crowd at your blog that I find at either mine or ColorStorm’s. I think you strive for more decorum. Me? Well, I think that is the first time I have ever used the word “decorum” while blogging.

      • Tom you just made me laugh out loud…decorum…
        Yes, this long time oh so southern teacher perfers decorum…with an added dose of civility.
        The buddist was not as crass as the conehead / stonehead but the ping ponging back and forth was just non productive and never was to be.
        Plus I’m just not as hard core tell um like it is as say CS, Wally or even IB…I still believe in being mannerly…not that those fellow blog family member are not…they are just a bit more hardened than I tend to be.
        Not that I can’t hold my own…I just don’t care to get really “down and dirty” as I try so hard to be kind.
        Banning anyone was never to be my intent as I have always felt that my post and dialogue was to be a witness…but some folks are just hard headed and they tend to dissolve into nastiness…I don’t care to do nastiness…I taught high school too long…I’m done with nastiness 🙂
        Just know that I always greatly appreciate your input, comments, insights and wisdom.
        The coneheaded stonehead did like todays post, which is a fluke as he’s never come around just to “like” something so go figure.

        It is just frustrating that true dialogue does not exist…it now seems to be that of a hidden agenda of darkness and undermining…
        I don’t approach others in that manner and I have always expected other to do the same…except for my highschoolser…but hence is their age…these others are old enough to know better.
        Just know that I greatly appreicate you Tom—your teachings and your friendship…

      • Citizen Tom says:

        @Julie (aka Cookie)

        Thank you. Very much enjoy your blog and your kind words.

        Matthew 7:6 suggests kindness is wasted on some people. CS, Wally, and I don’t waste much kindness on some people. We don’t ridicule them personally, but each of us in our way points out the foolishness of their disbelief. IB and you do the same, but more gently.

        We don’t expect ladies to be as rough as men. Given the instincts aroused by motherhood, there is probably a good reason for that. It is not a good idea to make a woman angry, especially if she is protecting someone or something.

      • No, I’d put IB with y’all— she reminds me of the honey badger— “honey badger don’t play” 😎

  8. Oh, what a feast! And what wonderful abundance in your backyard.

  9. I needed a huge smile today! Thank you, dear Julie! ❤ ❤

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