Law of the Spirit

“If you have allowed the tablets of your soul to be carved and written
over with various opinions and impressions, without ever wisely and carefully
discerning who the writer was and what he was writing about,
then sponge away things written by false teachers–
purify your soul through repentance and rejection of all that is contrary to God.
Let the only writer on these tablets be the finger of God.
Prepare your mind and heart for this writer with purity, piety and a chaste life.
Then, through your prayers and your reading, the tablets of your soul
will be–inconspicuously and mystically–
inscribed with the law of the Spirit.”

St. Ignaty Brianchaninov

(eveing sky / Julie Cook / 2018)

“Next thing is, have faith (Gal. 3: 2).
We receive Him by faith as we receive the Lord in salvation by faith.
He comes as a gift of God to us in power.
First He comes in some degree and measure when we are converted,
otherwise, we couldn’t be converted.
Without Him, we couldn’t be born again, because we are born of the Spirit.
But I am talking about something different now, an advance over that.
I am talking about His coming and possessing the full”

A.W. Tozer,
How to Be Filled with the Holy Spirit

9 comments on “Law of the Spirit

  1. Lynda Clayton says:

    I was intrigued by the quote from St. Ignatius Brianchaninov so I checked him out. His vocation was present in his heart as a little child and no matter what else he studied, he was dissatisfied until he left the aristocratic life into which he was born and entered monastic life. One line that really speaks to me is: “Let the only writer on these tablets be the finger of God.” Thanks for introducing us to this Russian Orthodox St. Ignatius.

  2. Tricia says:

    Just beautiful Julie, thank you!

  3. Praise Him that from our creation through our redemption ~ justification and sanctification, all is His spiritual, divine working, bearing His fruit. HIs power is even more evident in those who face the ordinary trials and temptations of this life; finding time even with a family and work to be with Him for His Word to be written in our hearts and minds. Blessings for your week, Julie.

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