Standards…all kinds of standards– all equally powerful.

“When depravity and immorality appear more prevalent in society,
one of the main causes can be traced to silent or inactive Christians”

David Fiorazo

(The Queen’s Royal Standard flying over Windosr Castle courtesy the web)

The Royal Standard, otherwise known as the Royal flag, is flown only when the Queen of
England and that of the British Commonwealth is physically in a particular residence—
The flag is her very visible calling card.

According to Wikipedia,
“the Royal Standard of the United Kingdom is flown when the Queen
is in residence in one of the royal palaces and on her car, ship or aeroplane.
It may be flown on any building, official or private, during a visit by the Queen,
if the owner or proprietor so requests.
It famously replaces the Union Flag over the Palace of Westminster when the Queen visits
during the State Opening of Parliament.
The Royal Standard was flown aboard the royal yacht when it was in service and the
Queen was on board.
The only church that may fly a Royal Standard, even without the presence of the Sovereign,
is Westminster Abbey, a Royal Peculiar”

So whether the Queen is in Scotland at Balmoral, in London at Buckingham Palace,
in Berkshire at Windsor Castle or simply riding in her limousine–etc…
a flag bearing the royal colors and emblems denoting the House of Windsor
is flown allowing all who see the flag to know that the Queen is indeed present.

It’s how a tourist visiting London, wishing to see the changing of the Gaurd,
knows whether or not the Queen is at “home.”
However, it matters not to said tourist whether the Queen is home or not…
as chances are the Queen won’t be receiving visitors…
yet the flag remains… a powerful symbol of a powerful yet diminutive woman.

Yet the flag actually represents much more than a 92-year-old monarch…
despite her reign being the longest in British history…surpassing even that of her
great great grandmother Victoria, the British Standard is so very much more than simply
the Queen.

Flags, and or standards, are powerful symbols representing powerful ideals.
Think of battlefields…be they ancient or current…as long as troops have marched, rode
or even flown into the face of conflict, a flag has most always been leading the charge.

(Lady Liberty leading the People by Eugene Delacroix 1830 from the July Revolution /The Louvre)

Think of every coffin of any US serviceman or woman that is brought home from a foreign field
of battle—that casket is covered in the American flag.
It is a tremendously powerful and very moving image.

(a 2009 image of Amercian servicemen returning home after offering the ultimate sacrifice)

And so when our favorite rouge bishop, Bishop Gavin Ashenden wrote his day’s post regarding
the soon to be flying of a certain flag high over the tower of Ely Cathedral,
a powerful and most dangerous message is to be sent…
A message that has our friend sounding a grave warning to not only Christians but more
importantly to the Chruch herself.

I’ve actually cut the entire post and added it as simply listing the link does not
do enough to help echo Bishop Ashenden’s alarm.

For you see, I’m slowly making my way into the book The Cost of Our Silence by David
Fiorazo. And this post and this alarm being offered to us by Bishop Ashenden is
exactly what David Fiorazo is talking about.

Will we as Christians simply fade into the woodwork pretending this has nothing to do with
us, or will be willing to speak up and out?

My prayer is that we will find the courage to speak

Ely cathedral has promised to fly the gay rainbow flag this weekend.

Mark Bonney, the Dean of Ely explained.

“This weekend we will be proudly flying the rainbow flag in support of the first ever
‘Pride in Ely’ event.

I am very pleased that Chapter agreed to my request to fly the ‘Pride’ flag from the
Cathedral tower on 11 August when Pride in Ely holds its first festival.
I am pleased first of all to lend my backing to this community event because it
celebrates the breadth and diversity of the community in which we all live.
I am also very conscious that Christians have not always been perceived as being as
supportive and inclusive as some of us would wish, and so I am pleased to fly this
flag as a sign of the kind of inclusion that I wish to promote at the Cathedral”

The Dean of Ely has adopted the secular values of a culture that has set its face against
Christianity, and is waging a war against Judaeo-Christian culture.

Sexual ethics have always been at the heart of the Christian’s struggle with sin,
the world and the devil. But it seems the Dean of Ely is not overly concerned with either
sin, or the distinction between the Church and the world, or the struggle with evil.

But then more and more cathedrals see themselves as civic centres of spirituality,
wanting to embrace the secular.

Jesus warned that you could not more serve God and mammon than you could submit to
the temptations of the devil and still work for the Kingdom of Heaven.

In the case of Ely, the Dean is choosing the Leftist values of so-called
‘breadth and diversity’ (values found nowhere in the Christian Gospels) and wants to make
reparation for the fact that Christians have been insufficiently supportive of
non-monogamous and heterosexual sexual adventure
(code word ‘inclusivity’- another term found nowhere in the teaching of Jesus.)

In brief, why is this an act of apostasy and worse?

The flying of a gay pride flag above a cathedral is more than a
contradiction, it constitutes a blasphemy.

Distorted sexual identity and practice is diagnosed by St Paul as a symptom of idolatry
(in Romans 1).

He warns that the more a society turns its back on the living God,
the more people experience dis-ease and disintegration.
This expresses itself partially in a confusion of sexual identity and equally by an
absence of continence. By contrast, the Judaeo-Christian tradition is a journey into
a deeper sexual and psychological purity, set within the parameters of God’s created order.

The present cultural and ideological assault on the Church takes the form of an attack
on the conceptual integrity of both marriage and the family.

It particularly sets out to undermine the integrity of the given-ness of the ‘binary’
categories of man and woman coming together to co-create, as God’s agents.

Instead of resisting this assault, parts of the church have welcomed it.
By ripping a piece of St Paul out context they have made him say the opposite of
what he intended.

In Galatians 3 Paul explored the basic categories of mutual antagonisms embedded in
his culture. Jews against gentiles, men against women and the free against the enslaved.
Once anyone defined by these categories of adversity entered the new life in Christ,
this baptised life washed these antipathies away into a new identity.
“In Christ, there is no slave or free…”. This can best be summarised by saying that
no Christian can truly be a Christian if they place a defining categorising adjective
in front of their identity in Christ.

So there can be no black, tall, rich, old, feeble, or any other category to define ‘Christian’,
or it becomes a contradiction in terms.

And particularly, of all adjectives, the least desirable would be an adjective
denoting perversion of God-given identity, or a disorder of behaviour whose effect was
the sullying of sexual purity as enabled experienced and understood in the Holy Spirit.

But this is exactly what the gay pride movement has set out to achieve in the
redefining and undermining of Christian sexual ethics and theological identity.

It would be ludicrous to describe people as ‘straight’ Christians.
It is just as ludicrous to define people as ‘gay’ Christians.
Our new anthropology of the Kingdom bestows an identity that is ‘in Christ’.
How can a Christian withdraw that identity and relocate it in a spectrum of sexual
and genital attraction?
What kind of Christian, what kind of church would replace the ‘imago Christi’
with the romanticised stimuli of genitalia?
What kind of Church would replace the call to die to yourself with the psycho-sexual
narcissism of a call to sexual and romantic adventure with a same sexual partner?

The matter is not made any clearer by the observation that the very term gay is
too clumsy to act as a descriptor of the horizon of sexual incoherence that stretches
through the spectrum of LGBTIQCAPGNGFNBA etc…

In flying the flag of gay pride from a Christian Cathedral,
the clergy have indicated their allegiance to an ideology of sexual identity that is at
complete odds with the faith that the Cathedral was built to teach and embody.

They have instead adopted the categories, language, and ethics of the enemies of Christ
and his kingdom.
They have betrayed Christ by raising the standard of surrender and offering their
allegiance instead to an over-sexualized, disordered and decaying secularism.

A church built on such a foundation, of ideological sand, is both under judgment
and built upon such shifting sand, that it will inevitably soon collapse.

Ely cathedral and the great apostasy

27 comments on “Standards…all kinds of standards– all equally powerful.

  1. hatrack4 says:

    Thinking of flags on vehicles, I was in Thailand in 1998 when the Queen (of Thailand) had a birthday. By the way, they celebrate Mother’s Day on the queen’s birthday. Since we were not allowed to work that day, we went into Bangkok for sightseeing. There is one complex of palace and temple buildings where I hosts insisted on taking us. The jade buddha is there. Yet, the queen was having a ball in one of the palace buildings, and I had just as much fun watching the ambassadors of the different countries arrive and testing my flag recognition skills. We got there just in time for a lot of the arrivals.

  2. hatrack4 says:

    Also, your photo of the caskets with flags is a moving image, but from my old service days, I have a question. The position of Parade Rest is just the position of the soldier in the foreground. His feet are not quite far enough apart (even with the shoulders), but I won’t quibble. What I do quibble about is why are his hands turned downward? Maybe military protocol has changed, but the thumbs are interlocked correctly. I was taught that the hands never bent at the wrist in this position. Okay, military precision and proper care of the flag are my pet peeves. Sorry.

    • I found the image which was from 2009– the site was a page about those members of VFWs and other former military members protesting the showing / photographing of coffins in transport or en route, waiting for transportation- so as I am not a military member, I can’t note the discrepancies like you can Mark — I was actually in an antique store yesterday that had several vintage military uniforms on display— one was an old navy dress blue— there was an older gentleman also visiting the store— he was using a cane and was perched where the uniforms were hanging— I surmised he was a Korean War navy man— I came over to where he stood in order to admire the uniforms— he proceeded to explain to me the significance of every detail of the uniform— from the bell bottom pants to why the back shirt flaps were once leather— he opined over today’s uniforms vs those of his day and before— even in the details we continue losing pieces of who we were —I greatly enjoyed his sharing

      • hatrack4 says:

        Okay, Navy had their turn, now for Army. The Army dress uniform is a navy blue jacket with royal blue pants. Why? Shouldn’t a uniform for formal wear match? The uniform dates back to the cavalry. Their uniforms in the horse cavalry date to the war between the states (regardless of what you call it) thus they were matching blue. But when you are riding the trails of the west all day, it can get hot, so they stowed their jackets in their saddle bags. As a result, only the pants faded in the sunlight and dulled due to the constant bombardment of dust from the trail. Every time I went to a formal dining setting, I was wearing a uniform in honor of those brave men who “tamed the West”. And yes, I have been the color guard commander for a formal military wedding, sword archway and all.

  3. says:


  4. claire says:

    God bless you for standing up for what you believe. There is so much pressure these days to conform to liberal views, particularly on these issues. It often seems “free speech” is only allowed if you happen to hold the same views as circulated so overwhelmingly in social media.
    I was so proud of our pastor, who initiated a discussion on such matters with his congregation.( I was reminded of a statue of St. Sabastian pierced with arrows, just prior to the shooting lol). His bottom line, when asked about Biblical comments on sodomy, was that God didn’t hate gay people, He loved them, but he hated sexual perversion because of the harm it did to those He loved. What an honest and loving answer.
    I think a good admonition to Christians is, “beware when all men speak well of you.” Christianity isn’t about pleasing the multitude (Jesus sure socked it to the scribe and Pharisees!) We are bound to speak the truth, but in love.

  5. In trying to trace the source of Gavin’s article I copied his opening refc to the Dean into Google and came across your fine post Julie. Well done in quoting it in full. I would normally re-blog but not this time other than as a couple of refcs with links as pertinent examples of the posts, the latest being A Rallying Cry To Prayer – Your Country Needs You! You may find it encourages your own prayer.

  6. David says:

    I read Gavin’s post yesterday Julie and was appalled by the actions of the clergy of Ely Cathedral.

  7. Incredibly powerful post, Julie! Thank you for sharing it! ❤ ❤

  8. God’s GPS system (Global Prophecy Signals) is also our Global Prayer Signalling because, on the day I posted the Cryers’ call to prayer, ‘Cookie’ prays for Christians to find the courage to speak out, as well as quoting Gavin Ashenden’s objections to events in Ely in full. Thank you Julie…

  9. Reblogged this on Richard's Watch and commented:
    God’s GPS system (Global Prophecy Signals) is also our Global Prayer Signalling because, on the day I posted the Cryers’ call to prayer, ‘Cookie’ prays for Christians to find the courage to speak out, as well as quoting Gavin Ashenden’s objections to events in Ely in full. Thank you Julie…

  10. Waking in the night I was urged to pray the Lord bless Mark Bonney and his ilk the same way He did when He turned up in my life – ie. the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord convicted me of my sin!

    So Lord , may Your Holiness fall this weekend upon the dean, clergy, residents of and visitors to Ely and bring them to trues repentance for Your glory’s sake, Amen

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