one more word…

America is the only country ever founded on a creed.
G.K. Chesterton

(images of the flag flying over the American Cemetery in Normandy / Julie Cook / 2018)

I want to offer one last reflection regarding our visit to the Amercian Cemetery in Normandy
before moving on to other thoughts.

When we arrived at the US cemetery after a day of exploring battlefields, the “enemy’s” cemetery
as well as occupied villages and towns, it was now shortly before 4PM.

Each afternoon at 4PM an honor guard makes its way to the American flag flying watch over the
thousands of perfectly aligned crosses and stars.

Taps is played as the flag is lowered and folded.
The flag is lowered each and every day just as it has been lowered now for the past 74 years
that the cemetery has been an official US cemetery on foreign soil.

We had been wandering about the graves overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of graves—
almost unaware that we were now carrying a heavy sense of deep sorrow.

We were told that it was the state of West Virginia that suffered the greatest number of
losses during the invasion, so we looked for the names of the states whose young men are
resting under the rows of crosses and stars.

We saw names hailing from states such as Kansas, Arizona, Minnesota, New Jersey, Pennsylvania…
and yes West Virginia.

Just like in most cemeteries, there is a solemn quiet that carries itself throughout
the air.
Whispers or simple silence is the unspoken rule of etiquette.

As the clock struck 4 PM, as the honor guard approached the flag,
all the wandering visitors stopped wandering.

Next, all present turned toward the flag and were suddenly very still
as ball caps were removed from heads, despite the rain…
as now both young and old automatically lifted hands to either place over hearts or
lift to the head in salute.

Something very powerful was taking place.

Reverence and respect were taking place…
laced with humility as well as gratitude.

Oh how far this land of ours has fallen from those hallowed ideals.

I pray we find them again…soon.

If we ever forget that we are one nation under God,
then we will be a nation gone under.

Ronald Reagan

27 comments on “one more word…

  1. oneta hayes says:

    A sacred time. Not much is sacred anymore. For sure not outside the church; sadly often not even inside the church.

    • I know and I’m about to have a fit over it— especially as I was watching the news last evening and there was a viral video about some vulgar laced tirade directed at a woman at an intersection obviously in New York— she was wearing a NYPD hat and some punk goes at her about her hat and cops and how her cop husband beats her— she tells the young man she’s not married and so he assumes the hat is due to a boyfriend or the like all the while using foul language— she’s says that her husband was a cop killed in 9/11 and the punk says good I hope he’s rotting in his grave — bleep bleep bleep— she never lost her cool— she did cuss back at him once and finally the light changed and they crossed the street— I saw this story while writing my post— I don’t understand this culture mentality of such vehemence and hate — she did better than i- I would have gone off on him!

      • oneta hayes says:

        I saw it also. She did remain quite calm and collected. He looked like the idiot he must be and his friends observed laughing. Sorry for using the word “idiot.” True idiots are generally very nice, calm people. I did them a disservice.

      • Oh he’s worse than an idiot— he is hate personified— someone I’d like to grab up by the scruff of the neck and teach a lesson or two to—

      • I just found the article about that video clip and it took place in Portland, Oregon.
        I’ll be addressing this in the coming days….

  2. says:

    Satan is working hard to gain the hearts of Americans. Even the word pride gives way to evil. Either we need another reformation, a return to God or Jesus’ return,before we all literally go under.

  3. Elihu says:

    Our country is so bloated with comfort and wealth, we no longer treasure these blessings nor the sacrifices that made (and continue to make) them possible. We do not understand the horrors suffered by those who have kept and continue to keep us safe. First responders, law enforcement, border patrol, military—the sacrifices they make aren’t only physical. We need more emphasis on history in order to avoid repeating what has been the death of so many others—arrogance, ignorance, and indifference.

  4. Salvageable says:

    I love that Chesterton quote at the beginning. And, on the same note, I’m proud of the fact that our biggest national holiday celebrates a document and its ideas rather than a battle or war. J.

  5. SLIMJIM says:

    I teared up reading this. Never knew that West Virginia bore such a heavy burden with the D-DAy landing. One can’t see something like the place you seen and not show some respect…

    • I just wish the progressive left could “get” this!!!

      • Hey Jim—out of the blue, I just went in to check my spam bucket.
        I had the ususall blackjack offers, athletic apperal garbage and so I clicked on the 12 one by one…when I got to the end, I saw an older comment by you so I didn’t check it and proceeded to trash the others.
        Well, it trashed yours, unmarkded as I was going to move it. So much for not checking a box. I went back into the computer’s history and found it and tried retreiveing it that way…but alas, I fear I lost you.
        I did read it…and yes my prayers will be for both you and your family as I know how hard it will be on your wife and kids… and you in turn as you will miss them…but you are emboldened by the Word and that is a good thing.
        Why you were in my spam, I have no idea. It’s usually me who ends up in spam!
        Gotta love WP 🙂

      • SLIMJIM says:

        Thank you for your prayers

  6. Dawn Marie says:

    Hugs to you for saying so eloquently what so many of us are thinking/feeling.

  7. Tricia says:

    Such a sacred place that cemetery is, you can feel the raw emotion just walking through it like you did and visiting the graves. Thank you for posting this and for the great pictures too.

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