CAVU, 41

Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited

A common military acronym used primarily by pilots
and an acronym used throughout the life of the 41st President of the
United States of America, former WWII Naval pilot,
George Herbert Walker Bush, 1924-2018

Image of President Georgh H.W. Bush’s service dog Sully who has been told that
his mission is now accomplished and well done.

One thing that we Americans do well, this mixed family of the very divided and
political adversarial…the good thing that makes us the people who we are…

Is the fact that we can actually come together in times of our collective loss and express
our gratitude to those individuals who have given so much of themselves to serve us, the people—

Those being our leaders…those being our presidents.

Yet not only do we say goodbye to our 41st president…
we also say goodbye to one more member of the Greatest Generation…
A military service member who deferred college in order to enlist.
Only to become the Nation’s youngest fighter pilot at the tender age of 19.

As a member of this greatest generation,
Bush is remembered not only as one of our Presidents but more importantly,
he is remembered as one of those who sacrificed so much of their own lives,
as some did with their very lives, in order to secure the future for our lives.

After having been hit during a bombing mission, with his plane on fire,
Bush told his crew to “abandon ship” while he stayed at the controls to complete
the bombing mission before bailing out himself.

Read the story here:

And so during the next several days, we will gather together as a Nation along with a grieving
family in offering our gratitude to the service of our 41st President…
a man who was a devoted husband, father, grandfather, uncle, great-grandfather
as well as a Luetinent in The United States Navy…A man who would go on to
become a Congressman, an Ambassador, the Director of the CIA,
a Vice President and eventually, as most of us recall, the man who followed in the large
footsteps of Ronald Reagan in becoming the
Nation’s 41st President of the United States…George Herbert Walker Bush.

CAVU, Mr. President.

” America is never wholly herself unless she is engaged in high moral principle.
We as a people have such a purpose today.
It is to make kinder the face of the nation and gentler the face of the world.”

George Herbert Walker Bush

21 comments on “CAVU, 41

  1. SharaC says:

    beautiful. thank you!

    • I was so gratifide watching yesterday, as President Bush’s casket was delivered to the Capital Rotunda, seeing the somber unity that is such a rare sight—those who normally vehemently oppose one another standing together in a national display of gratitude and grief. I was thankfully reminded that yes, I am still proud to be a part of all of this that helps to make us Americans…

      • SharaC says:

        Amen. I remember feeling the same with Reagan and watching it with such thankfulness for men like them.

      • I think everytime we lose one more leader from this “greatest” generation…I grow more fearful over our future.
        They were the ones who always seemed to steady our course…be they democrate or republican…
        And it appears that those who have followed, have not been up to the task as well.
        I feel a little less “safe” I suppose…and that’s in part because those were the people of my parents and grandparents generations and as I have lost all of them…it becomes a bit unnerving knowing that “you” are the remaining one(s) left to rudder the ship…a ship that has become hell bent on making her own uncertain course.

  2. Edward says:

    In a day and age filled with conspiracy theories and scandals, and when character is no longer considered a prerequisite for our political leaders, it’s impossible not to take notice that President Bush was a genuinely good man.

    And I’m convinced that the Bush family are simply good people. Nice post!

    • Carter and Bush are/ were our last presidents to have seen active military duty during a time of war who have remained among us…with Carter being the last living veteran president of that Greatest Generation.
      I think such certainly shapes a man.

      I was a huge Reaganite…and having voted for Bush, I think, at the time, I simply saw him as a bit of an extension of Reagan…perhaps an exclamation point to another man’s legacy.
      Not the most memorable thing to remember a man for…just being an exclamation point or period.
      I heard soemthing yesterday ,a comment made regarding Bush’s defeat and having been but a one term president, that really resonated with me.

      That was that he had two “presidential” missions to complete…seeing to the end of the “cold war and the runification of Germany and to bring about some sort of “stability” to the Middle East (albeit just at the time and in turn it was short lived)

      And having accomplished those two things–he was finished.
      There were comparisons to him and Chruchill—as Chruchill valiantly led Great Britian to victory in WWII the people then did not feel he was the one to then help them to rebuild their nation. Now I for one did not like that as I felt it a poor thing …I was shocked really that he was voted out of office—but our history tells us that that job was to be left to another…much like Bush…he did his job and the rest was to be left to another…
      doesn’t mean I always agree, but it is what it is.

      Regardless of politics or what one even thinks of the Bush family…I for one found 41 to be a just man who always tried to put durty to country first and foremost.

  3. Dawn Marie says:

    Thank you Julie for this beautiful tribute to a wonderful leader. One of my favorite books is THe Greatest Generation and indeed President GHW would be at the top of this honorable list of individuals. Hugs for the cherished thoughts today!

  4. says:

    Isn’t it sad that they have to wait until someone dies before they honor them.?

    • Yep—but I heard a commentator yesterday, a known democratic commentator, remark that 41’s death has come at a time when the country most need to pause and come together…albeit breifly—getting ahold of herself as it were…perhaps his last real gift to his country…

  5. Wally Fry says:

    I happen to be a large George H.W. Bush fan, almost totally over his handling of the first Gulf War. I remember as our troops freed Kuwait, and we all wondered if he would stop. He did stop, and we all got to go home. The mission, indeed, was accomplished. Now, the second Bush? Not so much. But, I won’t launch that particular tirade here, except to say that the useless spending of the lives of young men and women really makes me mad.

    • Agreed Wally— I always called them Daddy Bush and Baby Bush — not out of disrespect but just in conversation in keeping the two separate— I always felt the weight of world fell on “W” ‘s shoulders after 9/11 but believe he went after Sadam out of retribution for his dad – he was not the real target at the time — it was to have been Bin Ladin and never Iraq— not at that time anyway. I always felt his was a personal agenda and not a national agenda— but that was just my observation — I dare say General Powell may agree

      • Wally Fry says:

        Well, I know I was the only person I knew who was opposed to that invasion, I predicted it exactly, too. We’d invade, get a bunch of people killed, cut and run, and Iraq would descend into chaos. Nailed it pretty good it appears.

      • you did—and we still have a mess.
        I just believed and still believe Iraq was not our target…maybe he felt that he was going for the head of the snake and the body would then fall aside…but the head, in my opinion, was in Afghanistan or Pakistan…as we eventually figured out.
        But I don’t credit Obama with that victory either…
        That should have come much sooner than later.
        We probably need Slim Jim’s input here as he served after you…but most good soldiers don’t grouse—they simply follow orders.
        I can grouse because I wasn’t a soldier…
        It’s a matter of our leaders putting personal agendas ahead of national agendas and we see that all the time

      • Wally Fry says:

        I’m not one anymore I can grouse if I want to lol

      • that’s right, you can 🙂
        so you may join my grousing party —
        But I will not take away from him the respect I have for him in the day’s following 9/11
        It shifted however with the invasion of Iraq—wrong place, wrong time with a wealth of misery for those who were charged with that “mission”—as we are still picking up the pieces. I’m sure there is a prophesy regarding this…one that I am clueless to as I tend to need to be hit over the head as I’m not real good at reading between the lines, but that was and remains a huge tactical and selfish mission, in my opinion.

      • Wally Fry says:

        Well I agree. Now as far asNH prophecy? Best I can tell there seems to be no thought of this nation

  6. SLIMJIM says:

    Much respect to 41 and also to the Greatest generation…

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