‘let the chips fall where they may, I’m at peace with my decision”

“If we do not risk anything for God we will never do anything great for Him.”
St. Louis De Montfort

(Susan Collins, Senator from Maine, during the Senate vote on Brett Kavanaugh
for Supreme Court Justice 2018)

I must confess that by the time Senator Susan Collins spoke on the Senate floor
regarding her vote for Brett Kavanaugh as Supreme Court Justice nominee,
I wasn’t watching.

I was blessedly out of the country.

My cousin had even text me, “I’m sorry you are not here…missing all of this!!
She was being totally serious as she takes the things that happen in our Nation
very seriously.

My response was simple, “I am glad I am out of the country”

I also told her that despite not being physically present in the US, I was nonetheless
seeing and hearing plenty in the way of the fiasco back home.

If you’ve ever traveled outside of the country, your English speaking channels are
limited to CNN International and the BBC International.
Two news outlets not known for their conservative take on world happenings.

I also confess I was not up to speed on Senator Susan Collins.
I just knew she was a senator from Maine and that I like Maine.

I’ve about had my bate of politics and politicians in our country.
I’ve had my bate of swamps.
I’ve had my bate of elections.
I’ve had my bate of the caustic rhetoric, of angry hate-filled demonstrations,
my bate of the endless sea of obstructionists, liberals, progressives, feminists, atheists,
Satanists, Communists, Socialists, Antifa folks, Left-wingers, Right-wingers,
Klan members,Supremacists, Militants, and anyone else causing trouble while rattling my chains.

However, I did very much want to hear the latest interview with Susan Collins.
She was to do a sit-down interview with journalist Martha Maccallum as she would recall
the lead-up, as well as the aftermath, of her vote and her address to the Senate…
an address that has been hailed as one of the greatest speeches on the Senate floor.

She cast the pivotal vote following the circus-like hearings that lead up to the vote
which would be sending Brett Kavanaugh to the highest bench in the land or would either
send him back home to private life.

And following the vile display of our lowest lows, I’m not
so certain I wouldn’t have simply wanted to just go find an island someplace far away from
the madness and spend my remaining days mindlessly fishing…

Susan Collins was viciously and verbally threatened prior to the vote as well as after
the vote.
Her family was viciously threatened.
Her very life was threatened.

I’m sorry, but where did we say we lived?

Is this America???
Home of the Brave, land of the free and thriving with the lovers of all things Democracy?

Or are we living in some remote tribal area of the globe rife with ambushes
and battles to the death?

It’s just that after all of this latest assinine behavior by our Nation regarding
the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, I couldn’t quite tell…again, I’m just saying.

Susan Collins shared with Martha MacCallum that an envelope containing white powder
was mailed to her home in Maine with a note that said “Anthrax, HA HA”
Another arrived supposedly containing ricin.

Her husband and dog had to be immediately quarantined while the folks in the bio-hazmat
suits invaded her home.

Martha then ran a few of the voicemails and emails that flooded Senator Collins
office and home.
Crude, vile and foul sums them up rather succinctly.

Again, where are we actually living?
Is this America or rather some alterego Scifi surreal land of all things Orwellian?

She recalled an evening just prior to the vote that she had been working late.
She drove herself home but there was nowhere to park near her DC home so she had
to park about a block away.
It was late and dark.
She stepped out of her car to find a lone man standing on the sidewalk as if he had been
waiting on her.
She began walking and he began following her.

As she approached her house this man quickly moved between her and her door,
getting right up in her face, brandishing a flashlight and
waving it wildly at her face as he verbally attacked and berated her.

She said the only humorous moment of an otherwise frighteningly life or death situation
was when she yelled at him, demanding that he leave her alone…
as she just as quickly thought to ask, “and by the way, what is your name?”
Of which he actually gave to her.
Needless to say, the authorities quickly found him and detained him.

She told Martha that despite these “scary” moments,
these threats and attempts to sway her vote away from the favorable, she was
not going to be intimidated.

I admire her for digging in and for holding her own.
And yet at the same time, I found myself,
as I listened and watched this woman explaining why she voted the way she did and why she did,
feeling very sad listening as her interview continued.

I no longer recognize this place I’ve known and called home for near 60 years.
Who are these people who live now to persecute those who they disagree with?
I just don’t get it…it is absolutely tragically surreal.

Senator Collins explained that she had listened to the days of hearings, the witnesses,
the recounting of events 40 years prior…
she, in turn, weighed the words, the reactions, the records, and the lives now lived as adults…
and concluded she could and would vote in favor of sending Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

The funny thing in all of this is that Susan Collins is, well, obviously a woman.

She is a smart woman.
A woman who didn’t marry until late in life.
An independent woman.
She is neither naive nor gullible.

Her former college, St Lawrence University, a school that she loved attending and a school
she has carried a deep affinity for throughout her adult life has recently rescinded two
honorary degrees it bestowed on her in the wake of her being that same very independent
woman that they once loved and embraced—
so since they no longer find her independence something they care for, as she is independently
voting with a mindset they helped to instill in her, yet now runs counter to their own thinking
…sadly so….they find that they can no longer claim her as a former student.

Toward the end of the interview, Martha asked Senator Collins if she could live with the
idea that in 2020 she could actually lose her seat due to this single vote.
In essence ending her long political career, of which could come to a screeching halt
all because of a single vote…

Without batting an eye, Senator Collins said “yes, let the chips fall where they may,
I’m at peace with my decision.”

Now here is a woman who knows her mind.
Isn’t that what our society keeps clamoring about??
Empowered women?
And yet we seem to have a woman who is taking her stand and still, there is no
pleasing of the masses…

Here is a link to the full interview…


I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers,
intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people—–
for kings and all those in authority,
that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.

1 Timothy 2:1-2

22 comments on “‘let the chips fall where they may, I’m at peace with my decision”

  1. Elihu says:

    I get distressed at the rank hypocrisy, the lies, the corruption, and then I listen to my historical audiobooks about our nation. That’s when I recognize Solomon’s wisdom in saying, “there is nothing new under the sun.” Unfortunately, even in our free society, people want to be dictators. I try to limit myself to occasional articles to stay abreast of current events so as not to get discouraged. Thanks be to God that He has prepared for us a better homeland!

    • I agree totally–I’ve gotten to where I really don’t want to listen or watch anymore of all this madenss and yet I was always one who felt it important and my little piece of civic duty was to stay up to speed with what was happening…but not any more.
      However, having listened to Senator Collins talk about this whole thing, her dealing with personal attacks regarding her vote…a right we all have to vote our conscinence, albeit a senate vote being not so private…I wanted to hear a woman who continued to have her wits about her. Here was a politician who continued being kind, considerate and thoughtful of her colleagues who happened to be adamantly opposed to her decision yet she could still say positive and nice things about them…all the while dealing with the lunacy of a skewed society that was wishing horrendous things for her and her family…
      all for a voe.
      She looked at these very scary tactics of intiimidation for what they were and still stood her ground.
      No waffling or wavering.
      I greatly appreciate that.
      Maybe that’s why I appreciate so many of the stories I read from WWII…of those unsung heroes who did what they did for their fellow man despite differences of religion or thinking but did the right things for others despite those differences and despite the madness because in the end, the right thing was all that truly mattered. I pray those right things can rise above our current vicious time.

  2. hatrack4 says:

    One ammendment to the TV list for India. A cartoon network / TNT combination, but only Popeye for eight hours and vintage 40s / 50s movies for the other 16 hours. Oh, I forgot about the continuous reruns of a 3-month old cricket match of India and Pakistan. That was in English on one channel and Hindi on another. And do not go to China during the summer Olympics. You will only see ping pong.

  3. atimetoshare.me says:

    Where is the America we grew up with? I think its been swallowed up by the swamp we see in the news every day. Our children are hearing about extra marital affairs, oral sex, sexual harassment, women fighting for their rights. People so closed minded that we have a House and Senate filled with spoiled children. The devil is alive and well, but we know the outcome. Jesus won the victory and in the end we will win too.

    I’m with Mark. I’ve been tuning into TMC a lot lately, because the old movies seem to still have an ounce of patriotism left in them. When narcissism takes hold, we’re all in trouble. Over the past two generations, in an effort to build our children up, we have created selfish individuals who wish only to have their way, even if it causes another to be ridiculed or demeaned.

    We will never return to the old ways until we start living with a servant attitude, like Jesus did. And for the record, I never liked ping pong, because I always lost.

  4. Cool post, Julie. Something I’ve really noticed, we’ve made our politicians too big and powerful in our own minds. So Susan Collins is just one woman with a job to do and not the savior or the destroyer of the entire world. But our response to these people is that of angry mob who perceives people as a threat to Western civilization itself. Our mindset is all wrong, we aren’t looking to the Lord who is actually Lord, with some trust and confidence that He’s got this thing. So the hope of the entire world starts to rest the shoulders of people like Susan,and of course now we have to control her or destroy her because she allegedly holds the power of life and death in her hands.

    • You’re on to something here IB— we are treating our government and leaders as some sort of quasi parent who is to protect us and give us security and yet we are the rebellions teens now who are fighting against the very thing we still seem to want— but we, as in you and I and the family of Believers know from whence comes our strength — I sit back- removed like some out of body observer who knows we’re so much better than what I’m watching

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