pranks +mimicking = vandalism and stupidity which leads to “Citizen’s arrest”

BARNEY! You made an illegal u-turn YOURSELF!
You’re breakin’ the law, and so I, as a responsible person, need to arrest you!
Citizen’s arrest! Citizen’s arrest!

Gomer Pyle

(1963 episode Andy Griffith Show)

I grew up watching The Andy Griffith Show.
A time when you really didn’t have to worry about what was on television and what
your children would be exposed to.

Despite growing up in an expanding city, as a young girl, I felt a lovely familiarity with the show.
Our world was still somewhat small despite our living the city life.

It was a time when we were urban yet still maintained a rural feel.

Walking down a dirt road with a fishing pole, skipping rocks on a pond did not feel far removed.

One of the funnier episodes, that has remained etched in my mind, was the 1963
episode where Gomer uses his right as a citizen to make a citizen’s arrest against the
inept deputy Barney Fife.

I can still hear Gomer hollering “Citizen’s arrest, Citizen’s arrest” when Barney
made an illegal U-turn in the patrol car.

To this day I so often wish I could slap a blue light on the top of my car,
just like Kojak would do in his unmarked police car, going after the idiots on the street who seem
drawn to my direction like a magnet.

Who loves ya baby?

I’d be screaming “Citizen’s arrest” while nabbing the idiot who was on his cell phone
(which is now against the law in Georgia) while he was driving and weaving over the
yellow line, making a beeline right for my car in the opposite driving direction.
A narrowly missed near head-on encounter because someone was on a cell phone,
driving—when it a violation of the law let alone endangering other drivers.

Sadly my only recourse is to blow the horn and swerve.
Praying the idiot misses me.

Recently, I caught a news story regarding the latest Sandra Bullock Netflix series where
much of the action takes place with the heroine and family being blindfolded.

I watch very little television so this latest show is not something I care to watch…
but the fact that the producers are now having to issue a warning…
“Please do not do this at home” is sadly a sign of today’s pure idiocy.

Who in their right mind thinks mimicking the plot of a movie, like driving blindfolded,
or doing any sort of activities blindfolded is a good idea??

So today I went to get my hair cut.
The gal cutting my hair proceeded to share a story regarding a local
grocery store we both frequent.

She told me a rather unsettling tale while offering a warning.

She told me that she had made her way past the produce section and the meat section
and was now working her way toward the dairy section.
Doing what we all do…zeroing in on our own quests while staying in our own little zone.

It was at this point when she noticed a young teenage male pulling his empty cart
right up beside hers.
He was on his phone while he proceeded to reach into her cart,
grabbing out a bag of oranges which he explained he needed…
and so he was going to simply take hers.

My friend thinking quick on her feet pulled the bag back out of his cart,
replacing it back in her own cart while telling the young man that that was great but
that he would have to go back to produce to get his own bag.

He next told her he was posting her to Youtube.
Her response was…”Oh no you are not!!”

He kept repeating that he was posting since she agreed.
She continued with the “I DO NOT AGREE”

She found a manager and explained what happened.

The manager explained that there seems to be a troubling a new trend of kids
coming to grocery stores while wanting to create “pranks” in order to post
on YouTube.

The kids will head to the dairy section where they grab gallons of milk and smash them
on the floor while filming with their phones in order to upload to Youtube.

Prank or vandalism?

Vandalism I say.

The manager found the kid, along with a friend, who both wanted to know why they
couldn’t record their pranks and why would the manager be throwing them out?


How about harassing paying customers for starters?

The manager kicks them out of the store and watches as they proceed to make
their way to Target. The store manager calls the Target manager to explain
what’s coming his way.

What about vandalism, the destruction of property, theft, harassment, loitering…

What does any of this have to do with silly pranks—

I’m not a prank fan.
I’m not a fan of fine lines.
I’m a black and white kind of girl.
That it is or it isn’t mentality…

Just so everyone can cash in on the 10 minutes of a million likes of fame.

There is obviously a very fine line that our misguided youth seem to be missing…
One that has me screaming “Citizen’s arrest!!!”

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind,
that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

Romans 12:2

22 comments on “pranks +mimicking = vandalism and stupidity which leads to “Citizen’s arrest”

  1. Wally Fry says:

    Pranks are fun but you have to exercise some common sense and you can’t be doing things that might make people feel endangered.

  2. says:

    When kids see this stuff on YouTube they think it’s OK? The latest in middle school is to disrespect authority of any kind. I saw that coming in elementary school. Too many parents use the internet as baby sitters for their children. Do they bother to monitor? The world is crazy – just saying😳

  3. hatrack4 says:

    I agree completely, but I am not a horn honker. When I have tried to resort to such tactics, I turn on the radio instead. The steering wheel has so many buttons these days!!!!

    • I think being in the city too long turned me into a horn person—but only when utterly necessary 🙂

      • hatrack4 says:

        I will buy that. They use horns here, a lot. Closer into the city of Pittsburgh, they start honking before the light turns green. I grew up in the country. SE Texas, around Port Arthur was not known for honking. Then in Germany there were laws against honking except as a last resort. By then, avoiding the horn was engrained.

  4. Oh for the days of Mayberry. Our dog before the one we have now was named Barney. He was a rescue dog and named after Barney Fife.

  5. Well said, Julie! Something that surprises me, a lot of young people don’t seem to realize who they are messing with. A guy here broke into someone’s house in the middle of the night and the homeowner stabbed him. He’ll survive, but I’m really puzzled by the response from some in the community. This is 20 something “kid” now being perceived by some people as a victim of excessive force and injustice.

    Saw a cute meme that kind of goes with your rural/city theme, it said, “some of you have never been chased by an angry farm animal as a child and it shows.” Gave me a chuckle.

    • oh so true—I might need to let loose the bulls that live across the street just so they can chase a few idiots around—and you’re right in that observation—the perpetrator of crimes today, those who are in turn injured, hurt, or even killed, oddly become the victims—so upside down!!

  6. SLIMJIM says:

    Some of these Youtube pranks are wrong…when it cross the line of harassment, threat of one’s life and sexualizing others. Youtube ought to pull ad revenues from these channels in my opinion…

  7. Oh, my… what has happened to our world?!?!? 😳😳

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