death of your own culture, right under your own eyes…

“What we have in the Tower of Babel episode is in effect a rival cosmology to that of God’s;
it is an unmaking and a remaking of the world, a blasphemous human “let us’
over and against the Holy ‘let us’ of the Triune God.”

Melvin Tinker

(Le Mont-Saint-Michel / Julie Cook/ 2018)

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday–
so as I sat in the waiting room along with all those others who were also waiting,
I was actually hard at work.

I learned a long time ago to make the most of any and all “empty” moments.
Call it multitasking or simply the survival skill of having been a working mother…
I was sitting in a corner, book open in my lap while my yellow highlighter was going to town.
I was almost disappointed when the nurse came out and called me back.

I was in the midst of the slow continuation of working my way through the marvelous,
albeit short, book by Melvin Tinker
That Hideous Strength: How The West Was Lost
The Cancer of Cultural Marxism in the Chruch, the World and The Gospel of Change

Below I want to offer you the two page’s worth of enlightenment that I managed to read
and highlight before the nurse came to get me—

It is so much on the money that I had to contain myself from shouting out
a big ‘AMEN” as I read.
Had I done so, the folks waiting around me might have thought I was out of my
meds….meds for things like sudden and unexpected outbursts—
appropriate and not…
but little did they know I was reading words of an alarming truth that is sinisterly
consuming our very lives.

“We saw how for Lewis, the ideology of his day, which he sought to expose and debunk,
was naturalistic materialism.
One of the main ideologies of our day is a variant of this, namely, neo-Marxism,
sometimes called cultural Marxism or libertarian Marxism.

A philosophy of human liberation.
It seeks to overcome human alienation, to emancipate man from repressive social institutions,
especially economic institutions that frustrate his true nature, and to bring him into harmony
with himself, his fellow men, and the world around him so that he can overcome his estrangements
and express his true essence through creative freedom.

But the liberty which the cultural Marxists have in mind is not the liberty
of classical liberalism– equality under the law or even equality of opportunity.
Unlike the classical Marxist whose main focus was economic inequality,
theirs is an equality cutting across the whole of human experience.
It was Herbert Marcuse of the Frankfurt School who argued that traditional societies promote what
he called a ‘repressive tolerance” because they do not deal with the latent inequalities of humans;
the fact that some are cleverer, wiser or harder working than others,
who are then to be considered to be oppressed because of their perceived deficiency.

As Andrew Sandlin writes:
Libertarian Marxism is all about liberating humanity from the social institutions and conditions
(like the family and church and business and traditional views and habits and authorities)
that prevent the individual from realizing his true self,
his true desires and aspirations, from being anything he wants to be–full autonomy…
Libertarian Marxism is the Marxism of our culture and time.

Peter Berger calls the ‘plausibility structures’ of a society,
that is those background assumptions, beliefs and ways of thinking and acting which are taken as given.
It is the presumption which declares “Of course, everyone now days knows that…’
The aim is to get people to think and feel for themselves that certain values and practices,
such as same-sex marriage, are common sense, fair or even natural.

Over the last 60 years or so in the West there has effectively occurred the death of on culture,
rooted in the Judeo-Christian world view, and the rise of another more secular one.
Philip Rieff observes that,
“The death of a culture begins with its normative institutions fail to communicate ideals in ways
that remain inwardly compelling.’ Once the ideology of neo-Marxism, you talk instead about ‘equality,’
‘liberation’ and ‘tolerance’–the things of which the Chruch of England speaks endlessly)
the revolution is more or less complete.
The upshot of this is that if these beliefs and practices are considered plausible,
Christian beliefs and practices become implausible more less by default,
in which case it will not do simply to argue for the cogency of the Chrisitan faith for
most people will think that there is nothing to argue about.
Many of us don’t spend that much time thinking how we might argue against flat-earthists—
we simply assume they are mistaken, out of touch and an irrelevance;
so it is with many people’s view of Christianity.

Changing the view of Christianity, one Marxist at a time…
we’ve been warned….

Only let your manner of life be worthy of the gospel of Christ, so that whether
I come and see you or am absent,
I may hear of you that you are standing firm in one spirit,
with one mind striving side by side for the faith of the gospel,

Philippians 1:27

45 comments on “death of your own culture, right under your own eyes…

  1. Wally Fry says:

    In times like this, I thank God for little fundamentalist churches like mine, Julie. The churches as a whole have been complicit in much of what you talk about. Particularly those who teach about liberation theology and the prosperity Gospel. The purpose of the churches has never been to make the world, or this country, a better place. Not to say we should not help; we should and we are commanded to. Nonetheless, changing society is not why Jesus formed His church. Our sole mission, from with ANYTHING else flows, is the execution of the Great Commission. We are commanded to go into the world, preach the Gospel, Baptize, and make disciples. Churches lost that focus, and that is why society is going down around us. We can’t make it better. Jesus can, but He can’t unless we preach Him to a lost an dying world. I shall now climb off my soapbox.

  2. says:

    And a Dilly Dilly from me as well, Walter! We need to get back to basics in our churches and start following God’s Word rather than man’s theories. This world will never be right, because it is full of sinners, just like me. But by God’s amazing love and grace, we have total freedom in the next world.

  3. says:


  4. Salvageable says:

    Julie, we have a lot in common. First, I always bring a book with me when I visit the doctor or the dentist. Sometimes it’s hard to shut out the sound of the television in the waiting room, but I find the quietest corner, and I manage.
    One time I happened to be reading a novel by Charles Dickens when the doctor showed up at the examination room. He looked at it and said, “You can tell he was paid by the word.”
    But another similarity is that we both have written today about compromising with the world, which is something Jesus does not want us to do. It takes perseverance to cling to the promises of God and to refuse to let the world seep in around the edges, but God provides us the strength and perseverance we need. J.

  5. David says:

    I have that book in my reading pile Julie!

  6. Dawn Marie says:

    Thank you Julie for your continual enlightenment to all things worthy of leading a Christ centered life. 😊

  7. I think I need to read that book! 🙂💜💜

  8. ColorStorm says:

    Good stuff J-
    Usually when we wait to be seen by medical personnel, we wait and wait – get impatient- then we are enrapt in something and they call us- we think- geez I, in right in the middle of something- we prob don’t notice how long we have waited but somehow didn’t care- cause we found a greater affection- lok

  9. SLIMJIM says:

    Sounds like a good book

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