Now I lay me down to sleep…

“now I lay me down to sleep…”

(The Mayor on a recent visit to the statalite office of Woobooville / Julie Cook / 2019)

Feeling rather discouraged last evening…as I readied myself for bed, I had hurriedly read the post
of a dear blogger friend in Colorado who was sharing her feelings about adoption,
abortion, Woe v Wade, life, death…
and of course, with my having been adopted, it hit a strong chord.

I have really not felt very well as of late and that has had a great deal to do with how I
filter what it is that I take in from the world around me, around us…
all of which has been at best– abysmal.

The Covington Catholic Shcool debacle has really shaken my feelings about this country of ours.

Add to that a sitting president being told by the speaker of the house that he cannot deliver
a state of the union address…
yes all lower case letters because it is such a true all-time low that this
Nation of ours has hit.

Here is Shara’s post from Tuesday:
Unhappy Birthday Roe v. Wade!

As I was putting down my phone for the evening, having tucked my laptop in for the night…
I told my husband, as I turned out the bedside light, “you know, despite all the bad, all the
negative, all the hurtful and distressing…
I still feel a tremendous sense of hope.
There are folks all over out there…
out in Colorado, California, Virginia, Washington, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Arkansas, Texas,
England, Wales, Scotland, Africa…
posts I read that offer me a tremendous sense of hope and well being.

Christians who maintain a sound position of Truth.

I am comforted in knowing that all is not lost.
And so I thank each of you who continue to offer me, as well as all of us, the hope everlasting that
is found simply in your words…
You offer the eternal Truth that God remains…no matter what, He remains eternal and Omnipotent.

For all that is bad…
For all that is negative…
For all that is disparaging…
there remains…

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
May the angels watch me through the night,
and keep me in their blessed sight.

13 comments on “Now I lay me down to sleep…

  1. says:

    OMG, this child is such a precious gift. She’s adorable, huggable, loveable and indeed a great diversion from what the world has to offer. I keep praying for God’s intervention in the course our nation has taken. I know God will not let us down. He loves us so much that nothing can get in the way of our relationship with Him. He will fight our battles and give us the peace of knowing where we’ll all wind up someday. Now I lay me down to sleep – I said that as a child, taught it to my children and still say it occasionally.

  2. SharaC says:

    This is so beautiful… there is much to be hopeful for and the faces of the next generation are such a reminder of that. Nothing can come in between us and Gods love. And yes, there are just times when we gotta fold up that computer and put it away. ❤️

  3. That was a different version of “Now I lay me” then I learned. I like yours better.

  4. SLIMJIM says:

    What a picture for this post; like you I have been quite grieved over the Covington Catholic Shcool debacle for the terrible lie and the continious attempt by the media to lie. I just saw a “fact check” site that’s become more and more leftist, of how they even helped Nathan Phillips. They said he never claimed to be a Vietnam Vet but they didn’t have anything about his lies being a “Marine Recon Ranger.” Totally selective and lying media and social media and fact check sites…sickening.

  5. Thank you for this, dear Julie! I love your honesty as well as the hope you offer in this wonderful post! Thankful, too, that even though things are “crazy,” our Heavenly Father cares for us!! Love you! 💜

    • Thanks Lynn— Gregory and I came down to the beach for a few days— it was my Christmas gift— arranged back when everyone felt good and were in one piece—like back in October—but we came on anyway with me sick as a dog and poor Gregory who has now developed pleurisy — of course we blame having babysat a sick grandchild before getting here— it’s freezing cold but the sun is shining —and all shall be well 🤪🥳

  6. Sarah says:

    A significant portion of the secular world is rapidly going crazy so it’s no wonder you’re feeling bad. The Covington kids are scapegoats for them. They recognise at some level that something is terribly wrong with their world but they won’t admit the real cause so they look for someone to point the finger at and gang up on to release the pressure. I expect persecution of Christians in the West to accelerate now that they’ve identified a scapegoat that won’t fight back. Even our shepherds have abandoned us to the wolves. It’s all part of God’s plan though and he put us here now because he expects us to play our part. We’re Christian warriors who will fight, not as the world fights, but as people with faith, hope and charity fight. Viva Cristo Rey!

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