happy birthday eve

Today is Birthday Eve, the one day of the year you get to do what you want and stay
up as late as you like…
there’s even a party of celebration today….
Tomorrow’s big day will be a simple and joyful family day…

Happy Birthday Eve!!

8 comments on “happy birthday eve

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  2. atimetoshare.me says:

    I absolutely love the idea of happy birthday eve! Please give the mayor my hearty congrats for accomplishing one year of service to the community. May she continue to flourish with the help of God, her parents, new brother and her grandparents I love that face. Is she laughing or crying?

    • I had a roommate in college who “created” birthday eve— it was almost more exciting then the birthday— and since we had the big party today— it was quite the birthday eve— autumn didn’t feel well so Gregory had to go rock her after she had some cake— then all the grownups ate and finished with the gifts— Currently all the young folks have gone out to eat now while gregroy and I keep the mayor with us while moppie has a big glass of caribou lounge juice 😬😵

  3. Happy birthday eve! 🙂

  4. So adorable!! Hope it was a perfect birthday… everything the mayor hoped for!! ☺️☺️💜💜

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