okay, so there are no losers… because we all win…

“We have to pray with our eyes on God, not on the difficulties.”
Oswald Chambers

(plover / Rosemary Beach, Fl / Julie Cook / 2019)

And no, that is not some new pitch line for the progressive left’s push for socialism…
but I digress…

I’m talking about prayer.

We’ve been having a bit of an ongoing input session, these past oh so many days here in cookieland,
regarding a collective prayer for those who gather here together…
a prayer we can collectively pray, petitioning God…because we know that when two or three are gathered…
there is an Ear to hear…and Heavens knows…we have a lot to pray about on this sad end of ours.

Not saying that God does not hear the cries of the individual because Lord knows, I have cried out
alone, all by myself, more times than not…
and in the end, I know He heard me before I had even raised my voice…

And yet we are told that when it comes to a Christian consensus…those two, three, fifty, etc…
are told that they can uproot trees…if only they believe…

Here are a few more thoughts that I think most worthy of consideration for our collective prayer…
and I for one was waiting to hear Oneta’s input…

Julie, I support this endeavor.
Plan to be with you in the prayer effort.
I lean toward a specific prayer such coming together to pray against the forces that make
abortion possible (media, social acceptance, complacency, legal systems, deception to the mothers),
against the evil embodied in abortion (selling body parts, selfishness, political advantages),
that legal steps be advanced (interpretation of the Constitution, legislation)
that medical advances continue to show the baby’s viability before birth,
that confusion causes the plans of the wicked to be exposed,
that more financial support be given to groups (Right to Life).
I don’t know whether that is complete, but I’d like to start there with a
community of believers who know God answers prayer.

I did not respond yesterday, because I do not know what God’s will is in this situation.
Has God turned His back on us because we prefer leaders who would even conceive such things or is
their any hope to save this nation?
After serving in the military during the Cold War,
I feel utterly defeated and as soon as the Liberals get their way,
and the fickle voters will eventually see to it, it will all be over.
That leaves your prayer for Christian persecution – not a relief from it,
but the strength to withstand it.

Pat at Beholding ministries:
Blessings…yesterday was a busy day and it was my intention to come back to your post
and leave comment!…
Kathy’s comments are exactly mine.
I believe we should begin with our own repentance and humility and then move to unity.
There can be no unity until the dying of self occurs.
Any time works for me.
Bless you for this post!

And so I confess… I’m leaning with Mark in that I am not certain as to God’s will for our prayer.

I know His will is for us to pray…yet I am still a bit perplexed as to what exactly we
need to be in prayer over, because like Kathy said…
there is just so much we need to be praying about.

Yet Pat brings us back to the thought of unity and humility…
and of course, Fran reminds us of the need for us to return to obedience…our obedience under God’s

And then we have the time issue…a set time with consideration to time zones.
So what might be a good time on the east coast, may not be a good time on the west coast or across
the pond…

So we’ll ponder for a few days…and I’ll still take all and any input you’d like to offer..

But we do have lots to talk about—
my DNA tests came back…
Plus I’ve trudged through more of the book about The 21—the Coptic Christian Maytrys killed
at the hand of ISIS

So tomorrow we may chat about a few other things…if that’s ok.

27 comments on “okay, so there are no losers… because we all win…

  1. atimetoshare.me says:

    I know we should be specific in our prayer requests, but when we’re dealing with so many difficult issues as a corporate body of Christ, maybe it’s best to pray that God’ will be done. He knows our needs before we even open our mouths. When Jesus taught the people to pray the Lord’s prayer He said, “our Father, who art in heaven.” This in itself is the voice of many. He also said, to praise God – “Hallowed be thy name.”Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Then our personal petitions are brought to His attention. “Give us this day ….” Maybe we just all pray the prayer He taught us to pray.

    • Salvageable says:

      Exactly! Very well said. J.

      • Salvageable says:

        Last night some thoughts came to may as I was lying in bed. Not to hijack your project, but just to make a modest suggestion, building on Kathy’s thought of using the Lord’s Prayer/Our Father/Jesus’ Sample prayer to guide our praying.
        On a certain time every Sunday we could all pray that God and his name would be honored and respected in our lives, in our nation, and especially in our churches (which are His Church).
        On Monday we could all pray that his kingdom would come–that the missionaries of the Church would faithfully bring his message to all the world, and that we also would faithfully share his forgiveness with those near us.
        On Tuesday, that his will be done by the leaders of our country, by the leaders of his Church, and by each of us, and that he would reveal his will to us as much as is good for us to know.
        On Wednesday, that we would receive daily bread–and not just our small group, but the poor and homeless among us, the victims of abuse and neglect and addictions, the children born or unborn who are not wanted and loved–that they would be granted what they need to live and to have better lives, whether that be bread, advocacy, or strength to persevere.
        On Thursday, that we be forgiven our sins, both known and unknown to us. Also that we be channels of forgiveness to others, even to our enemies with whom we disagree.
        On Friday, that we, along with the leaders of our nation and those of his Church, be led on proper paths pleasing to the Lord and kept safe from temptation.
        And on Saturday, that we, our nation, and his Church be protected from every kind of evil.
        Just a thought. J.

      • I’m going to digest this— do a little cross referencing and see what unfolds! Thank you!!!!!

  2. Reblogged this on Talmidimblogging and commented:
    I’m in 🐛🌷

  3. Marie Wright says:

    I have one more observation. We have outlined the basic object of our prayers. How we ask it differs from one individual to another. And I am always reminded that there are times when we don’t know what or how to pray and that’s when the Holy Spirit takes over. Romans8:26-27 tells us He intercedes for us through wordless groans and that it is always according to the will of God. Our hearts are an open book to our Lord. What a blessing. We must not forget His sovereign will. Yes, let’s pray as one body asking with all boldness before the throne of grace. He knows our hearts so if we ask with different words He knows our intentions. I threw out the 6:00 time only to emphasize that we need the time also. As said, with all of the time differences here in the US as well as across the pond, that might be a difficult task. Would daily be a better option? I intend to wear something as a reminder that I must not forget this great time of prayer.

  4. Julie, it seems that this has begun a ripple through WordPress. Heather’s post today is relative to all this. https://letusruntherace.net/2019/02/22/toto-ive-a-feeling-were-not-in-athens-anymore/ My prayer is that the Lord will lead and reveal His Holy will for us as His people in a “world that lies in wickedness” (1 John 5:19).

    • thank you Fran for the referral 🙂
      and yes, we seem to have a growing theme…
      her words “..did not view Christianity or even the Christ Himself with the slightest degree of reverence. At best, I encountered apathy from them; total unconcern about the very idea of a Creator or God.
      However, the majority treated the idea of God with scorn, derision, or open hostility.”

      As this was at a earlier point in her life…it very well could be today.

      I do despair. Much like Mark noted in the comment section—he spent most of his military career during the Cold War–living in Germany for a while as well as elsewhere overseas during that time.
      He knew the likes of the Cold War and it’s spiraling “isms” up close and personal.
      He, along with me, sees that this generation has no clue as to the life and death seriousness of that time, nor do they care….this as they race to embrace that very sort of exisitence.
      Our history lessons are now so diluted that kids just don’t have a clue nor do they care to have a clue—now throw in a Nation built on the principal of honoring it’s Creator with humility and reverence…all of which is now considered mere archaic rhetoric and it is depressing when we think of what we are leaving our grandchilden…forget our children as they are living it with us.
      I know that God is God no matter what and long after this Nation ceases to exist, He is…
      but to know from where we have come…what we have endured…that being Western Civilization and to see it be eagerly traded in for a soceity that embraces Socialism, infanticide, homosexuality, et el, is more than disheartening…

      • It’s disturbing for sure. But in some ways, this can be a good thing. Once it’s no longer easy or practical to be a Christian, it will be clearer who is truly devoted to Christ and who was just along for the ride while it was still good. It weighs heavy on my heart, too, but ironically I still have great peace in the sovereignty of God. May He guide and protect His children!

      • Did you read the article from Gospel Coalition Heather gave the link for?

      • Not yet but I will later this evening

  5. I just read this post after Fran mentioned it in a comment on my blog. All I can say is that I pray often for our nation: for eyes open to see Truth, for hearts of stone to be replaced with hearts of flesh, and for personal acknowledgements of sin and repentance.

    Recently when I was feeling particularly burdened at the state of things, the Lord reminded me of two things: (1) The state of the world has been horrible since the Fall. You can’t even read the first book of the Bible without seeing how far humanity can fall, and (2) I can only repent of my own sin. So I’ll join you in prayer, in open confession of my own sin, and in boldly standing on the Word of Truth and in my confidence of the love of my God!

  6. Something that is missing here is prayers that we will all come to know our own worth and value in the eyes of our Father. He died to know us, to give us life and life abundant,life eternal even.

    Women who truly understand their own worth and value in God eyes, do not have abortions,because how we perceive our selves is always how we are going to perceive our own off spring.

    Nearly every social problem we have these days stems from being unable to perceive ourselves and others as made in the image of God. A bit worse for wear, a bit broken and damaged perhaps, but still made in the image of God.

  7. Harold says:

    Sending up a wall of prayer in daily waves! This is a wonderful,grand,movement to initiate.
    But,instead of sending this wave for some huge grandiose purpose like world peace or other generic large scope project ,why not open it up to specific pleas from individual persons out there in blog land .
    Surely, there are those with sick kin or a dear one waiting for a kidney donor who would feel consoled by that tsunami.
    Don’t know how to manage such a program, but it’s a thought.

  8. Julie, if we scroll back to the top of this post, we find where our focus should be. Thank you again for allowing us to voice our hearts in concern for the condition of our nation, remembering the sovereignty of our God, His will and plan to bring His people to Himself for His own glory. If we could act in HIs place, we would all be doing something different to correct humanity. We can all pray as we think and are led, and as we pray all things in the name of Christ, He will filter to the throne of grace what He wants to hear and answer. The Lord spoke through Jeremiah, “Cry unto me and I will answer, and show you great and mighty things you have not known.” This was not a promise to the world but to His own people who needed His deliverance.

  9. oneta hayes says:

    Julie, we are told in Leviticus 26:40-42 that we should pray (confess)for the iniquities of our forefathers…and I (God)will heal their land. Also Jeremiah 14:20, “We acknowledge our wickedness, O LORD, the guilt of our fathers; indeed, we have sinned against You.” We bear some responsibility for letting sin become rampant. Ezekiel particularly talks about God needing a watchman (a man to stand in the gap) but couldn’t find one. Even the well know Chron 7:14 “If my people….” sounds like it takes some unity – some togetherness. Also the Lord’s prayer is patterned with plural pronouns. Interesting to me. I think this is a part of being in unity – a willingness to take the blame. I think I am in deep water, but I know we cannot just be satisfied with just confessing our own personal sins. BUT I do believe that is the first place to start. Like Isaiah when he saw the Lord, he first response was “Woe is me…” Perhaps I need to be yanked back to the number one principle of prayer, “Just Do It.”

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