Now what did I tell you Mr. Sanders, and minions, about all those isms???

Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance,
and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.

Winston Churchill

****As I write my posts the afternoon/evening prior to the morning I post them…
I’d like to hold off a day longer on the prayer results…
holding off in order to allow those who check-in in the evenings a chance to weigh in
should they desire—all before I tallied and shared our consensus…

And with that being said, I’m turning our attention today to more of a current events sort
of posting.

My daughter-n-law teaches social studies to 6th and 8th-grade kids in a parochial school.
She has taught in both public and private schools.
She knows first hand that each type of school has its own share of hurdles and challenges…
throw in the requirements from the State and it can be a real minefield.

So in one particular class, she was discussing the latest rise of the
Progressive Left’s leanings towards Socialism…
rather the notion of today’s Democrats now proclaiming the virtues of Socialism.

I’ve written until I am blue in the face about the ills of Socialism, Communism, Fascism,
Nazism, Totlalianism, Post Christian Progressivism, Liberal Nationalism…
the seemingly nonending and very incurable illness of the isms.

With the current hype in the news of all the young up and coming whippersnappers in the
House singing the songs of Socialism…in part because of the likes of
Mr. Bernie Sanders who was the lead singing Siren during the past election…
my daughter-n-law knew she needed to come up with a teachable moment…
one that her kids would be able to wrap their heads around…
one that could be relatable.

Because we all know that not many Middle School or Junior high age kids can,
let alone care to, actually grasp the magnitude of such a vast array of political and or
governing options…
ideals and ideas that border along the likes of various philosophical schools of thought.

Heady philosophical ponderings quickly fade from the minds of “Tweens” who are more
concerned about when it’s time for lunch, when will the bell ring, when will school let out,
who likes who on this particular day, what time is practice after school…
Political ideologies pale down the line of the life of a middle schooler’s priorities.
And yet we are witnessing an indoctrination of sorts taking place with our children.

My daughter-n-law knew that one of her students was having a birthday.
So she brought in a birthday cake, proclaiming that the class would be celebrating his birthday.
Happy and most pleased to have a cake as well as all the attention,
the young boy was feeling pretty good about how the class would now be going…it was
a school day that would be “his” day.

However, my daughter-n-law explained that since the class had been discussing Socialism, she
would let the birthday and the cake fall under the Socialist umbrella.

The student was now a bit apprehensive, yet the allure of a nice big slice of cake overtook
his concern as to what his teacher might be up to.

My daughter-n-law proceeded to cut up the cake into about 2 inch little squares.
No big tasty slices.
She proceeded to hand out all the little pieces to each now bewildered student.

When the birthday boy received his 2-inch square of cake, a cake that was supposed
to be “his” cake, he immediately inquired, rather irritated, as to why his piece was so small
given the fact that it was his birthday and his cake.

Their rather sly teacher explained that this was how Socialism was to work—everyone,
despite their participation, their input, their assistance, their birthday…or not…
were all to receive an equal portion…no more, no less.

That’s how it is to work.

The student, along with his classmates, suddenly grasped the concept of what Socialism
would mean…and they were no longer keen on that particular ‘ism’.

I wrote a post a while back about ‘isms’ with the words of John Dewy leading the post:

“For in spite of itself any movement that thinks and acts in terms of an
‘ism becomes so involved in reaction against other ‘isms that it
is unwittingly controlled by them. For it then forms its
principles by reaction against them instead of by a comprehensive,
constructive survey of actual needs, problems, and possibilities.”

John Dewey

That former post came back to mind when I recently caught a news story entitled
“5 things Bernie Sanders doesn’t want you to know about Socialism”

Sanders being a man who wants to equally divide everything amongst everyone but who
lives rather lavishly himself.
Three lovely homes that he doesn’t seem to be equally divvying up and sharing.

A man who touts equity but has long courted the likes of the fallen Soviet Union and
Fidel’s crumbling Cuba.

This story then leads to another story…that Sanders actually spent his honeymoon in the USSR.
He had parlayed a courting trip of Soviet leaders into an equally pleasurable trip for a honeymoon.

Not exactly my idea of a romantic honeymoon.

Sanders also excitedly visited Communist Cuba at a time when Americans knew the dangers of
Cuba’s link to the Soviet Union

He also attended a celebration for the anniversary of the Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua.

Sanders seems to have an affinity for all this Communist.

And whereas an aging 77-year-old Communist wannabe will most likely not receive the Democratic
nomination for the 2020 election…it is the young, ignorant of the past, up and coming
seemingly glamorous darlings of the Democratic party that will be the real shakers
and movers of a serious shift in our Nation’s sense of identity.

They don’t understand that they are desperately trying to force open Pandora’s box.
Ignorant of history.
Ignorant of man’s affinity for selfishness.

And yet history teaches us that dictator after dictator, regime after regime, ism after ism…
each eventually crumbles and fades away…unable to maintain the staying powers of
both Democracy and freedom.

Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism.
George Washington

26 comments on “Now what did I tell you Mr. Sanders, and minions, about all those isms???

  1. says:

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the Cook tree, does it? What a great teachable moment. Wish we had more teachers like her.

    • I know— breaking down a hard to digest ideology into something they could readily relate to… she’s good that way 👍

      • says:

        What a blessing to have a daughter in law of the same mind. I’m fortunate that way also.

      • That’s another post— we never shied away from discussing with Brenton our political feelings as they were equally linked to our life’s outlook and principles— yet I have many a friend who are parents of a millennial who will not engage in contradictory dialogue regarding what is wrong with the new cultural relativism with their child so as not to upset them— not explaining what is morally just, what is sinful etc.. not wanting to upset their child all the while letting them race to the arms of a culture now devoid of God

  2. says:

    She’s fortunate to be able to start such a dialogue. I doubt she’d be able to in a public school. It’s really sad what has happened to parenting in the last couple decades. I suppose we started it by wanting our kids to have a good self image, but its gone overboard to the point that parents are afraid of their own children?

  3. Socialism hurts the very people it claims to help – the poor. Every time a Democrat won’t answer a question about “how we’re supposed to pay for this”, they’re admitting that they only know how to even out the cutting – they don’t know how to actually make the cake bigger.

    • I caught an AOC moment on the news last evening when she had a mic and was asking the camera “How do you want to do it? How will you make it happen…ok then, you can’t, so I’m the boss…”
      Lots of rhetoric, lots of glam, lots of wide eyes and hip social media flare…but no true grasp of reality…as in do we just print more money to pay for things you think are the fix alls??
      Talk is cheap as that is all that it is…Tell them what they want to hear…but Heaven’s forbid you can actually make it work.
      What did I use to hear back in the day…Communism works on paper and that’s the only place it works—I think Mr Gorbachev could tell us that.

      • All true. Unfortunately, left-wing voters will still vote left rather than agree with Christians on even one thing, it seems.

      • So sadly true my friend because they clump us in a category — that way they can easily and readily dismiss us as equally deranged — just label us wrong and it’s the end of discussions or examinations- nice and neat without introspection or questioning the concept of something ever being greater then our selfish wants and desires

  4. hatrack4 says:

    One of the top political cartoons of this past week was a man saying how great Bernie was, but where is the money coming from to pay for all this. While the guy is saying this, Bernie is hugging him with one arm while lifting his wallet with the other.

  5. Reblogged this on Talmidimblogging and commented:

  6. oneta hayes says:

    Great lesson. One part left out. First she should have cut herself a big portion with the goodies on top since she was representing the government who was dividing the cake. That might be overboard for a class, but it is what socialism/communism does or there would be no incentive for leaders to pull all the sheep/goats into such a scheme. Do I really believe Sanders/et al want to divide their possessions with the “little” people?!

    • Helllooo dolly NO!!!
      You’re right, she should have—
      A while back I watched some history doc about the early leaders of the Russian revolution— the couple the scene focused on moved into a palace/ home of those run out / killed by the revolutionaries—they began loving the trappings they “inherited” wearing the finery— loving the silverware, the jewelry— funny how that works

    • thanks Oneta…I’ll check it out soon. I was waiting for your input…

  7. Citizen Tom says:

    I hope the celebrated student digested the idea of using his birthday to teach a lesson well. People are ridiculously sensitive these days.

  8. SLIMJIM says:

    Good analogy with the cake by your daughter in law! Socialism has serious issues

  9. Lynn says:

    Most young people don’t know what Socialism is! And that includes young adults… guess they need the Birthday cake lesson as well 🙂 ❤

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