infinite through finite

In tribulation immediately draw near to God with confidence, and you will receive strength,
enlightenment, and instruction.”

St. John of the Cross

“From the natural point of view, we come to know God from the vestiges of Himself that
He has left in the splendors of the visible universe:
the blazing red sunset, the snow-covered mountain peaks, the graceful flight of a bird,
the breathtakingly magnificent complexity of a single living cell.
On a still more exalted level, we know Him in the loveliness of the saints–
but it remains a knowledge of the infinite through the finite.”
Fr. Thomas Dubay, p.188-89
An Excerpt From
Fire Within

3 comments on “infinite through finite

  1. oneta hayes says:

    For those who have so many questions about God, imagine what it would be like if you told us about himself speaking from the language and vocabulary of the infinite. He used finite pictures of himself such as Father, spoke of his right arm and eyes, compared to eagles and sparrows. That’s good enough for me. I believe but cannot even understand omnipotent! Is the Mayor demanding your best today?

    • The mayor has sucked out the life of me— plus Gregory and I thought we’d be smart ( ok, I thought we should be smart) and we got the shingles shot Tuesday the day before we were to pick up the mayor— well we both had terrible reactions— fevers, violent chills— and still feel like crap while babysitting— Brenton has the flu so they wanted us to keep autumn for a few days so she might not catch it— this despite Brenton having had the flu shot-so — so much go all these shots!!!!

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