calling turkeys

The life of a Christian is to be different than the life of the unbeliever.
Like all human beings, Christians need certain things of this world to live,
but Jesus calls us to be primarily occupied with living for the kingdom.
If we do this, He promises that the things we need for life on this earth
will be given as well.

Ralph Martin
from Fulfillment of All Desire

(Cades Cove, wild turkeys /Julie Cook/ 2015)

I may have mentioned this before but my husband is an avid outdoorsman.
He’s been this way ever since he was a young boy.

Such is the predisposition of anyone having grown up in a more rural
area of the state.

And despite my having been born to a city a dwelling family, I too love the outdoors.

Now my husband has hunted and fished his whole life—
and I must say that one of the more colorful seasons of hunting is that of turkey hunting.

The other morning we were outside on the back deck, grabbing our first cup of coffee
for the day, when I heard that unmistakeable wobbling echoing from deep within the woods…


If you’ve never heard a real turkey gobbling–do a quick youtube search in order to hear
that worbbly gobbling because it really is quite humorously unique.

Being the ever-ready hunter, my husband had his turkey call mouthpiece within arms reach.

With a glint in his eye and turkey call ready to pop in his mouth, he tells
me to “listen and watch”…

My husband then proceeded to make that lovely musical sound for any and
all male turkeys…that chirping sound of a female hen looking for amore.

Sure enough—there was an echoing return, a gobbling that was louder—
and I could tell the sound was closing in.

My husband “putted” again (that’s what you call a female’s response).

The responding male, or tom turkey, was now louder and much closer.

Turkeys crack me up.

They aren’t the smartest birds in the wild.

The male gobbler, or tom, will literally come in running, puffed up, tail unfurled,
strutting his stuff, in an attempt to look as attractive as possible
for his “lady”, when he hears the call.

(a tom turkey’s tail / Julie Cook / 2014)

Sadly however during hunting season, that ‘lady’ is often a hunter looking
to put a turkey dinner on the table.

And so it is with this thought of calling in turkeys that my thoughts have turned toward
Washington D.C as our capital seems to be rife with its fair share of turkeys…
both toms and hens.
A rafter of turkeys—with a rafter being what we call a flock of turkeys.

Washington is plumb full.

It’s kind of how I feel when I see a certain youthful and prideful politician wag her finger at
the camera all the while extolling the issues as to why the opposition dislikes her.

Despite being a female, this particular politician puffs up for the camera much
like a tom turkey, with a most youthful and prideful zeal, much like that of
the tom turkey—
all the while acting more like a jake…a jake being a young male turkey who
lacks that old tom wizened wisdom.

She’s too young and too inexperienced to understand what makes wisdom what it is…
She falls prey to what she has perceived as real but in actuality is false.
Something that an old and wiser turkey would know to be false.

The older birds are not lured in as readily to an initial call as
are those younger more eogtistical birds.

Falsehoods such as a farce of some far fetched expensive new Green Deal—
or that of polarizing Socialism.

She has temper tantrums, screaming as loud as possible, popping her head back and forth
in an effort to silence what is Truth…a display indicative of a younger,
more inexperienced turkey.

The Henny Penny, the sky is falling lunacy that now besieges us…
The world will end in 12 years.
The Republicans amended the constitution to end FDR’s run.
The methane resulting from a cow’s excessive flatulence will kill us.

On and on she rants…puffing up ever grander and larger while feeling her oats
in hopes of luring in the unexpected.

But what of the other turkeys…what of those who now demand that convicted felons
should be allowed to vote–when a key component to breaking the law is to lose that
same right to vote…
a repercussion, a consequence, of not following the rules…

Yet turkeys find repercussions passe…

Just like allowing illegal aliens the right to vote in a country of which they are not citizens..

May the dead now recast their votes.

Or what of all the chatter over reparations?

What of those turkeys…turkeys who puff up all feathery for those unseen voters promising that
slave owners and businesses that profited from such, albeit it now 200 years past, must
repay those of some sort of slave heritage…

How might that ever work???

Turkey’s don’t care care how things work… not as long as they look puffy and pretty
for those luring calls

And what all turkeys must remember…someone is always patiently waiting
in the wings, waiting on having a naive turkey over for dinner.

(a poor tom turkey who was looking for love in all the wrong places / Julie Cook / 2014)

Talk no more so very proudly, let not arrogance come from your mouth;
for the Lord is a God of knowledge, and by him, actions are weighed.

1 Samuel l2:3

22 comments on “calling turkeys

  1. says:

    I love how you transitioned from hunting to politics. Every time you write a political post, you ruffle my feathers. I truly was going to give up ranting for Lent, but you have spurred me on and puffed me up once more. I’ll wait a couple weeks to respond in full display however.

  2. hatrack4 says:

    I remember singing in a quartet in elementary school, maybe first grade. We sang Old McDonald. The teacher required us to sound like the animals on our farm. The guy who raised quarter horses and the guy who lived on a dairy farm had it easy. The pig farmer and me, the turkey farmer, wanted to run away from home.
    As for Washington, the old philosopher who said democracies never live beyond about 200 years is off a little. Our lives have experienced the apathy phase of decline, leading to the entitlement phase. Once the nation thinks that the government should pay them to do nothing – we will be totally dead as a democracy. Only God can change it, and He may be fed up with our apathy at church.

  3. Tricia says:

    I love wild turkeys, they are so interesting to watch. Big, lunky things, squawking about. Very much like our current congressional inhabitants yes, although that is perhaps to large an insult to turkeys.

  4. SharaC says:

    Ha!! They are the dumbest birds ever! We have them occasionally waddle up into our yard and they look just utterly confused… but confident in a scary way. Lovely analogies!!

  5. oneta hayes says:

    I have yet to hear how a Democrat nominee will handle Russia, gas prices, putting several million illegals to work, decrease pharmacy prices, provide homes for the homeless, serve up enough jobs for all the functionally illiterate people who will be graduating free universities….. oh, but they are going to stop global weather patterns, provide healthy bodies for all, clean the plastic from the ocean, and build tunnels through the Rockies and bridges to Hawaii. When the votes are counted, our country will be led by sixteen year olds, convicts, illegals, dope smokers, street people, dead people and their mentors. Tell me from that crew where will the money come from. Yeah, yeah, yeah! Let’s hear it for the Dems.

  6. Citizen Tom says:

    It is a pleasure to sée the wild turkeys making a comeback. Hardly ever saw them when I was young. Just the other day, however, I spotted one feeding not too far from the road between a police station and a university campus. It was in a grassy area next to a small patch of woods.

    The turkeys in Congress provide no such pleasure. In fact, it is an insult to turkeys to refer to them as turkeys. Shame on you.😉

  7. SLIMJIM says:

    What a vivid analogy!

  8. lynnabbott says:

    I love your stories and analogies! You are brilliant! ❤

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