How we continue to make God into matter…and does it matter?

We try to make Jesus present…
Gavin Ashenden

Firstly—yes, it does matter that man continues to attempt to make God into matter…
because that means that where the spark of the Creator remains,
the created continue to seek Him…

I was so very blessed yesterday when I got to watch the video, included below,
that was actually an interview between Bishop Gavin Ashenden and the British journalist
Rodney Hearth concerning the good bishop’s observation regarding the fire at Notre Dame.

Bishop Ashenden does a marvelous job of sorting through this emotional event from the lens
of a Protestant…

Contrary to popular belief, Anglicans / Episcopalians are Protestants…
and as I’ve tried explaining before, Catholics are not some sort of two-headed monster.

I’ve grievously come to realize that many of the Protestant faith do not understand
why everyone is making such a to do over the fire at Norte Dame.

Sadly they do not see the relevance to their own faith.

And that is in part…a lost lesson in history.

Yet I am not here today to teach but rather to share.

The good Bishop explains that humankind has always attempted to make God into what
we all can comprehend…that being matter–the same of which we are made.

This is why the ancient churches and cathedrals were built—man reaching upward
to the unseen Creator—a tangible to the nontangible.

With regard to this very tragic and very public fire,
the good Bishop notes the significance of fire and the Christian faith as a
“Theology of Fire.”

He also shares the observation of crisis—of which this fire was…
as it is just one more piece to the crisis of the collective Church in Europe,

Crisis in Greek, κρίσις, translates to judgment.

And when we stand in judgment, we are exposed to God’s fire—
It is a fire that burns away the dross… that of our sin—
It burns but it equally cleanses when we repent…becasue we are cleansed by a Holy fire.

But on the other hand, if we do not repent, we are also exposed to Holy fire—
however, this is the fire of Holy Judgement and in that unrepentance,
we are cast into an unending inferno.

It was not lost on either of the men that ironically, there is a symbol of Christianity
burning on an island that was flanked on either side by the right and the left banks…

In the reality of the current battle being waged by the culture gods of secular relativism
as they strive to prevail, working earnestly to erase any vestige of our Judaeo / Christian
heritage…the Left fights the Right over which values our culture must embrace—all the while,
in between these two warring factions sits the Church— engulfed in a raging inferno.

The key question to Christians and to all of Christianity, a question I continue to ask—-
how will we, the faithful, respond?

“Interpreting the great fire of Notre Dame.” Gavin Ashenden in conversation with Rodney Hearth.

10 comments on “How we continue to make God into matter…and does it matter?

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  2. g.w says:

    I believe that is the most colorful photograph of a building fire I have ever seen. The photo at the top of your post. It reminds me of a fire of the Spirit as I would imagine it.

  3. Thank you— it was the image Gavin Ashenden used in his post— I actually saw on a news site that a woman in Scotland believe, as odd as it was to believe, that she saw the image of Jesus in flames— and when I looked at the picture, I saw it as well.

  4. Lynda Clayton says:

    Great explanation of cathedrals and especially of Mary who always brings us to her son!

  5. SharaC says:

    Lovely perspective… I have seen and read some scathing arguments as to why we Protestants shouldn’t care and how the whole place was bad etc. and I think they must have all been written by folks who have not once stepped foot into such a place. 😦

    • Lordy knows, don’t get me started!!!
      It matters to every Christian as does St. Peter’s, Cologne’s cathedral, Haggi Sophia, the bombed ruins of Coventry cathedral.., as does every cathedral and church, large or small, Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant as they are the outward symbol of man’s reach and yearning upward to His true self— that of being in the embrace of his Father — if you have 15 spare minutes, watch the video interview— very very good—when I feel better – I’ll give us all another history lesson

  6. lynnabbott says:

    So true that many don’t understand or appreciate the loss represented here. Thank you for so clearly expressing it, dearest Julie! ❤ ❤

  7. Dawn Marie says:

    Fascinating post, Julie and I truly appreciated the wisdom you shared & the insight from the video. Hugs to you for doing so!

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