Happy first birthday, yesterday

Yesterday marked a tiny milestone in the life of our newest and smallest addition– One week old!

We marked the occasion with a trip to the pediatrician for a weigh-in— 7.8 pounds– 4 ounces more than his birth weight! So a move in the right direction!!!

Happy week birthday James!

16 comments on “Happy first birthday, yesterday

  1. hatrack4 says:

    Will it be James? No Jim, Jimmy, Jimbo, or Jamie? My brother was Jimmy until he was Jim, then as a preacher he got a vanity plate BRO JIM. I had a boss that might just fire you if you said anything other than James – ticky about it.

  2. That announcement is a “New step” in life.

  3. Joy Holley says:

    Happy First Week, James! He is so beautiful, and I’m so glad he’s doing better!

  4. oneta hayes says:

    Yes, James, way to go. Encouraged by that good news. I know it brings you joy, and that he brings you joy. How’s the Mayor?

  5. Dawn Marie says:

    Praise be for milestones met!! And he is absolutely precious!!!! How is the Mayor adjusting to the additional cuteness in the same abode??

  6. SLIMJIM says:

    Aww a cute little guy!

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