they came, they played, they departed and now they’re in the ER

(the Sheriff today for Father’s day / Julie Cook / 2019)

(James currently at Children’s Hospital in Atlanta / 2019)

If you’ve ever had grandchildren, you most likely already know how quickly your
neat, orderly and tidy little world transforms when they are tiny, young and small.

Your life turns upside down while your heart grows both deep and wide.

(what was our family room)

(The Mayor’s new Woobooville office / Julie Cook / 2019)

You get tired, overwhelmed, happy, crazy and filled beyond measure…
You are not as young as you once were…the heightened momentum can leave you lagging.
Your stamina lessens, your bones and joints ache and as my husband loves to remind me,
“you’re no spring chicken anymore you know.”

The heck I’m not!!!

You work to keep up.
Chasing, running, scooping up, rocking, kissing, holding, feeding, cleaning, bathing
Never stopping until they drop…

And then they look at you and smile or they kiss you, or they cling to you sobbing when
it’s time to leave, and your heart simply explodes…it nearly shatters from what can only be
explained as pure love…
because it is at these moments that you actually realize that this is all about
something so much more than yourself.

When you are the young parent(s), you are so busy living the day to day, getting everyone
through the day by day in one piece…working, living and surviving, you don’t have the time to actually
step outside of the moment and see it for what it is.

That’s the joy of becoming a grandparent…you have that ‘outside of the madness’ perspective
that shows you just how precious all of this really is…

That’s why you jump right in and roll up your sleeves.

And so it was…
For the past four days, our own world has been transformed.
We babysat, we enjoyed, we worked and then we celebrated Father’s day on many different levels…

And as the day waned and it was time to go, the tears began to flow.

And once they all returned back home, the call then came.

“His fever is high again, we’re going to the ER like they told us to do if it spiked again.”

And so I ask that you will please join our little family in prayers over our little James.
Prayers for healing from the lingering fever and infection.

As I type we are waiting on the cultures to return to determine if they keep him again.
We are praying they will send them back home.

It’s up in the air as to whether I will go or stay.

Happy Father’s Day to all and thank you for saying prayers for our little James.

28 comments on “they came, they played, they departed and now they’re in the ER

  1. Praying for little James right now, Julie. May the Lord pour His healing all over the little guy and pour wisdom all over his doctors.

    • Thank you IB— Abby just called and they are letting them go home tonight- thank Heavens!!!— they go meet with the surgical urological specialist in a week – meanwhile he stays on antibiotics and prayerful with all fevers at bay!!!!

  2. Wally Fry says:

    Wow. We just spent the day with ours so this resonates. Many prayers Julie.

  3. krc says:

    cool tent!

  4. oneta hayes says:

    Such lovely babies. I’ve come to the conclusion the reasons the pictures shows lovely babies must be because they are such lovely babies posing occasionally as Mayor and Sheriff. 😀 May the Healing Savior keep James peaceful and pain free in his journey to good health. And give the adults good comfort all the way around. Pour on the smoochies.

  5. So glad little James was released from hospital. Sending you a special prayer in these times of emotional turmoil.

  6. says:

    I was about to ask for God’s intervention when I saw your comment to IB. I praise him for watching over James and for placing his comforting wings over all of you. May he guide the doctors, ease the parents and you and continue to heal this precious little boy. I’m glad you had a good Father’s Day in spite of another trip to the ER. God bless you all.

    • I think Abby’s nerves are shot— his temp just hovers at that dreaded number— due to his age, if the temp reaches 100.4 he must be taken to the ER—and he runs right around 100 — I’ve had to bring Percy to Atlanta to have his cast changed and sutures out. They’ll put on a new cast — between both boys— I’m a wreck— had I known what all Percy’s surgery would entail I think I would have waited if at all possible— but then that was an exposed bone — praying for healing and wellness all the way around!!!!

  7. hatrack4 says:

    Glad to here James is better, but we’ll keep praying.

  8. SharaC says:

    Glad to see he’s better… praying for continued guidance and health. Your house looks like the place that some beautiful memories are made!

  9. Spoken like a true grandma!! Glad to hear he is better but will keep the whole family in my prayers.

  10. lynnabbott says:

    Your Woobooville posts always bring a huge smile! Such beautiful grandchildren! Love this! Love you! ❤ ❤

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