Be careful to whom and to what you show favoritism towards…

As our country is in the process of rejecting its Christian roots,
it now appears that we are losing the fruits as well.

Rev. David Robertson

A week or so ago, I wrote a post featuring the words of our good friend from
across the pond, the Scottish Presbyterian Pastor David Robertson.
David was writing about how a fellow ‘man of the cloth’ had come under fire
for merely quoting from David’s blog, The Wee Flea…

He cited David’s words and in turn David reports that:
“It was described as a ‘rant by a furious vicar’.
He was just challenging the current fashion to indoctrinate children with the basic
tenets of Queer theory.
Not least the belief that gender is not connected with biology and can be changed.”

When writing a weekly column in his church’s newsletter, the News media outlets
went bonkers over this poor vicar’s desire to quote David .

shhhhhh…don’t tell anyone, but I actually quote from David’s blog quite often!
And I’m doing so again today.

Chalk it up to the delirium of grandmotherhood duty coupled by worry or simply
from wanting to speak the Truth…but it appears as if I’m quoting again…


David observes that we are finding ourselves living in “the end of rationality”
and I for one, totally concur.

It’s as if our culture has been attacked by some massive rabid raccoon and is now suffering
terribly from a fatal case of hydrophobia…aka, rabies.

For it seems clearly apparent that our uber progressive liberal and anti-Judeo Christian society
is on an insatiable quest of being increasingly intolerant to any deviation from what David
notes as a New Orthodoxy.
It is this, “State’s” new doctrine—nothing more and nothing less.

Why do I hear leather goose-stepping boots reverberating in my brain?

David observes that even the Church is sadly now compliant as this poor Anglican vicar’s
superiors and diocese quickly distanced themselves from him and his newsletter, of which
quoted from David’s blog, by publicly stating that the vicar’s views are not “their” views.

David continues…
“It is just assumed that anyone who disagrees is out-dated,
doesn’t understand and is on ‘the wrong side of history’;
whereas those who are intelligent, virtuous and on ‘the right side of history’
can admire the finery of the Emperor’s new clothes.
But those who have eyes can see that the Emperor is naked.”

“…we are no longer concerned with what is right and wrong, but rather our ‘values’.
Although just quite how we arrive at these values and what they are based on,
is left unspoken.
You can have your views but if they go against ‘our values’,
you had better not express them. Or the Secular Inquisition will
investigate and insist on your recantation or punishment.

David closes his post with this startingly observation as well as a revelation…
The liberal/progressive thought police may not be as obvious as the
Saudi Arabian religious ones – but they are even more dangerous.
Using the tools of mockery, ignorance, superiority, and intimidation,
they have the ability to overwhelm and destroy any opponent.
The Church here has a tremendous opportunity –
not just to stand up for ourselves, but to speak up for those who cannot speak up
for themselves.
Who will stand in the gap?
Who will face down the new authoritarians and fight for freedom?
Peter Hughes has done so. As have others – including the Vatican.
Will Christians stand together with them?

And so the question is posed my friends…what will we as Christians do?
Will we simply capitulate and keep quiet or will we stand up against
this rabid “New State”?
Will we keep quiet so as not to rock the boat and our tidy little existence or
will we dare to speak what we know is the Truth?

“So everyone who acknowledges me before men,
I also will acknowledge before my Father who is in heaven,
but whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven.”

Matthew 10:32-33

The Religious Thought Police are Here

9 comments on “Be careful to whom and to what you show favoritism towards…

  1. Saania2806 says:

    People having Rabies are known to suffer the most painful death, it’s so scary

  2. says:

    Parents are ignorant because they are so busy trying to live, survive, nurture and do what is right for their children. They need to make time to see what’s really going on in their schools by attending school board meetings and electing the right people to serve on those boards. The ideologies sneaking into the minds of our children are sold as political correctness, but is actually stealing morality from them.

  3. Wally Fry says:

    Good morning Julie. I am going to make two comments. One is a funny story, and one is a sad story. So, the funny story first!

    We have raccoons in the trash dumpster at work. Who doesn’t, right? Anyway, one of my nightly jobs is to carry the days trash out. It’s important to be careful, as if you just pop the lid open, you might get a surprise as in a raccoon flying out. So, the other night I could hear one inside and cracked the lid so it could escape before I did my business. It apparently was happy to stay. So, I grabbed my one back, flung the lid open and hurled the bag inside full speed. The thing was the raccoon was leaping out full speed at the same time. Coon and bag collided mid-air and both disappeared back inside. A few moments later the poor raccoon appeared wobbly and stunned, but okay. He looked at me, and then jumped out and went on his way.

  4. Wally Fry says:

    Comment two. First, I don’t want anybody to misunderstand what I say here, so I will clarify my point early. Homosexuality is a sin, and the homosexual agenda is, in fact, trying to get Christians to shut up. Boys are boys, and girls are girls. No sweat.

    However, I think we have reached the point where we have the tail wagging the dog. In other words, we have seized upon external assaults as the problem and external sources as the solution. We blame the homosexual agenda for the morality problem and think our government(particularly the current one,) is going to fix it.

    Again, we should speak against homosexuality. That is clearly true. Yet, we have had a tendency to soundly ignore moral and sexual sin among our local assemblies. Things such as serial divorce, fornication and cohabitation, and sexual abuse. These, we have turned a blind eye too, and now we are paying the consequence. I can speak to this in a very real personal way.

    When the preacher preaches against same-sex marriage, and church leaders have children living together without benefit of marriage, and you holler “amen,” to that, but ignore THAT, then we have a hypocrisy problem. When the preacher puffs up and postures about how he would go to jail rather than perform a same sex marriage, yet won’t say a single word to his church leader about their problem, we have a hypocrisy problem. Seriously, if you won’t confront a brother about sin, what makes you think you would be willing to go to jail? When those who actually do speak against sin in the camp are identified as divisive and trouble makers, then we have a problem.

    I could go on but will close with this thought. Are we seizing on outside influences as a way to avoid actually doing what we are supposed to be doing? We seem to have a convenient scapegoat to blame for the moral decline in this country when the real moral decline is right in front of our faces and among us.

  5. Tricia says:

    Good post Julie, albeit a bit frightening. A simple article in a church newsletter all of a sudden becomes a hate filled rant written by Satan himself due to its anti progressive message. This type of stuff just promotes self censorship which I believe to be the most insidious kind and which I often fall victim to. It’s not the law or any formal policy that prohibits speech, but the person themselves out of fear of being labeled a backwards “hater”.

    Indeed it is strange times we live in.

    • I so agree Tricia— I’m constantly policing my thoughts and words— and it’s not because of some sort of law or mandate but more out of fear— for being deemed a pariah by this “new state” we find our selves living in— a very scary state it is and very reminiscent of the early days of nazi Germany

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