let’s take a break…and rest in the cure

“God does not fit in an occupied heart.”
St. John of the Cross

(a lovely piece of shelf fungus / Julie Cook/ 2019)

Let’s take a break from this business of the idiocy that is racing through this nation of ours–
this business of the Chronicles of the Asinine— and let us rather simply focus on the cure…

Jesus Christ.

“I do not wish the soul to consider her sins, either in general or in particular,
without also remembering the Blood and the broadness of My mercy,
for fear that otherwise she should be brought to confusion.
And together with confusion would come the devil, who has caused it,
under color of contrition and displeasure of sin, and so she would arrive at eternal damnation,
not only on account of her confusion, but also through the despair which would come to her,
because she did not seize the arm of My mercy.
This is one of the subtle devices with which the Devil deludes My servants, and,
in order to escape from his deceit, and to be pleasing to Me,
you must enlarge your hearts and affections in My boundless mercy,
with true humility. You know that the pride of the Devil cannot resist the humble mind,
nor can any confusion of spirit be greater than the broadness of My good mercy,
if the soul will only truly hope therein.”

St. Catherine Of Siena, p. 94
An Excerpt From
Dialogue of St. Catherine of Siena