wants and fears

“You are asking for something that would be harmful to your salvation if you had it—
so by not getting what you’ve asked, you really are getting what you want.”

St. Catherine of Siena

(black-eyed susans / Rosemary Beach, Fl / 2019)

What really hurts is not so much suffering as the fear of suffering.
If welcomed trustingly and peacefully, suffering makes us grow.
It matures and trains us, purifies us, teaches us to love unselfishly,
makes us poor in heart, humble, gentle, and compassionate toward our neighbor.
Fear of suffering, on the other hand, hardens us in self-protective,
defensive attitudes, and often leads us to make irrational choices with disastrous consequences.”

Fr. Jacques Philippe, p. 47
An Excerpt From
Interior Freedom

8 comments on “wants and fears

  1. pkadams says:

    Hmm, never thought of it that way. Good perspective! I was just telling my friend of all the things I am fearing right now and they all would cause me suffering. Guess I need to change my attitude.

  2. Tricia says:

    “……So by not getting what you asked, you really are getting what you want. ” Ouch! But so true. Nice post Julie, made me think a bit.

    • Me too Tricia— so often I pray for something that I think is utterly important and necessary and God is like “oookay if you really think your sinful choice is worth it…” or is just a dead wrong choice since I cant see how everyone around me would be affected and in turn allows it —-Or, which is more often the case, He just knows it’s totally wrong and then I “hear” nothing —and I go and get terribly frustrated until way down the road…when I can finally see and then l’m like “ohhhh”

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