what does forgiveness look like

I had prepared an entire post for this morning that was to continue with the
discussion from yesterday regarding prayer…but that post will just have to wait until tomorrow.

It has to wait because I just finished reading the latest post from our friend
David Robertson…our favorite Scottish pastor who is now our favorite
down under pastor.
His post, or what I consider to be more of a reflection, centers on a leading US headline.

It is a post about the US news story regarding the trial of the white female police officer
who unbelievably walked into her neighbor’s apartment—
a neighbor who was a young black male–
She mistakingly thought it was her own apartment, and in turn, shot the neighbor
as he sat on the couch eating ice cream…
All the while thinking he was a burglar in her apartment.

I won’t even begin to try to go into the surrealism of this story.
The attempt of understanding this particular case—
a case which eludes the mind and prevents any ability to comprehend how or
why this could have ever happened.

Of course, there are currently a myriad of angry voices expressing their take to this
entire sad tale…but in the end…there are no words.

There is only tragedy, loss and death.

Or so that is what we would be lead to believe.

Yet there is one individual in all of this who has shown us otherwise.

It is the 18-year-old younger brother to the 26-year-old victim who tells us all that there
is much more to this story…

This is what forgiveness and love look like (David’s full post follows the clip)

Here is the link to David’s post…

Amber Guyger and Brandt Jean – Forgiveness – the Most Radical Teaching of Christ – in Practice

9 comments on “what does forgiveness look like

  1. hatrack4 says:

    But for the liberal media on this morning’s news – force fed due to waiting in hospital waiting rooms while my wife had multiple tests… The news barely mentioned the hug, never the forgiveness, and liberally wasted everyone’s time of the idiot protestors in the hallway. We see the message of Jesus played out and the evil continues to spread. Yes, I read David’s article yesterday. Oh, and we won’t hear about the test results or what the surgeon thinks until tomorrow.

    • I respond as I’m sitting in the rheumatologist office waiting to do bloodwork— but I thanked David yesterday as I had not seen the forgiveness and hope of Jesus but like you, saw the protests and divisive vitriol

  2. SLIMJIM says:

    Wow he’s 18???
    It still moves me days later to hear of this

    • I obviously googled to see how old he was as the news reported him as the younger brother and the brother was I think 26…
      So I wanted to see how much younger.
      And I read he was 18.
      He said that he had no idea cameras were on and his family had no idea what he was going to say.
      They said that he had pretty much shut down after the shooting but had asked to speak at the sentencing.
      Since David’s post, I’ve seen other news stories about the Judge who also came down to embrace the defendant.
      She caught flack on all things social media for doing such but her response was perfect…she said it was a matter of the Bible…
      Love does win in the end does it not???

  3. Dawn Marie says:

    I earmarked this same video-clip on my instagram account….. To say I watch it every day is not an exaggeration. I pray it always remains earmarked on my heart. ❤️

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