critical mass

I actually don’t think it matters how early or late you are as long as you
hit critical mass.

Drew Houston

(someone is hiding / Julie Cook / 2019)

According to Merriam Webster:
Critical mass, [is] in nuclear physics, the minimum amount of a given fissile material
necessary to achieve a self-sustaining fission chain reaction under stated conditions.

Critical mass is a term most familiar in the world of physics but it is also now a key
term found in the world of business, retail and even social media.

Having recently returned from spending a bit of emergency time with the Mayor,
I have come to the conclusion, along with her parents, that she has reached critical mass…

That being the state in which the chain reactions, under stated conditions, are self-sustaining.

In laymen’s terms, we call this phenomenon the ‘terrible twos.’
A tantrum of the utmost extreme as demonstrated by the only age that can do justice
to such…that being the toddler.

We have all decided that the Mayor is obviously highly gifted as she is demonstrating this
most profound attribute actually 4 months before officially turning 2.

Meaning, given just the right conditions…such as a heightened sense of anxiety,
extreme irritability, cutting teeth, being under the weather, overt frustration and the
lack of not getting one’s way…all creates the perfect storm of emotions.

A complete meltdown ensues.

Wailing, flailing, streaming tears, screaming, snot, drool, kicking, hitting, slapping…
and what we have my friends is not a pretty picture but rather the example of critical
mass as demonstrated by one of the most powerful forces on the planet…
that of an angry toddler.

So opting rather not to capture those red alert critical mass moments from this
recent visit of caregiving, I chose instead to focus on those calmer
and happier moments as they just seem so much more fun…and so less stressful
for this said caregiver / grandmother.

The Sherrif is channeling his inner “Pops” aka my dad by donning his driving cap…

15 comments on “critical mass

  1. says:

    My third child was a perfect two year old, but once she hit three all hell broke loose. Maybe the Mayor will get it out of her system before the Sheriff turns two.

  2. hatrack4 says:

    Still praying for the sheriff with the upcoming surgery. Great picture of a handsome dude wearing a hat.

    As for the terrible twos, I am with Kathy, they come at different ages and last different lengths of time, based on our two and our five grandchildren. Our youngest grandson is a very happy kid, but he is loud and loves it when the adults roll their eyes into the back of their heads when he squeals. You’d almost prefer a tantrum at times.

    And your two children are close in age. Our last two grandchildren at a little over two years apart and the older girl is always fighting with her younger brother about space, toys, everything. Our granddaughter needs to learn how to share while the youngest needs to learn how to provide space. All I am trying to say is that the Mayor’s world changed when the sheriff came to town.

    • Oh I totally agree Mark!!!!—-and that selfish display is really emerging as she grows more and more cognizant of what she associates as “hers”— of which is most every toy in the house— and she knows her blankets vs his— so I have a new task of patience— teaching sharing and tenderness as we feared yesterday that she was going to throw a tray to a “bumbo” seat that was hers and if which she can no longer fit it, on his head in frustration — I’m getting too old for this!
      However I’m back next week for two days and then a week when he has surgery— so yes thank you for your prayers but please add one or two for biya or moppie or whoever I am on any given day 😑

      • hatrack4 says:

        Will do.

        You just reminded me of something our younger granddaughter did. My wife and I went to Omaha to visit the older grandchildren – not children anymore. We went to the famous zoo there and bought a furry stuffed animal for each of the younger son’s three children. First, the daughter, exchanged stuffed animals so that she claimed all three new ones and the boys got the ones she wasn’t interested in anymore. When she was punished for that, she soaked her brothers’ animals in baby oil, ruining them. If she wasn’t getting them, no one would. I think her older brother’s gift was the only one replaced. His name is Logan, but called Lolo and the new baby giraffe in Omaha is named Lolo. His uncle shipped him a replacement.

  3. SharaC says:

    Oh man are you sure because she’s just so darn cute!! Haha… how blessed they are to have you in their lives to spoil and guide them… grandparents are truly the best! ❤️

  4. oneta hayes says:

    A charming picture of both children. I love your tantrum description. Universally true I would assume – at least for the healthy. Aww, thanks God for healthy.

  5. Dawn Marie says:

    May God be with you during this CRITICAL time!😂😂😂

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