update on James

Before surgery…

(James with his daddy walking the halls before surgery)

After surgery

(James headed home after his ordeal)

It was a long day…
James’s surgery was successful…circumcised and his plumbing repaired.
There was an aside thought by some of the medical staff regarding the blue vein that has
been prominent on the bridge of his nose between his eyes since birth.
They have suggested a visit to the pediatrician and a genetic test as there may be an issue
with how his body’s cells process proteins.

But that will be an issue for another day because we are just breathing a heavy sigh of relief.

Thank you all for the prayers that have sustained us…
as those prayers will continue to sustain us throughout his recovery…
and those prayers will also help his sister, the Mayor, during this time
of the most terrible of the terrible twos…

My mom let me know all would be well…as her roses are actually blooming…
coming off such a heatwave followed by now freezing temperatures…
Perseverance…followed by blessings…

18 comments on “update on James

  1. What a handsome grandson. I’m praying for healing and blessings for baby James and the whole family. 💘💘💘

  2. Marie says:

    So thankful to see that all went well today. I am on vacation but have been praying for James and all of you today. God is SO GOOD! ALWAYS

  3. I’m thankful and pleased it all went well, Julie. Good news indeed.

  4. atimetoshare.me says:


  5. hatrack4 says:

    Thank you so much for the update. We’ll keep praying that the repairs have cleaned up the reflux issue.

  6. Salvageable says:

    I pray that his recovery will be complete and that the family will get a break from all these medical concerns. J.

  7. SLIMJIM says:

    I hope James is doing well

  8. Dawn Marie says:

    Prayers of gratitude for a successful surgical repair!! Continued prayers for healing and the Mayor. I’d be most interested to hear more about the blue vein…. our grand-daughter has this very same characteristic. 🤔

    • It’s called mthfr— I had been waiting for word from them all afternoon as to how surgery went, Brenton text that they were bringing him back… then the next text was
      MTHFR— I thought it was something awful as he was cussing—but he actually wasn’t cussing but was noting what they were saying James might have. After I regained my composure and responded with a frantic “WHAT” he told me that’s what the think James might have. And sent a link to what it is.
      It was actually the anesthesiologist who noted the pronounced blue vein and told them her son had the same thing— she had the pediatrician run a DNA profile and discovered he had the gene for MTHFR— the body’s blood cannot process certain proteins and it can lead to a variety of issues— some mild, some severe—- so once he’s back up and running it will be a trip to the doctor. She told them that many pediatricians are reluctant to run the screening but to insist — so we shall see— I’ll keep you posted— I’ve heard it referred to as a sugar bite— in some kids it dissipates over time, others not so.

      • Dawn Marie says:

        Thank you, Julie. I will definitely pass along the information accordingly. Hugs to you for sharing! God is pretty grand to send such special messengers…

      • Abby took him to urgent care last evening since he’s gotten a bit of a cough— just a little cold —but she asked that doctor’s opinion— The urgent care pediatric doc was more skeptical— told Abby just to pass it along to their pediatrician and she what she thought—

  9. Tricia says:

    Glad to hear thins went well with Baby James Julie. Oh that beautiful smile he has!

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