on board and out dated

“Recent generations seem to consider ‘old-fashioned’ thinking as out-dated
and without place in the modern world.
I beg to differ.
After all, who has greater faith?
He who looks to and learns from the past, or the man who cares
not for consequence?”

Fennel Hudson, A Meaningful Life – Fennel’s Journal – No. 1

(a shirveled little pear / Julie Cook / 2014)

The other day I caught a fellow blogger’s post regarding the soon to be splitting of
the United Methodist Church over the issue of recognizing gay marriage as a
sanctified union and thus conducting said weddings.

And I took issue with some of his thoughts.

I didn’t immediately respond, as I wanted to think about my words,
but I knew I disagreed with his take on things.

According to a separate article I read regarding the split, things appear amicable in
the proposed negotiating of the soon to be un-united Methodist Church–
An amicable split might just border on being an oxymoron when talking about divisions
stemming from differing views over foundational doctrine…with everyone seeming to
be all good with the parting.

“The United Methodist Church has decided to divide over the issue of same-sex marriage.
This is not surprising, given the longstanding disagreements on this matter that have
afflicted the denomination.
The UMC has arranged the separation in a remarkably civil way:
The proposed solution, formulated by a committee of members drawn from both sides of the debate,
will (hopefully) avoid the rancor and distress and disputes about properties and pensions
that have marked other such denominational splits in recent times.

Carl R. Trueman

The blogger’s post, for which I took umbrage, mentioned that he had been reared in the
Methodist Church and was naturally troubled by the proposed split…

I think we’d all agree that “splits” are never the desired outcome.
We really do want to keep things united as one.
Or so it seems we once did.

Yet think of this…we began with what was known as the Latin West Church,
otherwise known as The Church of Rome.
Shortly thereafter, we had the Eastern Orthodox Church of, naturally, the East…

So splits seem to be in our nature because from those original two,
we have spiraled into countless denominations,
of which each feels as if they are the ones who’s gotten it right and all figured out…
but I digress.

This particular blogger wrote that other denominations had “come to terms” regarding
same-sex marriages and that scientific facts now showed that the Bible was outdated and
out of step with said scientific facts.
Homosexuality was prewired and not a choice and therefore the Church, big C,
needs to step up and get in step.

I read just a bit more before I had to close out the post and leave for an appointment
but I made a mental note that I wanted to go back to the post and eventually respond.

Well, a few days passed and I went back into my reader looking for the post.
It is no longer there or at least I couldn’t find it if it was.
I scrolled and scrolled but just couldn’t find it.
It was not a blog that I follow but a blog post that I had seen as a
re-post by another blogger.
Since I couldn’t remember the particular blog’s name from whence the post
in question had come from, I suppose it was not meant for me to get into a
tit for tat with another blogger…
Because that is pretty much what happens when we comment often to the contrary of
what someone else has written.

A war of words so to speak.
A small microcosm of what is ailing our entire Nation, but again, I digress.

And so I will briefly share my umbrage here…as in, you are now the lucky recipient.

Unequivocally, and to the contrary, most denominations are NOT on board with gay marriage—
hence why ‘splits’ have been taking place for nearly a decade.

My dear ol’ Episcopal Chruch comes to mind.

The thought of schisms in the Episcopal Church can be traced back to the ’70s
when the notion of allowing women into the priesthood first took flight.
There was an exodus then with communicants going to more traditional “Rite I”
sort of churches.

Next came gay clergy and gay marriages all intertwined.
We saw another exodus with the founding of Anglican Chruch in North America.
Hence the split from the more liberal Episcopal Chruch to the more conservative
Anglican body of North America.

We are also seeing a huge exodus across the pond by more traditional Anglicans from
the very liberal body of the Chruch of England who is just all over the place
with what is being called “Queer Theory” and transgenderism as the issue over gay clergy
is now simply passe.

The Presbyterians, the Lutherans, the Methodists and yes even the Baptists are all wrestling
with the same divisive issue of a traditional fundamental belief in scripture verses a more
liberal interpretation and the progressive view that the Bible is outdated and simply
put, wrong.

The argument is that God is Love, Jesus is Love and the Church should, therefore, be love…
and so the thinking is that this should all be quite clear.
Clear that there is love within the LBGTQ communities.
So come one, come all because we are all about love.

And thus any church member who thinks otherwise is so last century and entirely out
of step with the new way of the world…so if you don’t like it or argue that
it is entirely against Scripture, then you, my friend, are considered hate-filled
and need to go elsewhere because the new church has no room for such thinking.

However, I find that the Bible is very specific when it comes to homosexuality,
sinfulness, sexual deviations, pansexuality, gender, etc.

It is not the Bible that needs changing but rather man’s sinfulness.

No one disputes that God is love.
He has a deep and abiding love for… the sinner….that being you and me.
Hence the birth, eventual killing, and resurrection of His Son.

So no, I don’t see that other denominations are basically “on board” with gay marriage
or all the new sprouting ‘life choices.’

To sin or not to sin is a choice is it not?

The Bible is very specific about sin and what constitutes sin.
God hasn’t changed His mind.
He has not had that “ah ha” Oprah moment of “yeah, I think they are right. I suppose
I do need to rethink my thinking on say, all those commandments…”

God is immovable.
He does not waver.
No matter how much we work to convince ourselves that our choices are ok
and therefore He’s ok with said choices.

So, in a nutshell, that’s my comment.

I the Lord do not change.
So you, the descendants of Jacob, are not destroyed.
Ever since the time of your ancestors you have turned away from my decrees and
have not kept them.
Return to me, and I will return to you,” says the Lord Almighty.

Malachi 3:6-7

12 comments on “on board and out dated

  1. It is my belief that one of the issues with our Christian witness is the tit for tat which often gets, oh well 😊 …The Word bathed in love, gentleness, kindness, and yes, compassion is a far greater witness. The Spirit is the One who changes hearts and minds and we often forget this truth. Thanks for this post and sharing Truth. Believing by faith that God will watch over His Word to see that it performs what He had sent it out to do. Blessings today!

  2. Salvageable says:

    The ecumenical movement of the last hundred years or so has led to a great deal of compromise, always to the “progressive” elements that want to ignore the Bible and preach a different message. But with that compromise splits have occurred as some leaders and many congregations refused to take the path of progressive compromise. Among the Lutherans, for example, the largest group (the result of a series of mergers) is the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) which is virtually indistinguishable from other liberal groups like the Episcopalians, the United Methodists, the Presbyterian Church in America, and the United Church of Christ. But there are also Missouri Synod Lutherans and Wisconsin Synod Lutherans who still hold to the Bible and to the founding confessions of the Lutheran Church. Likewise, certain Methodist and Presbyterian bodies have also avoided the progressive way and have held to their original teachings. As “mainstream” Christianity becomes increasingly irrelevant, some fall away from Christianity, but many more find their home in a traditional church body. J.

  3. […] via on board and out dated — cookiecrumbstoliveby […]

  4. oneta hayes says:

    Hey, Guys and Gals, scoot over and make room for me in your traditional church.

    • I suppose we’ll start our own 🤭

      • oneta hayes says:

        I think I just go on to what Heaven offers. Really though I have left the big contemporary for return to small traditional, but I had to change denomination to do so. I’m guess the Lord is present in the hearts of both congregations but he doesn’t demand that I go where I am uncomfortable. I want to think of him in the words of my songs, not the noise and tired feet. 😀 He is Master of Diversity.

  5. hatrack4 says:

    Before I started my blog, the only blog I had ever read was that of Ben Witherington III, who is a Methodist minister, and professor at a KY seminary. He is also whimsical, thus my attraction. He wrote maybe ten years ago that the Methodist church would split. He said the Liberals have been at it since the 60s on gays in the pulpit. The liberals had been bringing it up at the annual meeting every couple of years since. He wrote how that was their plan (making it sound straight from Satan) to whittle away. Sending the motion of Gay Marriage or Gays in the pulpit back to committee was a win. That gave them the chance for yet another vote on the issue, hoping the moral decline would swing the vote their way.

    As for splitting and reuniting, the Presbyterians have that down to a science. We, as individual Presbyterians, often argue with ourselves, but we have yet to figure out how to split ourselves, other than the cell division that happens all the time anyway.

    But give me some traditional denomination, or I’ll simply listen to good sermons and forget the garbage that is being thrown around me.

  6. ColorStorm says:

    God may love us, but He will not ignore our stupidity if we test our abilities to withstand -65” without a coat.

    He will still love us as we freeze to death. He is impartial- and our strange ideas about ssm do not impress Him.

    Try arguing with a carpenter’s level with your opinion of what is straight and true. The times they may be a changin….. but God is that perfect bubble. Can’t stand that liberal self made crap called ‘love.’

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