love always you must…

“Truly wonderful the mind of a child is.”

(a screen shot from my son’s televison / Julie Cook / 2020)

You might be wondering where I’ve been…or not.

It was supposed to just be a weekend visit.
Up to visit the grandkids.

I got to the daycare just following “something” having happened.
The owner was on the phone with a mom and she seemed very nervous
while trying to explain this “something” to the mom.
She looks up and tells me she’s talking to my daughter-in-law.

That sickening feeling hits my stomach.

What something??

Autumn fell.

She fell back, having pulled away from one of the assistants and fell onto her elbow.
Now her arm wasn’t “working”.
It was hanging limp at her side.

And I knew immediately that something was indeed wrong when they brought her out to me—
she just stood there staring at me…
not her typical jumping, running and squealing when she sees me.

Once I got them loaded up in the car, I called my daughter-in-law telling
her that I did think she should be seen.

We drove down to the pediatrician’s office meeting my daughter-n-law.

The doctor tried “manipulating” the arm, thinking it was dislocated—
which immediately sent Autumn wailing with pain.

But the doctor didn’t feel that the arm was “popping” back into place.
She sent us to the ER for x-rays.

No breaks showed up thankfully but the doctor wanted
us back in the office Saturday morning.

Autumn’s arm hung limply by her side for the remainder of the evening as she readily
made quick use of her left arm seemingly unphased.
But each time we tried bending the arm when taking off her shirt and putting
on her pajamas, she would cry.

Saturday morning, we were at the doctor’s office bright and early.
She tried popping the arm back into place but was unsuccessful.
She attempted putting the arm in a sling—that went over like a lead balloon.
A 23-month-old and a sling are not friends meant to be.
We were next scheduled to meet with a pediatric orthopedic Monday morning.

(The puny Mayor in her short lived sling with “ma” / Julie Cook / 2020)

Little by little over the weekend, we noticed Autumnn started using her arm a bit more
sparingly and gingerly.

The ortho doc said that the elbow could be fractured as the x-rays did not
focus on the elbow but rather the bones in the arm…the humerus, radius, and ulna
but he did not see a dislocation and doubted it was fractured.

He said it was a classic Nursemaid arm and that each day we should see improvement
as the arm probably did most likely “pop” back and was simply sore.

I headed home late Monday evening.

As a grandmother, I know that this will be the first of many calls…
calls about slips, spills, and falls.
Some will be scary, some will be minor and some will stop our hearts…

Oddly, during all of this, the Sherrif however never seemed phased by his sister’s mishap.

(the sheriff just happy as a clam / Julie Cook / 2020)

All I know is that there is no better place I’d rather be than in a big chair watching
cartoons with the two little people who I adore….dislocated or not.

Love always we must!

Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.
1 John 4:8

28 comments on “love always you must…

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  2. oneta hayes says:

    So lovely. Sorry about the hurts, but I assume the arm is working well again. Love the pictures.

  3. says:

    I’ve been praying for all of you. I know how precious grandchildren are and how much you love yours. It’s especially tough when they are hurting. Love you, Yoda❤️

  4. says:

    The photos are adorable!

  5. hatrack4 says:

    I agree with Kathy. The photos are adorable. The joys and sorrows of being a grandparent go hand in hand. We must focus on the hugs they provide, while being ready to hug them when the “oops” of life happen. My wife hopefully sent off a seven year old back to school after spending the weekend with the flu. Our son wanted to stay home as his head felt fuzzy, but my wife insisted that he go to work until he is running a fever. I think his confidence is gone, maybe a few more successful workdays…

  6. Salvageable says:

    I’m glad about the improvement, and I hope and pray it continues. Meanwhile, you deserve a break from all this medical drama. J.

    • Thank you and I know , right?!
      But I think I’ve failed to mention the bad report from last weeks routine mammogram— but that’s another story for another day and extensive testing tomorrow— I simply laughed when they told me… here’s to positive testing!!!!!

      • SharaC says:

        Well they are the cutest ever… and all I was thinking reading this unfold was “for heavens sakes doctors figure it out!” Glad she’s on the mend. I too got a less than stellar report this past week on mine, after some research and mostly prayer… I’ve learned they are wildly over-cautious in this stuff now. Which is good, but lead to a week of crankiness and some admittedly less than becoming behavior on my part. Prayers friend!

  7. Adorable photos! Nursemaid elbow is pretty common.

    Kids can also get emotional wounds in their bodies. I remember once, my son was about 3, and we had to carry him everywhere. This was after the doctors visits, the x rays, everything to rule out a genuine injury. His legs would just hang limp and he was sure they were broken. About a week went by and he finally realized they worked pretty well after all. Being little, being inexperienced, they don’t always understand their own bodies. 🙂

  8. Tricia says:

    Oh my goodness, I hope her arm has continued to heal Julie! What sweet pictures, you are such a good Grandma. 🙂

  9. SLIMJIM says:

    This is so hard to read! Poor Mayor! How is she doing this morning??

  10. Lynda Clayton says:

    Beautiful photos of love!!

  11. Poor baby. I hope she heals soon. ❤

  12. Dawn Marie says:

    Oh, no! The poor Mayor. Hoping she is well mended now. Blessings upon you for being such a LOVE-ing grandma. ❤️

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