Bats, civets, pangolins oh my…

“And since we cannot deceive the whole human race all the time,
it is most important thus to cut every generation off from all others;
for where learning makes a free commerce between the ages there is always
the danger that the characteristic errors of one may be corrected by the
characteristic truths of another.”

C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters


Faces only a mother could love…right?!

Or maybe a zoologist or a chiropterologist, or a butcher in a wet market in Wuhan…
or perhaps a people with some serious tastebud issues who frequent said “wet” markets…

Wet markets are just that, wet.

Think fishmongers, chicken farmers, duck farmers, eel farmers, scorpion gatherers, exotic
animal farmers…all buying, selling, butchering, gutting, scaling, bloodletting, preparing
right there together on top of one another while waters, bloods, entrails, feathers, scales, guts
skin all slosh and run together underfoot.
Oh, did I mention all the animal excrement mixing in as well?

Ahhh, the aroma… but do watch your footing lest you slip in the toxic slime.

Some of these tasty morsels are actually illegal to buy, sell or trade…
even by Chinese standards…let alone eat.
And yet…this melange of illness and destruction is allowed to continue.

Such markets are a toxic and deadly cocktail just waiting to happen.

Next, let’s throw in a virology lab also located in Wuhan, China

So tell me, do these animals look appetizing to you?

(The Guardian)

(zoo chat)

I didn’t think so.

These critters may be somewhat cute in their own distinct way and yet for some, they
ring of tasty delicacies.
But this affinity for forbidden foods coupled with a worldwide pandemic
have an odd connection—of which is simply not as cut and dry as it may seem.

The simple excuse is that someone ate a bat, or a civet, or a pangolin and in turn got coronavirus and
so now the world has coronavirus…well that cause and effect just doesn’t seem to hold water.

It’s not a simple case of Colonel Mustard in the study with a candlestick sort of cut and dry.

According to an article from The Guardian,
Prof Stanley Perlman, a leading immunologist at the University of Iowa
and an expert on previous coronavirus outbreaks that have stemmed from animals,
says the idea the link to the Wuhan market is coincidental “cannot be ruled out”
but that possibility “seems less likely” because the genetic material of the
virus had been found in the market environment.

Yet an even more telling tale of breadcrumbs leading to the root of the current evil that is
circumnavigating the globe is found in an article offered by the National Review

It seems that there is a certain Dr. Shi, aka China’s ‘bat woman’,
who has been studying bats and their diseases…
diseases such as SARS and Coronavirus for over a decade.

It seems that this particular lab earned one of the highest world standards
for the study of immunology and viruses—all but for the section of the lab where
Dr. Shi works.
A high rating is a notch in the belt for China– showing the world that China
is a world stage contender when it comes to the study
of immunology and viruses.

Yet Dr. Shi’s portion of the lab received a far lower safety standard rating.
Meaning it is not as stringently regulated as other parts of the lab.
Think a bit more loosey goosey.

According to a very interesting article from The National Review,
“Some scientists aren’t convinced that the virus jumped straight from bats to human beings,
but there are a few problems with the theory that some other animal was an intermediate transmitter
of COVID-19 from bats to humans:

Analyses of the SARS-CoV-2 genome indicate a single spillover event,
meaning the virus jumped only once from an animal to a person,
which makes it likely that the virus was circulating among people before December.
Unless more information about the animals at the Wuhan market is released,
the transmission chain may never be clear.
There are, however, numerous possibilities.
A bat hunter or a wildlife trafficker might have brought the virus to the market.
Pangolins happen to carry a coronavirus, which they might have picked up from bats years ago,
and which is, in one crucial part of its genome, virtually identical to SARS-CoV-2.
But no one has yet found evidence that pangolins were at the Wuhan market,
or even that venders there trafficked pangolins.”

Now one thing we all know, or those of us with any sort of historic sense, is that Communist
nations, and yes even former Communist nations, have never been on the up and up with pertinent
worldwide implication information…

Think Chernobyl…but I digress.

In the mind of China’s Communist Government, it might not be prudent to its world standing interest to
admit a major mea culpa, as in a “my bad” that we kind of let something get out of a lab of ours
that was not exactly of the highest standards.
Rather, let’s blame a nasty farmer’s market and call it a day.

So it might behoove all of us who are now locked down, sick or disrupted to demand China
take responsibility–as well as question why both the US and Canada have provided funding
to such a lab.

More questions than answers if you ask me.
Both articles are very telling and worth your reading.

26 comments on “Bats, civets, pangolins oh my…

  1. hatrack4 says:

    When you travel to China, you don’t see any “wild” animals. They are all in cages, ready for market. I know that I have eaten pigeon, as in pigeon on a statue in a park, not squab. I might have eaten other things. When the host puts something in front of you, you take a bite, at least, but I think they are knowledgeable about what “Westerners” don’t eat. My last trip was in 2013. I was staying in Zibo and I think the aluminum mill was near Zouping. When we exited the main highway, we immediately came to a shop that had dogs in cages. At the time, it didn’t seem to be a pet shop, never knowing what the shop was, but now I’m thinking it was a wet market.

    • My daughter-n-law tells me China has a dog festival where they round up dogs and “torture” them for fun and then eat them-where’s PETA when you need them!? 😑

      • hatrack4 says:

        I don’t think I need PETA, ever, but I know what you mean. Add to all this that the world shrugs off the latest influenza mutation, rolling up sleeves for the vaccine, but most start in China due to farming practices that are not done anywhere else. But the WHO director is defending them?

      • I agree about PETA but if they want to take people to task- albeit with their own vigilante ruthlessness- China would be the place

      • hatrack4 says:

        With all they’d have to do there, maybe they’d stay. Great idea!

      • Yep— funny story- after dad did Ed and I was going through everything it seems dad was a big time PETA contributor— yep— sweet simple dad— he was a big softie when seeing those commercials about animals and contributed to both the SPCA and even good old kill the people PETA— obviously after his death I informed them his contributions would end!

    • hatrack4 says:

      Oh, and an article yesterday from Fox News stated that the two independent journalists that reported the coronavirus outbreak (the one China was keeping quiet about) have now “disappeared.” I wonder if that was “wet work” or simply a trip to a reeducation camp.

  2. Robert says:

    I don’t think the apostle John, seeing the horsemen of the apocalypse galloping around, assumed they were Chinese, sorry Roman cavalry.

  3. says:

    There are bound to be blame games going around and lots of conspiracy theories, but if we place our trust in fake news or even heresay news, we’re opening a Pandora’s box. I haven’t got a clue about all this, but I know that God is using it for his own purpose and there will be a good outcome if he’s in it. We shouldn’t become victims of this other epidemic which is sweeping across our world. Those who would use this to create fear and doubt. We really have to be wary if what we read.

    • No but we need to be able to access samples to know the source in order to formulate combative cures— just as we did with polio and the flu— but the origin of original antibodies remains a mystery

      • says:

        I totally agree that we need oversight in just about everything.

      • Or maybe we should say calm and clear level headedness— but we already know how that works here— it doesn’t 🤯

      • says:

        We’re all a little fearful of the circumstances. You especially, because it’s not just the two of you. I can’t imagine how that’s working out, but I do envy you that you have your entire family with you.

      • They went home today til Sunday— I think cabin fever set in as both 1 and 2 year olds have risen the ugly sides of their heads and their teacher mom has been cooped up as long as she can stand it— I text you the details 🤪

    • Also I saw a story several years back about a lab in Russia that had awful oversight — it was one of a handful of labs around the world that had samples of some of the most deadly pathogens— our CDC being one of the others— the concern was access and how easily it would be to gain access to such at the hands of those with ill or malicious intent— there is humankind responsibility in all of this and we need our governments to see a bigger picture of lives

  4. Tricia says:

    The Chinese Communist Party and its leaver Xi need to be held accountable for the health and economic catastrophe the world is in. More and more reports are coming out now tying it to the Wuhan lab which is horrifying to even contemplate.

    Even if it wasn’t a lab accident or something worse, the CCP deserves being called out and punished for suppressing what was really going on with their struggles with the virus and outright lying to the world about it until they became impossible.

  5. That’s after dad died— Ed was my brother— thank you autocorrect

  6. Dawn Marie says:

    The whole “thinking on it” makes my head hurt & I feel all Winnie-The-Poohish. I just want it to end….
    And I am so VERY grateful to all the countless others who are picking up the bread-crumbs to do the figuring of out. Bless their very dear souls.

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