carrying the cross–building the kingdom

“Since happiness is nothing other than the enjoyment of the highest good,
and since the highest good is above, no one can be happy unless he rises above himself,
not by an ascent of the body, but of the heart.”

St. Bonaventure

(the blackberries are blooming / Julie Cook / 2020)

Helping Christ carry his cross fills one with a strong and pure joy,
and those who may and can do so, the builders of God’s kingdom,
are the most authentic children of God.

Letter of St. Benedicta of the Cross to her sisters in Carmel
from Communion with Christ According to St. Benedicta of the Cross
by Sister M. Regina Van den Berg

(St Benedicta, otherwise known as Edith Stein, was an intellectual German Philosopher,
Jew turned atheist and eventually committed Christian convert…eventually becoming a Catholic nun.
She took the name Benedicta upon her consecration and was killed in the gas chambers of Auschwitz.)

5 comments on “carrying the cross–building the kingdom

  1. This is an essential truth many Christians would prefer to ignore.

  2. Lynda Clayton says:

    Helping Christ carry His cross calls us to be mindful of the common good – to make certain that we do nothing that will harm others for we are all members of Christ’s body. This is particularly pertinent in these days when we would all be happy to get back to our “normal” way of living but we know that this might endanger the lives of those who are most vulnerable. It’s a challenging time. I hope you and your family are doing well. Blessings!

    • We are hanging in there with some exhaustion- how about you Lynda?

      • Lynda Clayton says:

        Things are fine here. I’m busy learning to host virtual meetings and I even have recorded some YouTube videos for the RCIA and Alpha groups. I’m moving toward virtual Alpha meetings but need to clear up some details before we move forward. But it is wearing to step aside from our regular routines although it is what we need to do. We must be good citizens and look after others by social distancing. Take care!

      • This is true— as Abby continues to teach virtually but the archdiocese is considering reopening despite the public schools remaining closed — Abby is nervous

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